I remember when I was seven years old. And Evo Sagata came to our house He ask my papa, to do a ob !or h"m, To k"ll Tommy Two #"ngers, because he was a !"nk and a louse

I really d"dn$t know then what %r. Sagata told Papa what had to be done, &ut now I e'actly what the ob was, to do d"rty work !or the mob So I took over the !am"ly bus"ness, do"ng !avors and gett"ng cash !or "t, (nly cr"ter"a "s that there "s a lot o! cash !or the ob

I am to p"ck th"s guy up at a local bar, n"ce and neat, #"ll h"m !ull o! l")uor, walk to a lonely alley Then when he "s about to k"ss me, I shoot h"m three t"mes "n the gut, Then I go to th"s all n"ght storage locker and p"ck up my green back tally

Then I$m on my way, ust l"ke noth"ng ever happen, *o one ever the w"ser, ust l"ke papa d"d years be!ore Papa would be so proud+ h"s l"ttle g"rl took over the !am"ly bus"ness #rom a )u"et l"ttle g"rl, to a woman nobody dare "gnore

by T"m Thayer

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