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Part 2 Diary of an Analyst

Part 2 Diary of an Analyst

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I've started publishing my diary again.
I've started publishing my diary again.

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Published by: Black2019 on Sep 29, 2009
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Diary of An Analyst Part 2 Sunday 9-13-09

“I know firsthand the difference that robust and responsive government makes in the lives of a country's citizens.” Excerpt from Daniel Bradford’s campaign website


Small world. Ran into assistant County Attorney Daniel Bradford handing out campaign material inside the Carver Library. “Bradford for Justice” says the card.

Wednesday 9-16-09
The gods at TWC sent me a late and incomplete reply to my Public Information request. Who will hear my complaint?

Thursday 9-17-09
I’m stunned and speechless. The gods have acted again. TWC has sent me notification that they have reopened both my 2001 and 2007 unemployment cases. One at the Commission Appeal Level (2001) and the other to be heard by a hearing officer (2007). At my Travis County Judicial review, I argued that the Commission had ‘super’ powers to open any unemployment case at anytime. A god-like power that was not hindered by any time period. Their AG lawyers claimed this was not true. The AG put their argument in a purdy yellow booklet. I only cited the related law. Case closed. I lost.

Monday 9-21-09
TWC open records sent me missing pages 14 and 16 from the TWC replenishment transcript. Communications that initiated these actions are missing. Why had they started working feverishly on replenishment?

Tuesday 9-22-09
TWC met at 9:00 am. This is the first meeting after their letter telling me they would make a decision on my reopened 2001 case. I decided not to attend meeting. I would wait for decision on case.

Wednesday 9-23-09
I went to Bible study at my church. The pastor called Esther a “prostitute.” I was reminded of the way the Austin Police Department treated me. What does a woman have to do?

Thursday 9-24-09
Called TWC to see what Commission’s decision was in my 2001 case. The employee I spoke with claimed TWC was served with a lawsuit. Therefore, they voided the rehearing of my 2001. Sued by whom? What does that have to do with me and TWC making a decision in this case? Nobody has told me anything about any lawsuit. Employee claims TWC sent me a decision. I haven’t received it yet.

Friday 9-25-09
Went to my PO Box at about 7:45 am. No letter from TWC verifying what employee told me. No mail at all. Called Travis County DA’s office several times to see if they were suing TWC on my behalf. Played phone tag all day. Day ended with no info.

Saturday 9-26-09

Didn’t go to PO Box because of UT game traffic is usually hell. Analyzing the three alleged plots that were recently revealed. Two of them worked at Diners. Cashier and Cook. I saw videos of both Diners. The one most likely to work at a Diner owned a food cart. What did he do before he bought the cart? Oh well, the general common denominator right now is they were all in the food prep, service and delivery business. Food. Zazi allegedly was referring to the readiness of the attack by texting, “The wedding cake is ready.” What other references and conversations did he have about food and food preparation? Were the food carts the planned delivery method for his “wedding cake”? Was checking on his NY cart a cover story to come to NY for plot? Why did he move to Colorado? These are the questions I have.

Sunday 9-27-09
‘Nevermind,’ say the gods at TWC. Went to PO Box. Letter from TWC corroborating what employee told me: Rehearing voided because TWC was served lawsuit before the Commission could make a decision. Called TWC and left message. I deserve more information than was provided in this short letter. Posted copy of TWC’s 9-24-09 letter at about on scribd. Updated Replenishment transcript by adding pages 14, 16. Started publishing my diary again. I think I’m going to throw up.

Monday 9-28-09
I didn’t throw up. Called and spoke with TWC Director, Commission Appeals. He said the lawsuit is my request for judicial review from 2008. Travis County closed that March 2008 because they claimed they

lacked jurisdiction. I told the Director that the chronology was off because TWC reopened case after Travis County case closed. I called him back and continued chronology. Letter 9-9-09. Meeting of Commission 9-22-09. TWC letter dated 9-23-09. Wasn’t I on one of the dockets decided at 9-22-09 meeting? Agenda shows two dockets of UI cases heard on 9-22-09 by commission with Director, Commission Appeals present.
Commission Agenda for 9-22-09 http://www.twc.state.tx.us/twcinfo/agendas/092209.pdf

