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The most important step in activating the pineal gland is to raise the frequency in the body. This can be done through meditation, visualization yoga, chanting, dancing, drum sounds, Tai Chi postures, Qigong positions, and using stereo grams. Any of these methods will open the third eye (the pineal gland and help you to be able to see beyond the physical world. This process ta!es practice " with practice, you will be able to do this faster and more often. #roducing certain sounds can activate your pineal gland. $ne method is to ma!e the sound, nnnn while covering your ears. Then sound mmm for a few minutes, and then say ngngng for the same amount of time. These sounds will put a light pressure on the pineal gland, which stimulates it and activates it. %ight is one of the stimulators for the pineal gland. &ou can do a mediation that includes a beam of light. $ne method is to close your eyes and focus all of your thoughts on the pineal gland (remember, it is in the middle of your brain . 'end beams of light to the following locations, all in this order( your front side, the bac! of your head, to the left of you, to the right of you, straight up, and straight down. )reathe in deeply thought your nose, and then e*hale through your mouth. +epeat all the steps several times before rela*ing and opening your eyes.