/* awal: munculnya maen opacity ya, teks "Bandung," terus keluar "Indonesia" seb elahnya jadi "Bandung, Indonesia" */ (0.

0:30) Bandung, (0.1:30) Bandung, Indonesia (0.18) Located at the southern of Bandung city, (0.21) Sentra Industri Cibaduyut (Cibaduyut Industrial Center) has been grown as (0.23) one of creative district whose existence is strongly reckoned. (0.27) The name of Cibaduyut is widely recognized (0.29) as the center of leather shoes making (0.31) since 1920. (0.34) Since then, hundreds of Cibaduyut craftsmen, (0.38) from generation to generation, (0.39) continuously producing thousands of pairs of shoes. (1.10) (1.13) (1.15) (1.18) Start from drawing patterns, making molds, till end by integrating all of the works, they always ensure the every single pair of shoes is comfortable for the users.

(2.13) By only utilizing modest means & resources, (2.16) through outstanding skills they have, (2.18) the all-over process of production is done by the craftsmens' ownselves. --wawancara (dimiringin ya tulisannya) (2.31) First of all, this popularity started by the establishment of TVRI (West Java-station, March 1987) hereabout. (2.36) If TVRI did not exist, it can't be like this. (2.46) It was because people wanted to know and, (2.48) coincidentally, here was allowed for tourism, (2.54) There were small shops, (2.54) time by time, its being nicer and growing. (3.01) In Bandung, there is no other place. (3.03) Cibaduyut has become the happening till now. .. (3.05) I think the shoes are good. (3.07) It's quite good. (3.08) I said, it's not just good enough. (3.09) It's nice and comfortable, (3.10) It's also strong, I guaranteed. (3.13) Yes, the leather materials are good, (3.15) Those are No.1 leather materials. (3.18) Here we are making many variations, (3.20) shoes for women, (3.21) for men also, (3.22) and slippers are available. (3.24) All types can I produce. --end of wawancara (3.31) (3.34) (3.36) (3.39) a. Constantly using No.1 leather-materials, showing elegant designs, also provided by creativities from skillful hands all time, engaging Cibaduyut shoes could be one of the leading products of Indonesi

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