Tuesday 9-29-09
Bad & ridiculous experience at the Travis County DA’s office. Courtesy means not sending law enforcement to question someone just because they put their first initial in the log book. Courtesy means promptly returning phone calls. For there to be true justice in Travis County, it must be available to all. One way justice is injustice. If Travis County feels someone needs to be questioned for putting their first initial in their log book, why doesn’t TWC need to be questioned for changing the dates of timely appeals? Why wasn’t TWC questioned for concealing, destroying and altering the records under their care? For altering government records? The example of Travis County’s reluctance to investigate the criminal acts of the Texas Workforce Commission is the way it is in this county. It is not justice for TWC to commit criminal acts against me and not be charged. However, TWC can bring cases of alleged fraud to Travis County and the claimants are charged and turned into debt slaves because they have no lawyers. Violates 14th amendment.

Wednesday 9-30-09
Gov Perry is at it again. He just reconstituted the Texas Forensics Science Commission. They were looking into the execution of Todd Willingham.

Assistant County Attorney Daniel Bradford violated polices of the Austin Public library when he handed out his campaign materials on 9-13-09. Solicitation is not allowed inside the library. Neither is distribution of his materials without “prior approval from the librarian in charge.” An APL librarian would not have given permission because solicitation is a prohibited activity inside the library.

Friday 10-2-09
Saw movie: “American Violet” at the NAACP state convention. True story of a Texas city where cases were created against a selected group of residents. One woman fought back instead of letting her reputation be sullied without a fight.

Sunday 10-4-09
Published copy of Dr. Craig Beyler’s report on scribd. He analyzed the methods used in the arson case against the late Todd Willingham and found them lacking. Maybe Beyler’s testimony won’t be heard, but his report can be read.

Friday 10-16-09
Sent email with handouts for 9:00 a.m. meeting to Asst DA Beverly Mathews. 9:00 a.m.-Met with Asst DA Beverly Mathews and investigator Mary Chin regarding her 9-10-09 letter opting not to prosecute Texas Workforce Commission. Mathews said she did not get any email from me. After meeting, sent follow-up info to Asst DA Mathews. Assistant County Attorney Daniel Bradford claimed not to have any information responsive to my 10-2-09 info request. Truth is he did not use due diligence. Again. This was his last day to deny request.

Monday 10-19-09

Asst CA Bradford revealed that he was looking under name Sara Hawkins for my PIA request. ???? That’s his mistake. Now, that he is looking under correct name he has declared it a new request and sent it to the AG for decision. I told him his 10 days were up Friday 10-16.

Wednesday 10-21-09
Complained to County Attorney Escamilla about the lack of due diligence on the part of Bradford. Received email from Bradford with his letter to AG’s office attached requesting to withhold info from me. As usual, no response from Escamilla. Bradford has screwed up TWC case, PIA request and his campaign by lack of due diligence. Follow-up email on 10-16-09 meeting to DA Lehmberg and Asst DA Mathews. PIA request to DA Lehmberg.

Tuesday 10-27-09
Today Majic is leaving for a couple of days to attend a funeral. He tells me not to look at him as he makes his final preparations. What is wrong with him?

Wednesday 10-28-09

Went to rally against death penalty at state capitol. Chants included “Hey Perry you can’t hide. We charge you with homicide.” It was very sad. Rally started at 5:30 pm. The mother of the man set to be executed at 6 p.m. was in attendance. Throughout October I posted on the Dallas Morning News and other websites on the case of Todd Willingham and the shakeup of the Forensic Science Commission. Brought up 2-5-08 meeting of TWC whenever possible to show Perry’s hold on Commissions in Texas.

Saturday 10-31-09
As of today, any type of relationship with “Magic” is officially over. No friendship. No hugs or kisses. No Nothing. After 16 years of predictable normalcy, he did a 180. He’s acting nasty, irrational, and tells one lie after another. Was he always lying to me? He

does it so easily. He scares me for the first time. I can’t hang with his new Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde switch. Starting today, I will keep my door locked. Walking on eggshells is just not my style. I will just avoid. What is going on with him?

Tuesday 11-3-09
Saw a certified slip from Dept of Treasury-IRS for Majic. Is IRS telling him he owes money? Is that why he is acting like an ass?

