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Rubab Mehdi Rizvi Chairperson IIHC

A report on hate speech in Pakistan

Author: Alizeh Khaleeli 16th Janurary 2014

Hate speech and human rights3 Liberal and secular society unwilling to condemn Shia genocide.3 Apartheid3 Hate speech unchecked by State........5 Continuously increasing death toll of Shia genocide.6 Repeated release of criminals by courts.6 Desire of all terror groups to establish caliphate7 Ideology of terrorists..8 Warrant action?...........................................................................................................................8 Source of hate speech/hate crimes..8 Funding of radical madrasahs.8 Danger of extremist madrasahs acknowledged..9 Recommendations10

Hate Speech and Human Rights

Pakistan has ratified the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). In light of Article 1 which not only defines racial discrimination it also includes the consequences as the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life, there would be little possibility of debating whether any racial discrimination exists for the Shias. The document submitted makes apparent the desire of LeJ/TTP/ASWJ/ASWJ to alter the socio-religious map of Pakistan. Annihilating pluralism is one of the main purposes of these terror groups, as pluralism is perceived to threaten the narrow interpretation that Wahhabi and Salafi theologians consider Islam. Despite some of these organizations being banned, they have faced no obstacles in holding public gatherings and operating active media cells, using the internet as a platform to spread their hate ideology and to incite violence. The venomous hate speech spewed by these terrorist factions quashes the very first line of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that the recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. TTP/SSP/ASWJ/LeJ considers the inherent right of the Shias to be the opposite: to be alienated, ostracized and demonized to a point of dehumanization. The word freedom is shredded every time a bullet and flying piece of shrapnel pierce innocent flesh; wounding, paralyzing, murdering some and leaving others in the shadow of death. According to the Pakistan Security Report 2013 by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) terrorist attacks have increased by 9% in 2013 compared to 2012. The number of people killed has also increased by 19% and an additional 42% have been injured. Freedom has been taken captive and injustice thrives as murderers like Malik Ishaq of LeJ are acquitted and peace is left for poets to dream of.

Liberal and Secular Society Unwilling to Condemn Shia Genocide

The complexity of hate-speech broadcast by these terrorist factions is multi-layered and contained within the guise of religion. It is pertinent to realize that terrorist organizations such as TTP/SSP/ASWJ/LeJ and other factions are using hate speech and inciting violence under the protection of faith; which causes so-called liberal people to be fearful of condemning them. This has been one of the reasons why there has been a deafening silence on Shia Genocide from the so called secular progressive community; that wish to avoid appearing to align themselves against any religious group. It is convenient to cloak ones secularity, to be conservative on the streets, especially when the zealots possess an extraordinary amount of power. SSP rebranded themselves, after being banned, to become the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ). This clever name has confused the majority of people in Pakistan. The majority Sunni population assumes ASWJ is a party working according to their tradition and in their interests, and therefore unquestionable as was indicated when a prominent news anchor said: Why would I speak against those who represent my community? Banning these groups without carrying out effective measures to ensure they are become defunct, has been a futile achievement; achieving only to further highlight the inefficiency of the government in protecting its citizens.


Pakistan is also violating Article 3 of ICERD which calls for Parties to condemn racial segregation and apartheid and undertake to prevent, prohibit and eradicate all practices of this nature in territories under their jurisdiction. The hate speeches by TTP/SSP/ASWJ/LeJ openly call for Muslims [to] keep the Shiite far from offices and factories. To give jobs to these infidels is enmity against Islam as cited in the MEMRI report. One tweet by the SSP called for the prime ministerial, presidential and all army positions to be given only to Sunnis which must be seen inclusive of the Hate Oath against Benazir Bhutto for being an impure infidel. On 3rd January 2014, a Shia female politician, Shehla Raza, was attacked by the SSP; with assailants firing on her car. The tweet by the SSP account boldly touted this, saying it was unfortunate that the politician was not in her car at the time of the attack. It must be noted that the online media cells of terrorist organizations are running in official capacity. Not only are Shias being beheaded, slaughtered and killed in every province in Pakistan; they are facing a situation of segregation which the terrorist hopes to fulfil in its dream of apartheid. The policy of isolationism has gained popularity and momentum; Shias are being denied posts and jobs merely on the basis of their identity. Apart from these methods terrorists are cunningly using ethnic pride to further fuel sectarian hatred, and pit one against the other to justify the basis of persecution with regard to religious affiliations. For example: Pashtuns vs. Hazara. The reasoning employed is a step by step process; a. b. c. d. Inciting the inherent and exclusive right to belong on the basis of majority or ethnicity; Subsequently painting everyone else as others; Legitimizing the point of view that others are encroachers/usurpers; Creating the only solution available; segregation and forcing economic depravity on the others in order to achieve the exclusive right to belong.

