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Newsletter of Friends of Sabeel—North America
PO Box 9186, Portland, Oregon 97207 (503) 653-6625 fosna.org


Report from the Executive Director
John Erickson

Last November many of us from FOSNA joined others from around the world at the Notre Dame Center of East Jerusalem, in sight of the beautiful Old City. We discussed the use of the Bible in the occupation of Palestine and aspects of international law, and we made excursions to Bedouin villages in the Negev, Bethlehem and Hebron. We also celebrated 25 years of Sabeel, with a visit to a baptism site on the Jordan River and a gala dinner at the International Hotel in Jericho. We were saddened to hear Sabeel founder Naim Ateek announce his retirement, but he later assured international Friends of Sabeel leaders that he will remain as titular head and spokesperson as he retires from administrative duties. It was at the Jerusalem conference that FOSNA leaders agreed to prioritize the issue of Israel’s policy of breaking the younger generation of Palestinians. Numerous reports and agencies have highlighted Israel’s systematic abuse of Palestinian children, but our mainstream media and government ignore the issue. FOSNA will be working with the Tree of Life Foundation to hold a series of conferences in the fall of 2014 highlighting this threat to Palestinian children and also planning a multifaceted advocacy campaign to address the issue. On the home front, the FOSNA Board of Trustees is embarking on a six month long strategic planning process. We want to investigate and articulate what FOSNA does (and can do) best and build an internal structure and programs to make FOSNA as focused and effective as possible. As we proceed we will be looking to many of you for your wisdom and guidance. Finally, I would like to announce FOSNA’s first scholarship award of the year. We are happy to assist Leandra Lambert, who will be traveling to Palestine/Israel with the Women’s Witness Trip this spring. Leandra is a young student at Harvard Divinity School and we welcome her into the FOSNA family. We believe that supporting witness trips for young people, pastors and others new to the issue is extremely important. Thanks for your support in 2013 and please consider an increased or additional gift for our scholarship fund and advocacy campaign on behalf of children this winter. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome. You can reach me at john.erickson@fosna.org.

Details at fosna.org. Also, see our alternative travel web page for a comprehensive list of pilgrimage/ witness opportunities.

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Looking Ahead: FOSNA in 2014
By Donald Wagner, Program Director

The poster above with the now familiar quote from Nelson Mandela announces to the world that 2014 is the “United Nations Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.” However, for those of us who work for justice in Palestine, there are ample reasons to be concerned that the forces that support military occupation and “normalizing the conflict” could have their way in 2014. Clearly Israel, the United States and many of the Arab nations would be content with this state of affairs, hoping to contain the conflict to the territories, where Palestinians have suffered 47 years of humiliation and oppression. Having recently visited several grass roots organizations in the villages and towns throughout the West Bank, I come back challenged by the enormity of our task and inspired by the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, young and old, and the growing number of international movements committed to justice in Palestine. We in FOSNA are dedicated to doing our part, and, in fact, redoubling our efforts in 2014. Our five program committees have had a year of working together, and we are excited to share some of the programs that, with your help, we hope to implement in the coming months. 1. CONFERENCES AND WITNESS TRIPS: Conferences and trips are among our primary educational and recruiting vehicles, and this year we will have five or more conferences and several seminars. Conferences will bring you up-todate on the occupation and the growing world-wide resistance movement. Among the speakers appearing at one or more conferences will be Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek, Rev. Graylan Scott Hagler, author and activist Omar Barghouti, author Max Blumenthal, Israeli historian Ilan Pappé, political analysts Josh Ruebner and Phyllis Bennis, Jewish Voice for Peace strategist Cecilie Suraski, Middle East journalist Rami Khouri, authors Brian McLaren and Mark Braverman, Norwegian physician Dr. Mads Gilbert (who served in Gaza during “Operation Cast Lead” and later), and many others. Check the FOSNA website (fosna.org) for full programs and registration details. Our witness trips are perhaps the best form of education available as we make sure you meet the people (the “living stones”), witness the effects of the occupation, and visit historic sites. One of our trips—led by Prof. Joy Lapp, a FOSNA board member, and Rev. Arnie Voigt —will take place from June 2 to 16. Another, titled “Abraham’s Children in Contemporary Israel and Palestine,” will run from June 14 to 28. (This trip will feature communities and leaders in the six religions of the Holy Land: Can you name all six?) Still another trip, the Partners in Mission Work Group trip, will be led by FOSNA advisory board member Dorothy Jean Weaver May 2-19. Information on all of these trips can be found at fosna.org. 2. THEOLOGY: FOSNA is charged with the task of presenting Palestinian liberation theology, the theology of Sabeel. For over a year the Theology Committee has been working on a project that will come to fruition in August, with the publication of a book titled Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land. A forerunner to this book, a new study guide, has already appeared. It is titled Zionism Unsettled and was written and produced by our partners in the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA). These are outstanding resources and contain cutting-edge, critical studies of political Zionism and various forms of Christian Zionism. See page 4 for information on how to order the study guide. PLEASE CONSIDER STARTING A STUDY GROUP IN YOUR AREA THIS SPRING. 3. MEDIA: The FOSNA Media Committee has been working on several media monitoring projects, including reviews of