Wednesday 11-4-09
Follow-up email on 10-16-09 meeting sent to DA Lehmberg and asst DA Mathews.

Friday 11-6-09
8:30pm -Majic comes home still on his irrational streak. I won’t elaborate. Much. Phone rings and he takes a message. He doesn’t tell me it is for me. It was four temp job assignments a company wants me to complete. When I don’t call them back, they parcel the assignments away Saturday morning.

Monday 11-9-09
Went to Mathew’s office to see if she has received any of my follow-ups. Nope. Nada. I’ve even sent copies to DA. She will check with DA’s assistant.

Tuesday 11-10
Participated in public communication at the Travis County Commissioners meeting. I finally worked in the phrase, ‘let my people go!’ Spoke on how it seems to be ‘who you are’ in Travis County. Tightened up comments for later letter to Mathews. Worked on Friday Night Lights TV show. Great pay, great food, and beautiful people. Networked. Wrote another follow-up communication to Assistant District Attorney Beverly Mathews (on scribd). Faxed it. Emailed sanitized copies to County Commissioners. I hope she finally acknowledges receipt of this information from me.

Wednesday 11-11
Went to see Michael Dell speak. Response from one Travis County Commissioner to my 11-10 email.

Thursday 11-12
Met with Austin Police Monitor’s office to hear results of investigation into three APD employees. I filed my complaint in August. Today, I am finally hearing results of investigation. Next time, just send me a letter telling me that you have covered it up. These three months have been a waste of time. PM’s office had sent me two letters after investigation was complete. Neither said anything that gave me a clue to whether I would receive justice in Travis County. Turns out Louis Gonzales who was over my 2005 complaint was involved in this investigation process. Spoke at Citizen’s Review Panel which is the next step in the PM process. My case won’t be forwarded to this body til December. I spoke in support of citizens who were scheduled for today. I suggested that Ott and Acevedo tweak PM office. Met two new IA employees. I like police officers. I just don’t like bad cops. There was a time when I was slated for a position in law enforcement, until the problem at Treasury. As the song Extreme Ways by Moby says, “Oh baby, Oh baby then it fell apart, fell apart” I can’t believe I stood in line for Treasury’s treatment.

Sunday 11-15
I’ve given up men and taken up knitting. The Austin NAACP president will speak at the Travis County Commissioners Meeting on Tues 11-17. It’s simulcast on the internet. Tuesday 11-17 This morning, Austin NAACP chapter President Nelson Linder spoke to Travis County Commissioners about the Travis County DA’s handling of the Sander Case.

I looked for the video and minutes, but due to some sort of error at Travis County they are not available. I will call and ask that it be fixed. Austin Police employee Majic plans to hide behind my ‘record’ to keep himself from getting into trouble for his bad actions for the past three weeks. He feels he can do whatever to me because of it. He has trumped up a case in Travis County for my punishment. Today, he called me ‘nothing’ and a ‘zero’ and was cruel. My ‘record’ is how I became the victim of catastrophic crime because of the negligence of the State of Texas,Travis County, City of Austin and APD. Crimes that have been allowed to be committed against me by those such as Treasury, Texas Workforce Commission, Majic, and other ‘customers’ in Travis County without investigation or prosecution. Nothing has stopped them so they continue. This is how they manage their scare resources by denying justice and assistance to some. It is a long way from arresting actor Matthew McConaughey for dancing naked in his Austin home to allowing homeowners to assault, extort, abuse, and exploit designated citizens in this city. That the cover up of our cries for help have become our ‘record’ is cruel and unusual punishment and violation of the 8th, 14th amendment of the constitution. That is the model for this county and state. I’ve already posted a chart on Scribd based on my experiences with APD. Wednesday 11-18-09 I started having problems sending emails after I posted the TX Workforce Commission minutes for their 2-5-08 meeting on Scribd. Yahoo message came up starting that for my own protection it wasn’t sending email. I reported it, but nada from Yahoo. Thursday 11-19-09

Newsflash, I’m broke. I ran out of money in October. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if Travis County does nothing about TWC blocking my benefits and altering my employment record that I would be broke by now. I reported it to county attorney’s office about April 14. They did nothing and now I am broke and have no money to leave Majic. If TWC/Treasury and others are never charged with any crimes here in Travis County, there is no restitution for me and no justice. No money and no safe place to go. It is predictable.