This multi-pronged approach is also proving quite successful in appealing to the educated section of society. By arousing a loyalist sentiment the terrorists create an amiable atmosphere where policies of segregation are digested by the masses. An article published in a mainstream paper, The News, which states Shia families look for safety in numbers (published 6th January, 2014) highlights that self-imposed segregation is underway. In addition, The News, reported that An increasing number of Shia families, real estate professionals say, are opting to live in Shia-majority areas in Karachi for the sake of security. Since the recent wave of sectarian killings began in Karachi, an increasing number of Shia families have been moving to areas like Jaffer-e-Tayyar Society in Malir, Old Rizvia in Golimar and Ancholi. Call it a silent migration; [but] this has been going on for a few years [now] claims Mohammed Shaikh, another real estate agent working in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. He previously operated out of Amroha Society another Shia-dominated neighbourhood. Urban planners also agree that the trend is widespread. The multiculturalism that once defined Karachi has simply disappeared from the city, said one of citys top urban planners, who wished to remain anonymous given the sensitive theme of the story. Families, if not the whole communities, moved into [these] areas to live where the majority of their community lived, said Meraj Mohammad Khan, a veteran politician and labour rights activist. This is very much a human phenomenon. When you are shot on the roads for being who you are, you tend to look for areas that are 4

comparatively safer. This is what our Shia brothers are doing today. While Shias may look for security in numbers, there are worrying factors relating to this trend. Shia dominated residential areas are easier targets for terrorists, as Hazara Town and Abbas Town were. Lack of security has created a situation of desperation; enabling terrorists in their policy of isolationism and apartheid. Social mobility will be restricted and confined to the same community eradicating diversity. This will create blocs rather than a unified co-existence. This Is Not A Test, an article (published 7th July 2013) in the mainstream daily paper, Express Tribune, states the plight of Shias in Quetta; There was a news item about public transport operators refusing to allow Hazara passengers to board since that would make the vehicles targets, schools refusing admission, nobody willing to rent houses, etc. How does this not bother us, make us freeze? The most frequently targeted place in Quetta is called Hazara Town, and it is largely what the name suggests, a housing settlement full of Hazaras. Apartheid is not a term to be used lightly ever, yet the lesson taught by it runs the risk of becoming meaningless if it is not used for examples like these. In If You Are A Shia You Are Alone, published February 26th 2013 in the mainstream paper, Express Tribune, the journalist asks; A more relevant question is: if the group that is involved in these killings has not only been IDed but IDs itself, what is stopping the state from acting against it, and effectively? This is where the problem begins. The LeJ was begotten from the dark womb of the Sipah-e Sahaba Pakistan (SSP). The SSP, banned by Pervez Musharraf, has reincarnated itself as the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat. It has a certain political presence. It is technically not the LeJ, even as de facto it is. LeJ terrorists, along with the hardline splinter group of Jaish-e Mohammad (JeM), have over the last five years, come to form the backbone of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) conglomerate. The TTP is an entity that political parties now want to talk to, even while the state considers the LeJ a terrorist entity. So while the LeJ is a terrorist organization providing manpower to the TTP, the state is being pressured to talk to the latter and give it the legitimacy of an insurgent group. But this is not all. In Punjab, the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is in talks over seat adjustment with the ASWJ, alter-ego of the LeJ. Leaving aside the PML-Ns petty lying about the issue, it is a fact that it wants to placate the LeJ through a dangerous liaison with the ASWJ. The general impression is that this is being done to win votes. This is however only partially true. The primary reason is that the PML-N doesnt want mayhem in Punjab, its central voter base, where it wants to win and win a large majority through a lot of development work by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. As the article proves, the conglomerate of the terrorist groups, are outbidding each other in the extent of horrific brutalities they can commit on Shias. The governments vision is short -sighted and driven by vested selfinterests; and they have no desire to abate the ongoing Shia Genocide, especially since their existence lies in the vote banks of terrorists.