the New York Times and the Washington Post, with plans for other publications. The group will also be involved

with a project to support a letters-to-the-editor campaign. The committee produced a new and updated FOSNA brochure that can be ordered in quantity from our Portland office. Committee members also provided material for the new FOSNA website and continue to work with our IT committee on this major effort. 4. ADVOCACY: The boycott of the Israeli product SodaStream, which is manufactured in a factory built on land stolen from Palestinians, continues to be a focus of the FOSNA Advocacy Committee. FOSNA and several regional groups and partner organizations are involved in various activities around the Super Bowl on February 2nd. SodaStream recently named the actress Scarlet Johanssen as their official spokesperson and various appeals are now being made to the actress by FOSNA and others to withdraw her name or for the humanitarian organization Oxfam to drop her as a spokesperson. The SodaStream boycott effort has been picking up in Europe and the United States with the company’s stock dropping by over 20 percent in recent months. Executive Director John Erickson and I have written to 14 businesses that feature SodaStream, requesting that they drop the product. With the help of our partner organizations, we intend to keep the pressure on throughout 2014. Finally, we will be calling upon Pope Francis to insist that Israel stop the systematic abuse of abuse and detention of Palestinian children and to end the decades of occupation of Palestine’s West Bank and the occupation and cruel blockade of Gaza in which so many children have suffered and have been killed. The campaign will be an international effort between early February and the papal visit to the Holy Land, scheduled for May 2014. 5. LOCAL GROUPS: This committee has been equally busy, creating and supporting local working groups that carry out the FOSNA mission in their cities and regions. The committee has completed a “tool kit” with practical ideas and organizing strategies for education and advocacy. Anyone interested in started a FOSNA group should contact the committee chair, Joy Lapp (lappj@earthlink.net). The committee has developed a Google group that will enable regional groups to share successful programs, problems and successes. The Board of Trustees is preparing a new long range plan for FOSNA. It will lay out our hopes for FOSNA over the next three to five years. An important verse in scripture reminds us “where there is no vision the people will perish.” We want to be a force with an ambitious and

psalm 72: transformation
let the lowly rise up, let them crash and collide like tectonic plates, let them burst forth leaving soaring mountains in their wake. let the oppressed, buried deep within the earth smolder and shape like pressurized carbon gliding inevitably upwards only to emerge like diamonds in the morning sun. let the justice that trickled first from shallow creeks now roar through the valley and saturate the dry parched earth, let it flow relentlessly throughout the land where life once grew and will grow again. let those who cry out in pain feel your presence growing within their broken souls like green stems shooting through cracked pavement, let them live to see new life spreading through abandoned streets and neighborhoods and cities and nations. let the promise of your transformation beckon still that we might finally take the first tentative step into this new day, yes let it be so. by Rabbi Brant Rosen
achievable vision for peace with justice in Palestine and Israel. May God grant us wisdom, courage, and strength to stay the course, as the Palestinians say, with “sumud” (steadfastness).

Zionism Unsettled: A Congregational Study
New Critical Study of Zionism and Christian Zionism Now Available
In 2012, the Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA) (theIPMN.org) established a working group to explore the history, doctrine, and various forms of Zionism. Around the same time, FOSNA invited IPMN to collaborate in developing for publication a collection of essays on Jewish and Christian Zionism. The resulting book,

Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land, edited by Donald E. Wagner and Walter T. Davis, is scheduled
for publication by Wipf and Stock in 2014. The book contains a foreword by Walter Brueggemann and essays by Mustafa Abu Sway, Naim Ateek, Gary Burge, Carole Monica Burnett, Pauline Coffman, Walt Davis, Brant Rosen, Rosemary and Herman Reuther, and Donald Wagner.

Zionism Unsettled is a congregational study guide that may be used alone or in
conjunction with the longer book. This congregational study guide consists of two parts: this booklet and its accompanying free DVD. These companion resources follow the general chapter outline of Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy

Land while introducing additional material that highlights issues of particular interest. Each section in this study guide is followed by a set of questions to help stimulate productive group discussion. Ordering Information for Zionism Unsettled: Online: theIPMN.org Phone: 800-524-2612. Also available from FOSNA. The book, Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land will be available for purchase online at wipfandstock.com/pickwick_publications, (541-344-1528) or from Amazon.com/books.

