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A. Using is and are correctly.

1. Czarmelle and Marius _______ going to park. 2. Charles _______ a drummer. 3. Dr. Jose Rizal and Andress Bonifacio _______ heroes. 4. Dogs _______ mans best friend but they bark to enemies. 5. It _______ a pigeon that can fly high and far. 6. Ronce _______ doing her assignment now 7. Tricia and Joshua _______ cousins. 8. Manuel _______ a Head Teacher. 9. My name _______ Gilliane. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Bataan and Pampanga _______ in tropical storm Signal no.2. Bataan Montessori School students _______ going to Enchanted Kingdom. They _______ in the same school service. Gillian and Lara _______ in a review class today. She _______ transferred the new school. Milkfish _______ our national fish, it can swim fast in the sea.

B. Give the plural form of the following words: key day country tachnology fly valley library trolley lady strawberry pulley holiday chimney army baby relay family puppy attorney party alley story candy monkey