Hate Speech Unchecked by State

The government allows such hate-speech to go unchecked while there is a severe crackdown and whip being used on social media to eliminate progressive pages for minorities by the PTA. Liberal progressive pages in support of Pakistans minority populations are continuously banned. Pages which call the Taliban Zaliman (Taliban Oppressors) Roshni (Light) are banned; while the Taliban Official Page on Facebook thrives. In a BBC report (as cited in the document) Sajjad Hussain Changezi stated In 2010 these pamphlets [by LeJ ] were thrown into our house that clearly stated that Shias are infidels and are liable to be killed. It also said that Shias are impure and that they must be killed everywhere in Pakistan [] It also said that if we don't leave by 2012, they will come into our areas and kill us. Between 2010 and January 2013 the government had two years to take action against the terrorists. There were 5

repeated attacks on Shias; which can be seen in chilling videos where Shias were identified, dragged off buses, lined up and then executed. One such tragic incident occurred in Babu Sar. The video released by TTP shows armed assailants spraying bullets on lined-up Shias men. Such is the brutality of the TTP that even when there remained no possibility of anyone remaining alive under the fire; the assailant walked up to the bodies and fired into the skulls and faces of the Shia men. The inaction of the government only emboldened the terrorists signalling that beyond lip-service and so-called inquiry-committees there would be no penalties or consequences for the perpetrators of such atrocities. Without state action against the culprits of the 2012 target killings, the power of the terror groups was exacerbated, culminating in two massive Quetta blasts in January 2013. Abu Bakr Siddiq, the LeJ spokesperson after the January 2013 attack in Quetta claimed his group had 20 more explosives-laden vehicles ready to hit the enemy. Despite the entire country protesting and governor-rule being established in Quetta, little changed for the Shia community. In March 2013 in Karachi, the Abbas Town blasts targeted Shia residents in their homes once again fulfilling the prophecy of the LeJ pamphlets. A hate letter sent by SSP/ASWJ with a bullet enclosed was delivered to a Shia resident of Karachi, on 28th December 2013, as reported by DAWN News channel. The letter threatened the resident to convert to Islam or prepare to die infidel. The responses to this letter on social media, were further admissions of such threats being received in the Punjab province; in the city of Multan. There is certainty that these threats will be carried out as occurred following the threat letter by LeJ. There can be no ambiguity in either the message or the purpose of these terrorist organizations. Simultaneously there is no doubt about the freedom they are afforded in carrying out their reign of terror. Targeted assassinations, accompanied with bold admissions of responsibility in the media are seen as a sidepractice for the terror groups operating in Pakistan. The true achievement now lies in the enormity of the attack: the extent of the destruction. This is voiced in the PIPS Security Report for 2013. The News, a mainstream daily paper informs: A rise in sectarian violence that started in 2011 continued through 2012 towards the end of 2013. While the overall incidents of sectarian violence, including sectarianrelated attacks and clashes, posted a slight increase in 2013 as compared to 2012, the number of people killed and injured in these incidents significantly increased. The report adds further The major actor of instability in the country in 2013 was the Tehrik -e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). An alliance of numerous militant groups and commanders, TTP proved lethal in 2013 as it carried out 645 terrorist attacks in 50 districts across the country, claiming the lives of 732 civilians and 425 security forces personnel.