Tweet for Justice
A Message from your FOSNA Advocacy Committee

In FOSNA’s weekly email, we put out a plea for Internet users to learn to Tweet. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s big business. Twitter reaches millions of users daily. A Tweet is a short message of up to 140 characters. Some of us in FOSNA and other justice organizations are “teaming up” to Tweet before, during, and after the Super Bowl on February 2. Why? Because SodaStream has purchased another ad for the game, and millions will see it. We can’t match those millions, but we can Tweet to the millions of fans who will be looking up Super Bowl information on Twitter. We can let them know that the SodaStream factory is built on ground stolen from Palestinian farmers, villagers, and other ordinary people—yet because of their ethnicity, they are not permitted to live in the settlement built on land that is legally theirs (yes, theirs). That’s apartheid, and it’s brutally enforced by armed settlers and the Israeli army. The SodaStream factory is located in one such illegal settlement. We plan to educate as many football fans and players as possible about the occupation, about injustice, and about the boycott of products made in the illegal settlements. Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) worked in South Africa. It will work in Israel/Palestine, too.
LEARN HOW TO TWEET: http://www.ehow.com/how_5064722_tweet-twittercom.html Here’s a sample of our Tweets: #superbowl, what’s the penalty for #apartheid? sodastreamboycott.org #BDS #Superbowl, let’s flag #apartheid. It’s illegal holding sodastreamboycott.org #BDS Illegal holding at #superbowl. #Fox network, stop supporting apartheid SodaStream #BDS #Superbowl fans, team up against #apartheid. sodastreamboycott.org #BDS Hey #Superbowl fans: let’s tackle apartheid. sodastreamboycott.org #BDS

Book Review by Gregory Jenks http://gregoryjenks.com/2013/12/17/reflections-from-palestine/

Reflections from Palestine
By Samia Nasir Khoury Samia Nasir Khoury celebrated her eightieth birthday on Sunday, 24 November 2013. This was also the final day of the Ninth International Sabeel Conference. Following a service at the Lutheran Church of the Ascension at Augusta Victoria on the Mount of Olives, the 200 delegates renewed our commitment to justice and peace at Qasr el Yahud, the Baptism site on the Jordan River before going to the Intercontinental Hotel in Jericho. There we were joined by an additional 200 Sabeel members for an afternoon of celebrations to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of Palestinian Liberation Theology. As Samia noted in an email to friends shortly after the conference ended, never had she experienced so many people singing happy birthday to her. It was especially fitting that this book was available for purchase that afternoon as so much of the story goes to the heart of Sabeel's work in developing and practising Palestinian Liberation Theology. Together with her long time friends—Cedar Duaybis and Jean Zaru—Samia Khoury was one of the founders of Sabeel. These strong women of Palestine have played a leading role in the organization and their lives radiate with the virtue of summud, steadfast persistence. In the face of occupation and never-ending harassment, these women and their millions of anonymous Palestinian compatriots stand firm and refuse to oblige the Zionist dream by fleeing the land of their ancestors. This book is both easy to read and hard to read, all at the same time. It is a gentle book as one articulate and passionate woman tells the story of her family through decades of occupation and hardship. It is a confronting book as the unremitting evil of the occupation is parsed out in the details of everyday life under belligerent military rule. Yet this is a woman who has raised a family and cared for her grandchildren. I have met one of those grandchildren, and she is every bit as articulate and determined as Samia herself. In addition to her life as a wife, mother and grandmother, Samia has served as a founding Trustee of Birzeit University, a founder of Sabeel, and the President of the YWCA in East Jerusalem. Her personal circle of contacts around the world is a testament to her character and stamina, and this book had its genesis in a series of essays written for the magazine, Witness. I am glad that she wrote those essays and even more pleased that she agreed to edit them into this collection of reflections. Her personal integrity shines through these pages. I hope this book is widely read and, more importantly, that it inspires us all to do more to end the occupation that diminishes the humanity of the Jewish occupiers as much as it harms the Palestinians.
Greg Jenks is an Australian religion scholar and Anglican priest. Reflections from Palestine is available from Rimal Publications (www.rimalbooks.com)

Watch for our New Website Launching in 2014




Current Realities and Creative Responses
Friday and Saturday, March 28-29
Co-sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee, and held at Friends Center, 1501 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA. Through plenary sessions and workshops, this groundbreaking conference will spotlight what is happening in the US with regard to Israel-Palestine and explore how Americans can effectively advocate for a just peace. The intention, design, and spirit of this FOSNA Conference is to galvanize advocacy for justice in IsraelPalestine. Distinguished plenary speakers will address current realities such as US foreign policy, the media, political discourse, and religion. Plenary speakers include: Conference Overview - Don Wagner, Program