Friday 11-20
I like cops. I just don’t like bad cops. Next week, I have to defend myself in Travis County court Monday against Majic’s false claim. We were dating when that treasury employee contacted me 7-28-09. That is the entry that started my diary because Treasury retaliation was still in play after all these years. I’m done if he wins. I’m thinking of suing City of Austin and the police officers listed in my Police monitor complaint for conspiring with the perp to retaliate against the victim of the crime thru constructive eviction, removal of property and cover up of the real crime. This allows the perp to file a false eviction case against victim such as the one filed by my extortionist and Majic. All illegal. I may post my Police Monitor complaint today.

In August, FBI HR contacted me after I inquired about a job. I didn’t know if I should mention it at the time. In part 1 of my diary, I wrote about how I contacted the San Antonio office 8-5-09 looking for a job and was rebuffed. Remember that I am the still unnamed discoverer of the manifesto of the Twitter terrorist? I got a call about 7pm shortly thereafter and it was the HR guy providing an email to send my resume.

Back to the first entry on Diary part 1

My calls to female Treasury employee always went to a blind voicemail. No matter what time I called she never answered. Finally, she left message that she was riding bus because of car trouble. Claimed she has since bought a car. I’m familiar with bus schedule and know that she would have to ride 3 buses each way to reach treasury office. Many hours on the bus each day. Buses 392, 1, and #7 plus she had to walk a long distance to bus stop. Didn’t wash with me, but I couldn’t investigate the phone number or alleged facts to poke holes.

Saturday 11-21
…and smoking marijuana. A seasoned police officer was parked in front of my residence doing something on his computer. I approached and gave him a copy of my APD chart. I didn’t want it said that I didn’t give APD a chance to respond. He said Matthew McConaughey was in his house dancing nude, playing bongos and smoking marijuana. “Get it right,” he said. I checked and he was right. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/mcconaughey1.html I told him how I roll the dice each time hoping to find a good living situation on Craigslist or others ways, but usually those folks are looking to exploit. Basically stated, he said the situations described on my chart mean that I am not getting along with someone-extortion, assault, etc. The best thing to do is move. Is there someone who gets along with persons committing those crimes against them? I am expected to uproot without proper investigation, vindication, or justice each time. They didn’t even make sure my extortionist couldn’t place another false ad to lure the next victim to her abode. This put a black mark on my ‘record’ and her slate is clean. Notation-Sara just doesn’t get along. APD has family violence protection team. The state definition of family means any person living in the same household. All those situations on the chart are with people who meet that definition. I didn’t name the APD collaborative group. They named themselves and should go by the state definition. They should not arrive at the scene and ask, “were you in an intimate relationship?” A person needs only to meet the def of family violence to get help from APD’s family violence protection team. Well, in a perfect world.

I consider those kickbacks. How the lack of investigation coupled with the missing or falsified report helps the perp cash in at JP court.

Monday 11-23 Everyone lost in court today. The biggest loser was justice as always is in Travis County. City of Austin/Travis County is running an inverted protective order scheme per my chart (on scribd). Instead of the victim getting charges or a protective order against the perp, the police erase the crime and tell the homeowner perp to take the victim to jp court. No investigation. Perp pays Travis County (kickback???) and is able to retaliate against the victim by winning a judgment for fabricated rent (kickback). APD employee “Majic” attempted to cash in big on this perk for APD customers. He filed false documents in court and perjured himself. He greedily sought a $1950 kickback but was only awarded $200. Family violence really pays in Travis County. A note to parents: If you drag your ‘delicate’ daughter to court to lie for you, you may be a bad parent. If you haven’t ended her co-sleeping by age 18, you may be more than a bad parent. If the witness you bring to court is recently under CPS investigation for her illegal daycare, you may be just plain stupid. Feds are smarter than cops.

Tuesday 11-24
The FBI has asked Travis County assistant DA Beverly Mathews about my Treasury/TWC case.

Thursday 11-26
APD employee Majic threatened a friend who came to help me with trespassing charges. He refused me access to my personal items in storage.