Continuously Increasing Death Toll of Shia Genocide

A momentary pause while an adjustment is made to the death toll of Shia Genocide: In January 2014, three buses of Shia Pilgrims were attacked once again in Quetta. Jaish e Islam claimed responsibility for the attack (announced by ARY News channel). The 80-100kg explosives used were hidden in a car on the route of the buses. When the device exploded it caused a massive blast; causing one of the buses to catch fire. As the passengers tried to flee there was shooting. Two Shias were killed and 35 injured, however the death toll is expected to rise as some are critically injured. These Shia pilgrims were from Punjab, KPK and all over Pakistan. In such cases the attacks are indiscriminate; there is no need to identify the Shia if it is known an 6

entire caravan is Shiite.

Repeated Release of Criminals by Courts

The Quetta courts released LeJ leader Haji Raffique Mangel and within 24 hours there was a terrorist attack on the Shia pilgrims buses on 1st January 2014. Haji Raffique Mangel is responsible for murdering 12 Shias in the Chilas massacre. On 2nd January 2014, an additional five people arrested for the Chilas massacre were released: Moalana Rizawan, Mohammed Muzammil Shah, Mohammed Yasir Qari, Abdul Qayyum and Mohammed Mehmood ul Hassan. There is little hope of justice from the courts. The judiciary is not known for imparting justice, instead it is identified by its deafening silence on Shia Genocide; partisan policies that release adamant terrorists like Malik Ishaq and Haji Raffique Mangel of LeJ. The repeated release of criminals by the courts strengthens the ties of guilt the courts have with multiple terrorist factions. Arrests are made to temporarily thwart tensions and placate the Shia community. However, the courts have made a mockery of all those demanding justice by establishing a cycle of arresting criminals and later releasing them. Malik Ishaq, leader of LeJ admits in a video (after his release) that SSP founder Haq Nawaz Jhangvi had told him there is nothing more than this [arresting] they can do to you. Between hard-core terrorists releasing themselves as in the 2012 Bannu Jail-break in which TTP released 400 inmates, the 2013 Dera Ismail Khan Jail-break which liberated 248 Taliban prisoners and courts releasing terrorists, there is barely any hope from State institutions. This charade of appearing to impart justice is an insult to all the victims, their families and the sanctity of human sentiments. This is testing Shia resolve to remain peaceful. Despite increasingly barbaric acts and atrocities of 2012, 2013 and 2014 there has been no retaliation from Shias. This simultaneously answers those who term Shia Genocide as sectarianism, as the violence and hate-speech is only emerging from one side. It is time our collective conscience stopped dishonouring the excruciating grief and extraordinary tolerance displayed by the Shia community.

Desire of All Terror Groups to Establish Caliphate

The entire premise for the Shia genocide is the utopian desire to recreate the dredges of glory of the Muslim Empire during the caliphate. From Zahran Alloush, the commander of Jaysh-al-Islam brigade, to Hisbut Tahrir writing an open letter to the new Chief of Army Staff , the objective remains the same: to establish Khalifah (Caliphate) in Pakistan. The army in Pakistan is seen by many as the most powerful body after the Government, especially in light of Pakistans turbulent journey of democracy; the army is often viewed with the ability to govern better. This is highlighted in an excerpt of the letter to Pakistans COAS by Hisbut Tahrir: O General Raheel: You assumed command of one of the world's most powerful fighting forces at a critical time for Pakistan. Moreover, it is only upon the return of our Khilafah that our armed forces will be mobilized without delay to seize or seal these foreign assets, securing us from mischief. O General Raheel: It is only through providing the Nussrah [material aid] to Hizb ut-Tahrir for the establishment of the Khilafah that our lands of Pakistan, the Pure, the Good, will be given the security they deserve.

The words of the letter chillingly echo LeJ spokesman Abu Bakar Siddiq (January 2013 Quetta attacks): We want to make it clear to the Shia Hazaras that they should not consider themselves safe and secure till the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate in Pakistan. The open letter continues; Moreover, you are capable of securing the return of the Khilafah within hours, by granting the Nussrah [material aid]. Hizb ut-Tahrir assures that there are many under your command that already covet this greatest of all prizes. They are brave, sincere and would stand with you, behind you and before you, as you take the required steps by giving Nussrah to Hizb ut-Tahrir under its Ameer, the eminent jurist and statesman, Sheikh Ata Bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah for the establishment of the Khilafah Rasheda. This reveals that there are factions not only in terrorist organizations like LeJs Abu Bakar Siddiq but also an underground movement in the institutions of the Pakistani State to establish the coveted Khilafah.