Anti-Christian Graffiti at the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem The rising number of anti-Christian and anti-Muslim incidents in Israel, the West Bank and East Jerusalem is alarming, such as this example below calling for the "expulsion of Christians" from Israel. This graffiti was discovered on a wall at the Notre Dame Center in East Jerusalem on January 10, 2014. We urge you to write Mr. Eric Barbee, Chief Political Officer, U.S. Consulate, Israel (Email: BarbeeEM@state.gov), noting your alarm about this trend and insisting that Secretary of State John Kerry raise this concern with the government of Israel. Source of Image: Al-QUDS NET NEWS AGENCY” (January 10, 2014)

Director, Friends of Sabeel--North America;

for Policy Studies; journalist, political commentator; US Foreign Policy: A View from the Middle East - Rami Khouri, Director, Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, American University of Beirut; Role of Religion – Naim Ateek, Founder and Director, Sabeel Ecumenical Theology Center, Jerusalem; Media and Public Discourse - Ali Abunimah, Founder, The Electronic Intifada; journalist, author; Political Messaging and National Advocacy – Cecile Surasky, Deputy Director, Jewish Voice for Peace.
Interactive workshops will engage participants about relevant historical realities, offer timely updates regarding facts on the ground, as well as provide ample time for lively discussions about creative responses - opportunities for involvement in specific areas of advocacy such as campus organizing; US military aid; educating through Steadfast Hope and Kairos USA; "difficult" conversations; Palestine as a civil rights struggle; and BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions). Conference participants can expect to leave with a wealth of specific avenues for action. A comprehensive list of speakers and workshop topics can be found at fosna.org. CONFERENCE CO-SPONSORS:  Presbytery of Philadelphia  Tikkun Olam Havurah  Philadelphia Jews for a Just Peace  Church and Society Work Team, Eastern PA Conference of the United Methodist Church  The Middle East Study Group of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania  Ecumenical Working Group for Middle East Peace

US Foreign Policy: A View from the United States - Phyllis Bennis, Fellow, Institute

Program Details and Registration, go to: fosna.org
Portland, OR Pleasant Hill, CA

Friday and Saturday March 21-22 Friday and Saturday, April 4-5
First United Methodist Church, downtown Portland Featured Speakers Include: Brian McLaren ~ leading Christian pastor in the emerging church movement and author of Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road? and many more. Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek ~ founder and director of SabeelJerusalem and author of A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation. Max Blumenthal ~ New York Times bestselling author. His new bold and controversial book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. Dr. Hatem Bazian ~ senior lecturer in the Departments of Near Eastern and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, cofounder and Chair of American Muslims for Palestine and author of Jerusalem in Islamic Consciousness. Miko Peled ~ author of The General’s Son. Pamela Olson ~ author of Fast Times in Palestine. Phyllis Bennis ~ author of Understanding The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer Mark Braverman ~ author of A Wall in Jerusalem Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb ~ author of Trail Guide to the Torah of Nonviolence. Josh Reubner ~ author of Shattered Hopes: The Failure of Obama’s Middle East Peace Process Don Wagner ~ co-founder of FOSNA and of Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding and author of Dying in the Land of Promise. Mads Gilbert MD ~ specialist in anesthesiology and emergency medicine at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. With additional confirmed speakers including: Mazin Qumsiyeh ~ Ned Rosch ~ Zaha Hassan ~ Steve Niva ~ Cindy and Craig Corrie ~ Janet Lahr Lewis ~ Claire Anastas Co-sponsors: Friends of Sabeel Portland Action Group ~ Episcopal Bishop’s Committee for Israel/Palestine-Diocese of Olympia ~ Episcopal Bishop’s Committee for Israel/ Palestine-Diocese of Oregon ~ Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice ~ Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland ~ Pax Christi Pacific Northwest ~ Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions ~ Voices of Palestine ~ Palestine Solidarity Committee ~ Northwest Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ~ and more. Presented by Christ the King Catholic Church and Northern California Friends of Sabeel; to be held at Christ the King Church, 199 Brandon Rd., Pleasant Hill, CA. A unique opportunity to hear from and talk with Christian, Muslim, Jewish and secular leaders, scholars and activists about the situation in Palestine/Israel. Keynote speaker will be Rev. Graylan Scott Hagler, Senior Minister of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ , Washington, D.C. and National President of Ministers for Racial, Social and Economic Justice, with a special message from Prof. Richard Falk, U.N. Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories. Plenary speakers will be Susan Abulhawa, Palestinian American author and commentator; Omar Barghouti, Palestinian author and activist; Dr. Lonnie Bristow, doctor and civil rights activist; Prof. Clayborne Carson, director of Stanford’s MLK Research and Education Institute; Prof. Ilan Pappé, Israeli historian; Ambassador Ed Peck, retired diplomat; and Col. Ann Wright, retired Army colonel and State Department employee. The conference will also feature many workshops led by scholars, activists and religious leaders. Topics will include the following:  Life for Palestinians living under occupation  Strategies for boycott and divestment campaigns  How to have effective conversations about Palestine  The South African anti-apartheid movement and the Palestinian struggle  Palestine and the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Art and social media in the service of justice  Inspiring churches to work for justice There are presently 50 co-sponsors of the conference. Here are just a few: Birzeit Society; Buena Vista United Methodist Church; Dominican Sisters; Episcopal Diocese of California; Jewish Voice for Peace; Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers; Middle East Children’s Alliance; Palestine American Coalition; Rossmoor Voices for Justice in Palestine; St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church; Veterans for Peace; St. Agnes, St. Bonadventure, St. Columba, St. Mary Magdalen, St. Perpetua Catholic Churches.

