Embryonic Devourment - "Reptilian Agenda" CD / Reviewed By: www.wonderboxmetal.wordpre .com Brutal and !

ec"nical Deat" #etal $rom t"e %&. '" but t"i i a (uality bla t. Reptilian Agenda i intere ting and inventive Deat" #etal) wit" all *ind o$ r"yt"m and creative moment . !"e ong are alive wit" reptilian malice and lit"ering lime. !"e band "ave plenty o$ tec"ni(ue and t"eir delivery i $lawle . +t, in tantly apparent t"at t"i i not run-o$-t"e-mill Deat" #etal and a t"e album progre e t"i i con$irmed in every ong. -i*e 'rigin and Cep"alic Carnage trading blow . ri$$ c"op and c"ange) twi t and turn) only to be devoured by ome udden $lare up o$ tec"nicality and t"en vomited bac* up in a "ail o$ brutality. !"e ong /u t *ill everyt"ing in ig"t. !"e vocal are uncompromi ing growl t"at al o "ave a wet) $le "y $eel to t"em. !"e verbali ation o$ a warm) 0reptilian1) corp e2 !"e ound doe t"e mu ic /u tice and t"e drum in particular ound immen e and provide t"e glue t"at "old everyt"ing toget"er) even t"oug" t"ey appear to be in"abiting a di$$erent world to t"e "ugely impre ive guitar ometime ) it all "old toget"er. 34 minute o$ intere ting and pirited brutal mu ic. 5"at are you waiting $or2