Ideology of Terrorists
The war by terrorists adheres to specific ideology. It is a radical expansionist ideology and totalitarian in nature. It is not a mere belief of supremacy, it is an ideology based on the apartheid, extinction, and annihilation of all those who have a diverging point of view. This crusade of extinguishing the Shias through barbaric means where even shooting people seems humane compared to slaughtering; tying a person and piercing a blade through the flesh of his neck repeatedly, struggling to slaughter him, consequently thumping the severed head as if it is a victory, or cutting limbs and burning them, or beheading a man and a child washing their bodies with acid and then returning them to the family or killing people through torture and smashing their faces with rocks, specifically taking their bodies to discreet locations, further camouflaging their bodies so that they are not found until it entails the police giving up on searches, the family pleading not to give up on the search for their deceased, seven horrific nights and three trials by the army finding a body tortured to an extent that only a DNA test can reveal the identity of the deceased to the family. The hate ideology of the terrorists manifests themselves in actions, beyond the realms of polite phrases such as hate speech and hate crimes. The maxim One unjustly killed is one too many does not seem to apply to Shias. So far, the documented death toll of Shias is 21,000. Is this not a substantial number of deceased to warrant action? It has however been insufficient in the eyes of the Government and regime in Pakistan.

Warrant Action?
It would be unjust of the human conscience to weigh the warrant of action on the sole basis of 21,000. Or even in light of the atrocities and brutalities suffered by these martyrs. An informed decision must include voices that would be forgotten if the terrorists achieved their aims. Every number is representative of a family. In every family there is a daughter or a son who is having panic attacks, who is fearful of loud noises in mechanical parks at the age of two and a half; like the toddler who once used to call his father baba [daddy] and now refers to him as that man who wore glasses who will turn three fearing cars, bikes, planes, the sound of a closing door and all closed rooms, who will clutch onto anyone who tries to leave telling them not to go; as those who leave do not come back. There will be the aunts of such children who will glance wistfully at two toddlers playing and whisper even my nephew is that age, yet he doesnt play .There is a rippling effect of every Shia death which cannot be fathomed by anyone other than those who suffer through it, or those who intended these atrocities.

Source of Hate Speech/Hate Crimes

To quell the hate crimes, hate speech must be quashed. To quash hate speech, those speaking must be identified whilst questioning their freedom to indoctrinate such hatred.

Funding of Radical Madrasahs


The source that breeds all the maliciousness, an army of poisoned minds, lies in the extremist Deobandi madrasahs that have mushroomed throughout Pakistan. In a DAWN news article which referred to WikiLeaks Cable # 178082 (later published in various papers such as The Hindu) it was revealed that these madrasahs were funded by Saudi Arabia: The path following recruitment depends upon the age of the child involved. Younger children (between 8 and 12) seem to be favoured. These children are sent to a comparatively small, extremist Deobandi or Ahl-e-Hadith madrassa in southern or western Punjab generally several hours from their family home. Locals were uncertain as to the exact number of madrassas used for this initial indoctrination purpose, although they believed that with the recent expansion, they could number up to 200. These madrassas are generally in isolated areas and are kept small enough (under 100 students) so as not to draw significant attention. At these madrassas, children are denied contact with the outside world and taught sectarian extremism, hatred for non-Muslims, and anti-Western/anti-Pakistan government philosophy. Contact between students and families is forbidden, although the recruiting maulana periodically visits the families with reports full of praise for their sons' progress. Graduates from these madrassas are either (1) employed as Deobandi/Ahl-e-Hadith clerics or madrassa teachers or (2) sent on to local indoctrination camps for jihad. Teachers at the madrassa appear to make the decision based on their read of the child's willingness to engage in violence and acceptance of jihadi culture versus his utility as an effective proponent of Deobandi or Ahl-e-Hadith ideology/recruiter. Children recruited at an older age and graduates chosen for jihad proceed to more sophisticated indoctrination camps focused on the need for violence and terrorism against the Pakistan government and the West. Locals identified three centers reportedly used for this purpose. The most prominent of these is a large complex that ostensibly has been built at Khitarjee. The second complex is a newly built madrassa on the outskirts of Bahawalpur city headed by a devotee of Jaish-e-Mohammad leader Maulana Masood Azhar identified only as Maulana Al-Hajii (NFI). The third complex is an Ahl-eHadith site on the outskirts of Dera Ghazi Khan city about which very limited information was available. Locals asserted that these sites were primarily used for indoctrination and very limited military/terrorist tactic training. They claimed that following several months of indoctrination at these centers youth were generally sent on to more established training camps in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and then on to jihad either in FATA, NWFP, or as suicide bombers in settled areas. Many worried that these youth would eventually return to try and impose their extremist version of Islam in the southern and western Punjab and/or to carry out operations in these areas. Interlocutors repeatedly chastised the government for its failure to act decisively against indoctrination centers, extremist madrassas, or known prominent leaders such as Jaish-e-Mohammad's Masood Azhar. One leading Sufi scholar and a Member of the Provincial Assembly informed Principal Officer that he had personally provided large amounts of information on the location of these centers, madrassas, and personalities to provincial and national leaders, as well as the local police. He was repeatedly told that plans to deal with the threat were being evolved but that direct confrontation was considered too dangerous.