Witness and Discovery

Find details on these witness and discovery trips: programs, schedules, registration information at fosna.org
Sabeel Colorado Fact-Finding Trip Abraham’s Children in Contemporary Israel & Palestine Partners in Mission Work Group Comprehensive List of Alternate Travel Opportunities


Welcoming our newest board members: Tarek, Joyce, and Sam
Our Board of Trustees consists of 15 exceptional volunteers who share a wealth of experience and knowledge and a depth of commitment to the mission of Sabeel. We would like to introduce you to our three newest members—Tarek, Joyce, and Sam. Trustees are hard-working members of internal and program committees. They oversee the daily function of FOSNA, ensuring that our core values and purposes are reflected in our programs and operation process. Other members of the Board of Trustees (listed with bios on our website) are: Bishop Edmond Browning, John Erickson, Dick Toll, Ann Hafften, George Khoury, Joy Lapp, Darrel Meyers, Catherine Nichols, Rosemary Ruether, Grace Said, Andrea Whitmore, and Wini Wolff.

Tarek Abuata grew up in Bethlehem, Palestine, and moved to the United States along with his
family at the age of 12, two years after the 1987 Palestinian uprising. After receiving his J.D. with a focus in international law from the University of Texas Law School in 2002, he spent a year in Palestine working with the Negotiations Support Unit, a group of advisers to the Palestinian Negotiations. Tarek has been involved in various nonviolence workshops, including trainings led by Dr. Bernard La Fayette, one of the leaders of the civil rights movement in the United States. Tarek serves as the Palestinian Support Coordinator for the Christian Peacemakers Team, and as the Director of Development for the United Palestinian Appeal. He spends his time between Palestine and Washington, DC.

Joyce Ibrahim was born in Jerusalem but grew up in Saudi Arabia. She was active as an
undergraduate student in several peace groups, including Students for Middle East Peace and the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation. After college, she worked as a camp counselor for Seeds of Peace and was involved in nonviolence trainings with Love Thy Neighbor. Joyce has been working as a Private Sector Development Specialist with the World Bank since September 2008. She currently works on the Doing Business report, one of the World Bank’s flagship reports which assesses business regulations affecting domestic firms worldwide. Joyce earned a bachelor’s degree in international politics from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in international relations and economics from Johns Hopkins University – School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Sam Jones is Associate Director of the Human Rights Program at The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA. In this capacity he manages the Program's efforts to educate and mobilize a range of U.S. leaders and constituencies in support of Palestinian rights. He also manages The Carter Center's programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mr. Jones began his work in human rights as a Presbyterian Church (USA) peace / justice intern at Sabeel from 1999 2000, where he was responsible for field-based research, reporting, and international advocacy on a range of human rights issues. Mr. Jones earned his master's degree in international peace and conflict resolution from American University's School of International Service and his bachelor's degree in political science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Friends of Sabeel Albuquerque was born out of the very successful National Sabeel Conference held in our city in September 2012. The conference drew over 300 guests and speakers from across the country and world. Two of the organizers had become familiar with Sabeel during witness trips to Israel/Palestine.
(Photo: L to R: Peggy Wallace, Michelle Trumfio, Bernadette Garcia, Cindy Mustafa and Rita Erickson)

Some of Sabeel-ABQ meetings have been devoted to viewing videos of the conference presentations, since local volunteers had been too busy to attend sessions. The ABQ-Sabeel group collaborates closely with the newly formed Jewish Voice for Peace-ABQ. With support from Stop 30 Billion, the three groups put billboards around town that read, "Support Federal Funding for Albuquerque, Not Israel's Occupation of Palestine”. The accompanying graphic showed a Palestinian woman facing a pile of rubble as a bulldozer destroys her home. An illegal Israeli settlement can be seen on the horizon. Rita Erickson, a key member of the group organized a viewing of Stones Cry Out, a film by Yasmin Perni. The event attended by about 120 people was held at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, where the conference had been held. The room was filled with Christians, Muslims and Jews. Responses to the film revealed a singular sentiment that the primary problem facing Palestinians is Israel’s violation of their human rights. Future actions include responding to a pending resolution at the upcoming session of the legislature. The resolution commends and justifies the legitimacy of the state of Israel based on Biblical scripture. Our country is based on separation of church and state and we are determined to maintain that separation. Sabeel -ABQ continues to work with JVP-ABQ on a resolution to the city council, echoing the message on the billboards. We want our tax dollars spent at home, not for Israel’s occupation.

“Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you.”
Greetings from the Development Committee of FOSNA. We are encouraged by your generosity of spirit in 2013 and ask you to consider ways you can make 2014 an even more successful year, as we continue our struggle for a just peace in Palestine-Israel and for sane, just U.S. policies that bear promise for all of the people in that land. If each of us makes a commitment to at least two of the suggestions below, we will be well on our way to strengthening and expanding our mission and ministry.

Luke 6:38

All gifts are welcome anytime. Your pledges made early in the year make our planning so much easier. Make
your pledge now, to be paid monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually (by November 15, 2014). As our work is expanding and meeting new challenges, please consider increasing your level of giving this year.

Join or renew your participation in our Circle of Friends (see description below). Our Circle of Friends provides the
level of gifts we need both for our work day by day and for special programs throughout the year.

Support our advocacy programs, including our SodaStream campaign and our year-long focus on the Israeli
abuse of Palestinian children, by contributing financially, becoming involved locally, and responding to FOSNA’s calls for action.

Help young people use the resources of their faith to meet the stressors in their communities in Palestine-Israel.
Ask your worshiping community for their gift to support Sabeel programs on conflict resolution and non-violence for youth and young adults throughout Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Israel.

Invite your women’s group to make a gift for Palestinian women’s leadership development programs. Help bring clergy and lay leaders together across denominations and faiths in Palestine-Israel. Ask you congregation or denomination for a gift to support Sabeel’s ecumenical programs for Christian clergy and lay leaders. Or, invite them to consider a gift for interfaith clergy retreats in Palestine-Israel.

 Co-sponsor a FOSNA regional conference. Need help? Ask FOSNA staff for help in planning your presentation
and request for co-sponsorship or other financial support to your congregation or civic group. We are ready to assist you in widening the base of support for Sabeel’s people and programs.

Help a new pilgrim see the occupation for him or herself —and promote diversity in our movement. Make a gift to
the scholarship fund for a Sabeel witness trip or summer Youth Festival.

Discuss a planned gift with your financial advisor. Consider a gift from your IRA. Put FOSNA in your will. (We will
send you information on this, upon request. Your gift may be structured to provide income for Sabeel or FOSNA while providing tax advantages for your loved ones.)

Your pledge or gift now for our general fund will support the mission of Sabeel-Jerusalem, US conferences and
programs, scholarships, advocacy programs and the far-reaching work of FOSNA’s volunteer Board and Committees, and our hard working staff. Also, an additional gift this year for one special fund we highlight above will further expand and strengthen our mission.

THANK YOU! to our 2013 Circle of Friends
The Board of Trustees of Friends of Sabeel—North America established the Sabeel Circle of Friends at Pentecost 2005 to help provide the level of financial support and encouragement we need to continue to carry a message of hope to the Palestinian community. Members of the Circle are people who give $500 or more in a given year. You have made Circle of Friends a success. After the first year we had 122 members. Now, as we begin the 9th year, COF membership has grown to 482 individuals, churches, and organizations. Please consider making a leadership gift in 2014 at one of the following membership levels: JERUSALEM—Donors of $50,000 or more; BETHLEHEM— Donors of $20,000 or more; NAZARETH—Donors of $10,000 or more; GALILEE—Donors of $5,000 or more; JERICHO—Donors of $2,500 or more; GAZA—Donors of $500 or more.


2013 Circle of Friends Donors
Nazareth Donors ($10,000 or more)
Rt. Rev. Edmond and Patti Browning Rev. Brian T. Joyce Robert E. Maynard

Nablus Donors ($1,000—$2,499) continued
Donald and Nancy Maclay Sally Mackey Maury K. Moore Khaled A. Nasr David and Judith Neunuebel Lewis and Winifred Pinch David M. Ralston Grace Said Rev. Donald L. Smith Mary Lou Leiser Smith Richard and Mary Jo Stanley E. Lorraine and David Stuart J. Kent Sweezey Norman A. Tanber Ed and Marilyn Thompson Melinda Thompson G. Tuma Randolph Urmston and M. Eliza Davidson

Galilee Donors ($5,000--$9,999)
Saleem Ateek John and Ann Collier Ray and Rosemary Hershberger Gwen King and Kintronic Investment Co. Amelie Porter Randa and Bill Veach Theodore and Diane Von der Ahe

