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 Culture is the system of meaningsvalues regarding which we interact. Society is the structure of their interaction, and social space defines the location of an individual (or group) in this structure. For example, to know that is a political scientist at the University of Chicago, an American citizen , a Catholic, a Republican, a consultant to the State Department, and of a particular wealthy family is to appreciate his position in social space.

Although cultural and social spaces have been separately considered, they are in reality unified in one sociocultural space. We hardly live in one realm of culture and another of society. The two are not simply connected or bonded together, but unified in a continuous whole within which meanings and values, cultures and supercultural systems, groups and individuals are located with respect to each other.

 Meanings clearly array themselves into patterns and clusters, making intelligible our social reality at increasing levels of abstraction. Status does not indicate meanings so much as it tells us (1) what a person has achieved or has been born into in a culture, (2) what his pot entails are, and (3) the esteem in which his culture holds him. In other words, a person's status tells us who he is socially what he can do, and what others (in the society) think of him.

Social aspects of house

House has a important place in society. It represents once status in the society. House from long ago has served as place where one could prevent from weather and wild life. Then society developed and people started farming and started living in groups. Then came in to existence the social hierarchy. Here came in to existence the term power and head. So house even was built in accordance with it to match his status.

House is a term used for a shelter may be it would have wall or not. House has a unique meaning for society. Man as he is a social animal, he has some relation to house. but for society it is not only matter of emotions but also social factors also directly or indirectly has some or more effect on it house of a king and house of a common man cannot be same. In relation of size shape vastness etc.