The Highland Council Job Description Service: Job Title: Grade and Salary: Location: Responsible to: Job Purpose

: HOUSING AND PROPERTY ACCOMMODATION OFFICER HC06 35 £21,531 to £24,641 AREA TEAMS AREA HOUSING AND PROPERTY MANAGER/PRINCIPAL HOUSING OFFICER  To carry out the allocation of housing in accordance with agreed Allocations Policies and to provide a service for Homeless Persons.  Ensure maintenance of waiting/transfer lists and data held on applicants.  Carry out nominations to Housing Associations etc., Homes etc.  Deal with tenancy changes e.g. succession, mutual exchanges.  Manage temporary accommodation for Homeless Persons  The post holder may be required to perform duties, appropriate to the post, other than those given in the job specification. Other Duties:  The post holder may be required to undertake any other duties appropriate to the level of the post.  Duties and responsibilities will vary from time to time. December 2013 Section:

Key Duties and Responsibilities:


5. 2. Awareness of Housing issues Working with the public Letter writing skills Communication skills Dealing with stressful situations Interview skills Ideal Attributes 1. * Ideally you will be able to provide evidence of the following. Commitment to customer care Listening skills Articulate Given the nature of this job. 3. the postholder will be required to make visits away from their normal base and will be expected to travel efficiently and effectively between various work locations within Highland to meet the operational requirements of the Service .The Highland Council Person Specification Service: Job Title: Location: Date: December 2013 HOUSING AND PROPERTY SERVICES ACCOMMODATION OFFICER Essential Attributes In order to be able to carry out the duties of this post effectively and safely. candidates will be able to provide evidence of the following. 6. 1. 4. 3. 2.

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