Jericho Donors ($2,500--$4,999)
Susan Bell John and Barbara Erickson Hassan and Margaret Fouda Rev. Darrel Meyers Dr. Leila Richards Rev. Robert and Maurine Tobin Rev. Richard and Elaine Toll

Gaza Donors ($500—$999)
American Friends Service Committee (Philadelphia, PA) Rt. Rev. Gregory Rickel, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia (WA) North Decatur Presbyterian Church (Decatur, GA) Rev. Barnabus Hunt, Society of St. Paul (San Diego, CA) Khaled Abdulrahman and Sawson Deeb Patricia Ann Abraham Rev. Fahed Abu-Akel and Mary Zumot Kent Acord Roger and Mary Allen Marzouq Alnusf Christine and Mel Andersen David Anderson Mary Ballantyne Thomas and Mary Louise Bartlett Alice Beasley Phillip and Cynthia Benson Robert A. Bethem Bradley and Julia Bitar Richard and Arlee Blackburn Rev. Whitney S. Bodman Bill and Verna Boland Landrum Bolling Beverly Brewster Lisa Buck Barbara Burns Kathleen M. Christison Rev. Ann S. Coburn Rob and Pauline Coffman Areta Crowell and Russ Smith Rev. Geoffrey B. Curtiss Robert and Tanis Diedrichs Carol Dolezal-Ng Paul R. Dooling and Sandra A. Danussi Susan L. Dravis Kenneth P. Dutter Diane M. Dwyer Rev. William G. Edwards Andrea English and Thomas Whiteman Nick and Mary Eoloff Leroy Fassett Noushin Framke Rev. Ann Franklin Larry and Barbara Greenfield Rev. Daphne Grimes

Nablus Donors ($1,000—$2,499)
Albuquerque Mennonite Church (Albuquerque, NM) All Saints Church (Pasadena, CA) The Branscomb Family Foundation (La Jolla, CA) Central Presbyterian Church (Atlanta, GA) Presbytery of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA) Dorothy C. Allison Donna Lorraine Barlett Elizabeth D. Barlow Rt. Rev. Allen and Jerriette Bartlett Karen Batroukh William and Margaret Bitar Mitchel Bollag Rev. Sarah Sarchet Butter Walter and Aleta Chossek Trudie Coker Mr. and Mrs. R. Brock Compton Beverly Davis-Amjadi Peter Doris Sharon Duggan Rev. Diane Dulin and Thomas Bielman Barbara Fauth Cotton Fite Hassan Fouda, Hope and Justice Education Foundation William and Elizabeth Galtney George Graves John and Jennifer Grosvenor Brice and Carolyn Harris Richard and Angelica Harter Donna J. Hicks Lucy Janjigian Diane Josephy Rev. Charles A. Kennedy Rick Kidd Rev. John Langfeldt Ann E. Larimore Anthony J. Litwinko

Gaza Donors ($500—$999) contined

Thanks for a Good Year
FOSNA is on the move. Our Board has been strengthened. Our goals are being sharpened. Our staff is stronger. Our structure is being revised to reflect our mission more clearly. All this is possible because of the enthusiastic response of our FOSNA community and your generosity. Our work together is more important than ever. The churches are a vital part of the worldwide efforts to bring an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine and the oppression of the struggling Palestinians. FOSNA has become a major prophetic voice to the churches and in the churches, as knowledge of the occupation expands in the U.S. Your part of this effort is reflected in your responses to and support of our growing programs. We are very pleased that our friends and income have increased this past year allowing us to expand our work in several ways. 1200 of you made gifts of over $240,000 to support Sabeel-Jerusalem and the mission and ministry of Friends of Sabeel--North America. FOSNA is your organization. We are blessed by your local efforts and your splendid financial support. FOSNA on the move means that our opportunities for support are even greater in the coming year. Encouraged by your generosity and regional activity we have set an ambitious goal of $280,000 for our annual fund in 2014. We trust with your help we will experience a even better year ahead. Bob Tobin and Ann Franklin Co-Chairs, FOSNA Development Committee

