Paper Author: Jodie Manning Edits: Shefali Dhar 1.

In your own words, what is the writer's central argument in the paper? Did you find that argument convincing or not, and why? The writer’s central argument is that fairy tales affect children and their development psychologically. Therefore, fairy tale authors have a responsibility to not affect that development adversely. This means that there should not be any gore, sexual themes or anything that would be considered inappropriate for a child. I find the writer’s argument convincing because it has been backed up by several other sources. 2. What do you think is the main strength of the paper? It could be the originality of the argument, the depth of historical analysis, effective use of textual or other evidence, the organization of the paragraphs, the writer's style, etc. I believe that the main strength of the paper lies in the way that she has framed her argument. It is well thought out and the paper flows smoothly from one idea to the next. 3. What do you think is the main aspect of the paper that still needs work? It could need a stronger central argument, more research into the history and critical reception of the fairy tale, a clearer organizational structure, a more satisfying conclusion, etc. I feel that the paper has very large paragraphs. They could be broken up a little more. Also, the conclusion was rather short, so that part of the paper requires some work as well. 4. What questions or issues did the paper raise for you? What final thoughts were you left with after you read the paper? If you were to write a paper of your own in response to it, what would you try to argue? I feel that it is a very important argument. Fairy tale authors from older centuries did not seem to realize how influential their works were. One should not be reading such explicit material during their tender childhood years. If I were to write a response to this paper, I would simply agree with all that is mentioned and maybe give more evidence to support the argument. I would also compare the level

.of gore in a story to the way children were brought up during the times the story came from.

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