Support Letter From Maria Conchita Alonso 01.28.14

Los Angeles} Enero 28} 2014

Fiscal Risa Ferman}

My name is Maria Conchita Alonso} I}m a singer/actress/activist born in Cuba and raised in Venezuela. I have been leaving in the USA for more than 30 years loving and respecting this country that has given me the freedom to be. Hamlet and Olesia met here in the US where they got married and had a baby girl} Fiorella. They have always lived accordingly to the law} but got in trouble for wanting to give their daughter a better education. I ask you to please review this case and do help them} Olesia doesn}t need to have her parents

taken away from her by being sent to jail, it was not really a crime they committed, they were just trying to provide the best education for their daughter in this country they love.


My email address is

". I would be more than happy to answer any question you have.

Thank you very much, Maria Conchita ALonso

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