Saturday 11-28

Returned from Thanksgiving getaway. Majic has tampered with my Kwikset lock in my absence. Lock is dented and cover came off. Majic had power off to my room. Heard him dedicate “Superbad” by James Brown to his ‘partner’ David during his KAZI radio broadcast this morning.

Sunday 11-29
Majic now know as Marion Nickerson did not go to church this morning. When I left house to go somewhere, he immediately began trying to gain entry to my room. I know this because I missed the bus and returned to the house to find new dents on lock. I told him he owes me $25 for lock. He said he would give me the pieces.

I called APD to report the vandalism of my lock. He retold his lies to the officers. He claims that he filed charges against my friend who came by on 11-26 and has his license plate. He is unwelcome to return to house says Nickerson. I told police this is abuse of his APD job. For the first time in 30 days, one of the officers told him he could not enter my room.

Monday 11-30
Assistant DA Bev Mathew is transferring to Child Abuse. She explained why DA is not indicting TWC. I give her copy of APD chart and explain that it because of no justice in Travis County. I filed appeal. Nickerson did not harass me today for some unexplained reason. Daughter’s mother is now staying at house.

Tuesday 12-1
At 10:22 am Nickerson returned home from APD. He made a beeline to my room and told me he was going to have me arrested. He’s calling the police. I asked for my phone from his locked storage unit and the internet so people can contact me and me them. He refused. If he wants me to leave, why is he doing everything to make it hard for me to do that very thing? I walked out and did not return that day. Stayed with a friend.

Wednesday 12-2

Talked to APD employee and she said APD employee Nickerson has denied our relationship. I tell her it baffles me that he has been able to float that lie for over 30 days. APD has around the clock detectives according to a 4-2609 Statesman story. How hard is it to check his phone calls and texts before I moved in? It’s is not he said/she said if you do basic investigation. Returned to house about 2:20 pm. About 2:50 pm, Someone with key returned to house and turned off lights in my room, left house and drove away.

Thursday 12-3
Mail tampering. The reason I have not received most of my mail is that APD employee Marion ‘Majic’ Nickerson has been intercepting it and tampering with it. He told me that he was sending my mail back during one of his tirades. Today, I emailed him and ask him to stop tampering with my mail. I did get a letter from IRS telling me I owe them money. I was sorry to hear of the fire adjacent to the IRS office last Friday. http://www.impactnews.com/central-austin/recent-news/6372-austin-irsoffice-temporarily-closed-due-to-fire Sunday 12-6-09 Wrote PM employee and asked for name of detective who investigated my PM complaint. Monday 12-7-09 3pm-still no response from PM office about name of detective. Sent another request. Also asked for returned letter showing mail tampering by APD employee Marion Nickerson. Nickerson is friend of PM Brown and assistant PM Renita Sanders. Sanders gave Nickerson her card when we attended ‘American Violet’ screening during NAACP State Convention. I realized PM’s office just messing with Austin citizens, while preparing for presentation. Before the meeting Assistant PM Louis Gonzales orally told me the name of the APD detective who investigated and two reviewers. Refused to provide returned letter because part of file. Tuesday 12-8-09 Assaulted by woman who identified herself as APD Nickerson’s ‘girlfriend.’ When I got to the house after 10pm, Nickerson had turned off power to my

room using breaker switches. I turned it back on. He turned it off. Somewhere, Nickerson again lied and said there was no relationship between us. I turned on oven. She turned it off. Nickerson began taking pictures of me. He turned off TV because I was watching it. I got my camera to document their harassment. She ordered me to leave. I refused. I looked for my phone to call police. She followed me to my room. I found my phone under seat in dining room. She called 911 before she assaulted me to have them throw ME out. Misuse of 911? This is similar to Nickerson abuse of police system to have me removed on 10-31 after his irrational behavior. She pushed me over back of couch and I hit my head. It still hurts. During assault, she was on phone to police. Nickerson grabbed at my camera because he didn’t want to be on tape. He was holding my camera cables he had taken when police arrived. I told police I wanted to press charges but was told to be quiet. One officer told me someone would be arrested, if he had to return. He said he meant me. While police were present she talked about how she was MHMR and would snap. She had snapped. Police catered to Nickerson. After police left, I overheard woman say she did ‘it’ because she was mad. This is family violence. Where is the Family Violence Protection Team? I
think these incidents show a pattern and practice of APD denying 14th, 8th and 4th amendment rights and not keeping me safe. It is not one officer it is many officers at APD. Then, PM complaints are not properly investigated. I believe APD is in violation of 42 USC 14141 Police Misconduct Statute. Without Travis County Attorneys Office denying protective orders and no prosecution of false police reports, this inverted justice system would not work.

