ZOX Module 2

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ZOX Dailv CheckList
Eye Charts Relaxation Photographing

Distraction Index 30 l0 Number of Openinss Books Minutes

Comments and Observations

2 min. each 3-4timesadav lst 2nd 3rd 4th
5th 6th

l5 min. 2 timesa dav

Dictionary Drill

7th 8th
9th I Oth Ith

t4th l5th

16th llth

t8th 19th 20th 2lst

23rd 24th 2'th 26th

28th 29th 30th 3l st

For use with all ZOX Modules,'
copyright - All Rights Reserved (copy for Personal use oNLy) rvww.ZoXpro.com zoxzoxzoxzoxzox zoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzexzoxzoxzexzoxzoxzoxzoxzo{zox zoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzox

4 timesdailv) times.ZOXpro. movethe eyesstraight downand up.4 times. repeat the drill 3 or 4 times.com . daily. beingawareof the four corners at all times. Do the samethingwith sizes#2. and intuition (Frequency: INSTRUCTIONS: 3 . ln yourfieldof vision be awareof the eye chartand alsowhatis aroundit. Nowgo backto the size#1. Startwith size#1.just BE AWAREof the outer edges of the eye chart.ZOXpFo. Holdthe Eye Chartat eye leveland at a comfortable distance out fromyoureyes.com EyeChartDrill yourperipheral perception The EyeChartDrillwill helpto increase visionandyourandyourawareness.All Rights Reserved www. Do not stareonlyat the eye chartbut makesureit is in yourfieldof vision.Be veryawareof the outeredges. i zoxzoxzoxzoxzQxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzox zoxz}\zoxzoxzoxzoxzoxz}xzoxzoxzox ZOX www. at different no morethan3 .t. levels. Keepyoureyesfromzigzagging. and be sureto keepyoureyesmoving downand up to a fastcountof 1-2-3for downand 1-2-3backup. Let youreyesmovedownthen up quicklv and smoothly. #3. Startwith eyeslooking at the top. 4 ZOX Module 2 zoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzox zoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzox Copyright . and#4.

All Rights Reserved (A BLANK piece of paper can be folded for personal use) www. = .i i..com . iriii (Fold First) =. Fold a blankpieceof paperthe same way.ZOXpro..].. ZOX Module2 zoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzox Copyright .zoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzoxzox EYE CHART Fold this paperasthe 2 folds show. The blank oneis the Eye Chafi to use.l:] i.

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