Danger of Extremist Madrasahs Acknowledged

The gross negligence, lack of strategy, vested interests of government after government are the contributing factors as to why it is too dangerous for direct confrontation. While plans are evolving still; Shia blood continues to flow, swell and spill. Saudi Arabia is a country with vast financial resources and bearing in mind Pakistans current economic situation, which has further declined since the release of this cable in 2008, in combination with increasing inflation and spiralling poverty, it is terrifying to question how much hungrier such families will need to become before they take up offers to recruit their children; especially with the beckoning mirage of them being brought up in the cause of God. These seminaries of hatred are literally an answer to the prayers of extremely poverty 9

stricken families. The funding from such countries must be stopped in order to abolish the grounds that are fertilising terrorism. It is beyond a declaration of war on Shias; it is a war of ideologies that has taken root long ago in Pakistan and now the buds begin to bloom. In order for any measure to be effective; the Government must cleanse itself and state institutions from demeaning Shia Genocide. The Government must cease shying away from admitting its gross failure to protect its citizens, and an acknowledgement by the State is the first necessary step in order to heal and take steps towards reclaiming Pakistan.

Recommendations Tier One

Compensation: 1. 2. 3. 4. Distribute sufficient compensation by the State to victims families who have lost bread winners. Compensation or free medical services provided for those injured/wounded in such horrific incidents. Regular consultations by psychologists to victims families to ensure the mental and emotional wellbeing of those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Take all essential measures to ensure that victims are provided for; to prevent cycle of violence from being established [even though it is yet to do so with Shia victims, it must be a preventive measure rather than a reactive one].

Tier Two
Laws & Policy Makers: 1. 2. 3. 4. Criminalize hate speech and incitement to violence. Policy makers must create laws protecting religious beliefs and sentiments of minorities. Laws criminalizing hate speech should categorically be applicable to the internet; especially social media platforms. Laws criminalizing content and language in print and electronic media, that may be interpreted as recruitment tools used by terrorists, including but not limited to celebrations/declarations of target killings and statements that exhibit pride. Penalizing participants involved in distribution of hate leaflets/pamphlets. Policy makers must not liaise with terrorists; abolishing activities that legitimize the writ of terrorists. The loudspeaker ban on mosques must be upheld in order to avoid provocations of incitement to violence.

5. 6. 7.

Judiciary: 1. 2. 3. Independent judiciary is crucial; judiciary must be free from the diktat of those in power. The judiciary is perceived to have sympathies and back channel liaisons with the current ruling party. Bias and even the appearance of bias must be abolished in order to re-establish faith in the institution. Prosecution of terrorists arrested under the full extent of the law; in accordance with the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Tier Three
Madrasahs: 1. 2. De-weaponize all seminaries/madrasahs. Establish a system of checks for funds/donations received by religious madrasahs. 10

3. 4. 5. 6.