Wednesday 12-9
APD’s family violence team gets its funding from the DOJ. http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/police/afvpt.htm

Thursday 12-10
As I left house for court, MHMR told me not to go out front door. In court, Nickerson lied to Judge Scott about home phone service. He pretended there was none. Nickerson lied about my friend. He told judge he was paid locksmith. Nickerson has been contacting those perps who have committed crimes against me—uninvestigated ones like his. Emailed police monitor cliff brown for original tampered letter

Saturday 12-12 Head still hurts from assault. Spent the entire day in bed. Didn’t eat til after 9:30 pm. Tues 12-15 Uploaded post assault video to youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOob9Ejubjw No response from Cliff Brown. Emailed and asked for denial in writing. Got mail at house for the first time in a long long time. One piece is a check with “return to sender” and “new address-po box 49175 austin,tx.” I may need my old PO Box back. Wednesday 12-16 Bought phone so I could make and receive calls at house. Picked up Police reports from APD that nickerson had returned. Reading them it is clear-I need witness protection. Officers removed all traces of violence against me from reports in the first week. Family violence-no. Friday 12-18 My appeal was received by Travis County Court on 12-16-09 per letter received today. Got a missed delivery form from mailman for a certified letter from Nickerson. Per a HB 2824, I get to ask for a lawyer

Monday 12-21-09 Spent the day job hunting. Found a good temp agency. Saw MHMR at Workforce. Summary Judgment. Returned to house to find an orange sticker on my door. Nickerson went to court today and after an ex parte discussion with Judge j. David Phillips a Writ of Possession was issued. I followed all the rules so that I could have the JP ruling overturned, but Philips and Nickerson found a way around it. I have until Tuesday to vacate house. No notice. No due process. Welcome to Travis County. Unless, they just put a 24 hour date on notice for fun.

I started reading a book about careers at the FBI. The first narrative was about a man who watched the TV program The FBI and decided to become an agent. He did. That is my story, but mine has no happy ending. I’m saddled with all these bad faith evictions, falsified police reports and uninvestigated crimes against me. Tuesday 12-22 Today is Nickerson’s Birthday. Spent the day trying to find out information about the suspicious Writ of Possession issued by Judge J. David Phillips. Corruption, I say. This is the extreme bias mentioned in my chart. Filed appeal stating my side and a request for an attorney. I may upload them to scribd. Under color of law, judge Phillips blocked my due process in Travis County with extreme bias for Nickerson. Texas Rules of civil procedure clearly state that I remain at residence during appeal if I follow the rules 749a-755. I followed them all. I appealed. Paid rent into the court registry and was in possession of the room. No justice in Travis County. I told you so. Order claimed that I was given notice. Not true. Missed delivery slip from mailman received 12-18 stated that I could pick up letter starting 8:30 am on 12-21. That is the day of the missed hearing. I followed the Rules of Civil Procedure to overturn decision and sue Nickerson for a bad faith eviction. Philips secretary said I won’t even get the lawyer because case closed. No due process. She said she would not set hearing for appeal because I must file a bond. I am reminded of a quote from the Bourne Deception “there has been enough suspicious activity in Austin around Sara Black for the last five years to make it abundantly clear to a deaf, dumb and blind man that she is targeted for termination.”
Requestforattorneyhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/24430401? secret_password=2ecng8vnmq3ex2byh11j Page 1-appeal http://www.scribd.com/doc/24430568/Defendant-s-Appeal-of-Writ-ofPossession-page-1?secret_password=3l70r0y29gyy43dvyk9 Page 2http://www.scribd.com/doc/24430666/Defendants-Appeal-for-Writ-of-PossessionPage-2?secret_password=18rn0ngltt6milur4a06