Create a thorough vetting process; determining the true purpose of the donation. Countries such as Saudi Arabia known to fund religious extremism must be curtailed in such allowances. Penalize individuals that receive such funding to weaken networks. Madrasahs that act as breeding grounds for terrorism must be closed down permanently, effective immediately. [The state can then use these buildings for rehabilitation purposes].

Rehabilitation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Measures to ensure rehabilitation of madrasah youth. Purpose of rehabilitation must be to reintegrate youth in society as productive citizens. Psychological and social counselling must be offered to remove indoctrination of hatred. Inculcate teachings of compassion by replacing extremist religious teachings with moderate teachings. Counter-brain washing techniques: displacing sense of pride and belonging by creating self-esteem, which is often manipulated to control youth Focus on education and vocational training independent of their value to the learner as a preparation to become a killing machine. Reintroducing the concept of family; progressing from conversations to visitation rights. Reestablishing these family ties necessary for social development will create an alternative sense of identity; crucial to their ability on being reintegrated into society.

Tier Four
Culture of Tolerance: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Create an ethos of tolerance and interfaith harmony within communities. Altering academic syllabi; to introduce and reinforce an appreciation of religious, ethnic and multicultural society. Making subjects of civil ethics and conflict resolution mandatory from secondary/middle school to graduate level curriculums. Promoting inter-faith dialogues to the public via art mediums; including televised plays, serials and street theatre. Media networks highlighting efforts by youth activists; that promote peace and denounce the Taliban ideology. De-radicalization of terror camps; alternative moderate camps established, for example Tahir ul Qadris Minhaj ul Quran.

Civil Society: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Create Pro Active National Peace Campaigns; at an inter-school and interstate level in order to counter policies of segregation between ethnic groups and create harmony. Inculcate tolerance by celebrating diversity through cultural days, debates, plays, speeches contests. Advocate social cohesion. Align all moderates in a united platform; so that their efforts are more effective and a powerful voice against extremism. Highlight civil societys efforts in counter terrorism tactics with the international media to counter the onslaught of barbarism.

Implementation Techniques: 1. 2. Create a grass roots campaign using established networks re-emphasizing the importance of pluralism in Islam. Use the existing framework of established authority within the region such as Jirgas; as an asset to 11

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

16. 17.

counter the militancy narrative. Involve influential Guardians (peers) of local areas, to be more active as they can be instrumental in combatting hate ideologies and provide an alternative to the rampant extremist narrative. Laws, speeches and views imparted from authorities/councils are considered trustworthy and germane; removing suspicion of external involvement. The dissemination of peace ideology can be spread in a de-centralized manner by involving skilled professionals. Door-to-door campaigns in rural areas; physically promote peace with women who may be illiterate and have no access to media. Making women conscientious will lead mothers in promoting tolerance with children. Sensitize masses to the aftermath of target killings and Shia genocide; through awareness of surviving families struggles. Sensitizing the masses to the consequences of Shia killings will result in disintegrating diffusion of responsibility. An aware society will feel more compulsion to act within their capacity to counter hate speech. Moral responsibility will encourage questioning rather than blindly following religious authorities; reducing ability of manipulation. Moderate religious schools must receive adequate funds in order to thrive as an effective voice of pluralism. The government should liaise with different marketing networks and even telecommunication service providers to socially mobilize the youth; like it did to encourage voting during 2013 elections. Highlight civil societys counter terrorism efforts in international press; to counter attack the barbarism exported by terrorists via slaughter videos and hate speech. Encourage organizations/NGOS to conduct disaster relief workshops.Disaster relief workshops will equip educated masses with the ability to be first responders. Creating a network of informed individuals who can act as multipliers; eliminating reliance on charitable organizations, often used as fronts for terrorists, examples being Khidmat e Khalq Foundation etc. Establish Independent Monitors to act as a safeguard that all steps are implemented. Independent Monitors reports should be publicized in order to restore trust in state institutions.