Dec ember 23 Nickerson erased the record of the December 8 assaults. He gained access to my video camera and erased the videotape. Just like the police omitted Nickerson’s violence against me from the police reports. Nickerson returned the favor. Portions of that video can still be found on youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOob9Ejubjw December 27, I have again been left in a dangerous situation by the city of Austin and their Family Violence Protection team partners. Sent claim to city of Austin asking for $6,382,000 for their pattern and practice of falsifying police reports in favor of their customers, cruel and usual punishment, willful failure to keep me from harm, having a police monitor system that covers up police wrongdoing and treats complainant as adversary, violation of 42 USC 14141, etc. See for yourself http://www.scribd.com/doc/24574581/Claim-against-the-City-of-Austin-6-382-000

January 10 I saw Nickerson at the grocery store. I asked him to let me have my winter clothes which he has withheld. He ignored me. We have had record cold here in Austin with temperatures the low teens. Last week, my church also asked him to give me my things. He also kept the spiral sliced ham which I had donated for a Christmas dinner for the needy. He has my email and has not contacted to allow me to pick up my things. January 11 6:50 am-Called 311 to see if detective had been assigned to December 8 assaults. Online APD incident database does not show any assignment. I was asked about my involvement in incident. I said I was victim of assault and the perp called police. Then, I was asked what address I was calling from to see if it fell under jurisdiction of APD. I refused to provide this information. Why would I be asked for my address? I feel very extremely unsafe letting APD know where I am. January 17 Called a Domestic violence shelter. Told it would be unsafe for other residents because Nickerson worked for APD and could find me.

MLK Holiday Monday January 18 There is a voicemail from an APD Lt. in Special investigations. I ask her to look up case and tell my why it is in Special Investigations. Is it there for one incident or for the full load of falsifications by those APD officers? Det for 1031 incidents told me it was in Special Investigations. I told Lt incident reports falsified and threatened with arrest. Lt asked me, “What do you hope to gain?” This is the same exact question APD victim services asked me in December. I asked LT if this is a question from training. She did not answer this question. She agreed to find who had case. January 19, 2010 Connecting the dots. Watch the video of a recent incident with the APD. APD calls it a civil matter between the gun show owner and the grocery store when they were heavily involved. The Gun show owner calls it a violation of the Constitution. I’ve heard it said that APD did these actions under color of law. Remember, APD falsified reports to make the situation between me and Nickerson look like a civil matter and me the suspect. Nothing is what it seems. http://www.kvue.com/news/Gun-show-owner-alleges-rights-violation82115242.html January 20, 2010 Received call from APD Special investigation detective. His supervisor passed him my phone number. He has had my case for the past several weeks but has been unable to locate me. I find that very troubling. The APD victim services person he spoke with has my email so I do not understand why this DETECTIVE does not have it. He stated that it is only an inquiry not an investigation. According to the (falsified) police reports, he does not see where I claimed any “assaultive” behavior from Nickerson. I told him the police officers falsified the police reports and removed the violence. He has combed thru the police reports and didn’t find anything. I pointed him to the fact that Officer Aguilar Lopez even covered up that Nickerson worked for APD. I emailed him the video of the 12-8-09 incident where I again claimed assault and asked file charges, but was denied. Again. January 21, 2010 -No word from APD detective now that he has video. January 22, 2010- Asked an unknown Austin FBI agent, why is there so much corruption at APD? FBI is responsible for the investigation of 42 USC

14141 violations. My case is with APD Special investigations and a Det who claims he was not been able to find me for the past several weeks. Set as an inquiry not an investigation. It needs to be at Bravo level.

January 23, 2010-An investigation by an Austin lawyer finds APD side of Texas Gunshow debacle untruthful and a ‘set up’ may have been involved in reported arrest. http://www.ammoland.com/2010/01/23/austin-texasgunshow-update/ January 25-200 Protest at Austin Police Department HQ over alleged color of law and U.S. Constitution violations related to the cancellation of the Texas Gun show. January 26-Received letter from City of Austin denying my claim for $6.3 Mill. It takes a city to cover up this corruption. A pebble was not even overturned by city/Austin Police to find truth. http://www.scribd.com/doc/25870836/City-of-Austin-responds-to-my-6-3million-claim January 27-Still have not heard from the Police Monitor’s office about plans for any further investigation of the Craigslist extortionist and APD actions.

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