Kenneth and Mary Gutierrez Marina and Andrew Gutierrez Ramez Habash Yvonne Haddad Erica Hahn Rt. Rev. Michael Joseph Hanley Marilyn Henrichs Randy and Doni Heyn-Lamb Rev. Lynn and Elizabeth Holmes Brigitte Jaensch Lucy Janjigian Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Jones Sam Jones Naaim E. Karkabi Linda Kateeb Preston and Virginia Kelsey Nasim and Amy Khoury Ann M. Kohl Henry and Suzanne Kraus Dr. Joy Lapp Lorraine LeBlanc Rt. Rev. Edward and Kathryn Lee Dr. John I. Makhoul Edward M. Marks, Jr. Nabil Matar Florence Mattar Marita Mayer Robert R. McCormick Foundation Mary Ann McPherson J. Maxwell and Julene Miller Doug Miller Janice L. Miller Rev. Ronald and Mary Miller Rev. James Moiso and Lea Lawrence John Monson Clare Morris Obed and Susanne Nelson Susan T. Nicholson and Charlotte J. Andrews Leila D. Nijim Polly Parks Constance H. Pfeiffer William and Maryann Picard Fred and Mary Pneuman John R. Poole Paul Rehm and Katja Sander-Rehm Manford and Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss Saba and Shirley Saba Anthony Salameh Franklin Smith and Helen Isabelle Hill Mae and Jared Tinklenberg Genevieve Velasquez Paul H. Verduin Daniel and Cynthia Vrooman Don and Connie Wadkins Rev. Donald E. Wagner Dr. Dorothy Jean Weaver DarEll Weist and Diane Kenney Rev. Lee N. and Caroline Welkley Dan and Elizabeth Whittemore Rev. Tony and Karen Wolfe Wini Wolff and Tony Medwid

Sustaining Members (Up to $499)

American Muslims for Palestine (Palos Hills, IL) Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace in Justice (Chicago, IL) Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries (Oak View, CA) Birzeit Society-Washington DC Chapter Canaan Fair Trade USA (Camas, WA) Catholic Peace Fellowship (Wynnewood, PA) Central Lutheran Church (Portland, OR) Coalition for Peace With Justice (Chapel Hill, NC) Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine (Oak Park, IL) The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (GA) Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (Russell, OH) Council on American-Islamic Relations (Anaheim, CA) Countryside Church (Palatine, IL) The Downtown United Presbyterian Church, Christians Witnessing for Palestine (Rochester, NY) East Bay Peace Action for a SANE World (Albany, CA) Episcopal Peace Fellowship-Northern Illinois Episcopal Peace Fellowship (Ithica, NY) Rt. Rev. Mark Andrus, Episcopal Diocese of Calif. (San Francisco, CA) Evanston Meeting of Friends (Evanston, IL) First Presbyterian Church (San Anselmo, CA) First Presbyterian Church (Muscatine, IA) First Presbyterian Church, Mission and Social Justice Committee (Santa Fe, NM) Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Peace With Justice Committee (Minneapolis, MN) Islamic Shura Council of Southern California Jewish Voice for Peace (Toluca Lake, CA) Jewish Voice for Peace (Chicago, IL) Leisure World Community Church (Seal Beach, CA) Minnesota Annual Conference, United Methodist Church (Minneapolis, MN) Muslim Public Affairs Council (Los Angeles, CA) Nicolas Studio (San Francisco, CA) Old Cambridge Baptist Church/Social Action Team (Cambridge, MA) Peachtree Presbyterian Church (Atlanta, GA) Pilgrims of Ibillin (Oakland, CA) Southern California Ecumenical Council (Pasadena, CA) The Spanish Table (Berkeley, CA) Ted's Market and Delicatessen (San Francisco, CA) St. James Cathedral (Chicago, IL) St. James Church (Petaluma, CA) St. John's of Lattingtown Episcopal Church (Locust Valley, NY) St. Mark's Episcopal Church (Glen Ellyn, IL) St. Mark's Lutheran Church (San Francisco, CA) St. Marks Presbyterian Church (Van Nuys, CA) Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Fndn (Princeton, NJ) United Methodist Church (Jefferson, OR) University Church/Social Justice Ministry (Chicago, IL) US-OMEN LA Chapter (Santa Fe Springs, CA) Vital Visions (Oak Ridge, TN) Women's Fellowship, New Hampshire Conference UCC Kathryn Aanestad Revs. Robert and Eleanor Abarno Naziha Abdelmuti and Angela Odeh Richard and Joan Abdoo Sami W. Abed Sr. Jeannette Abi-Nader Ali Abunimah Mohammed A. Aburmishan Mary Bentley Abu-Saba

Rizek and Alice AbuSharr Said and Jehad Abuzahra Frederick and Mary Jane Adair William and Naomi Adix Diane Adkin Lena Barghouti-Afranji G. Marie Agnew-Marcelli Rev. Dr. Said Ailabouni Isa and Hala Ajluni Abed and Heidi Ajrami Thoraya Al Essahki Hesham Alalusi Margaret Alandt, IHM Sami and Linah AlBanna Catherine Alifrangis Wayne Aller Margaret B. Allison Paul and Joan Almond Aesha and Youseff Al-Saeed Sue S. Althouse Jiryis Alyateem Frank and Joan Andersen Michael Anderson Gina M. Anderson James A. Anderson William Gwynn Anderson Gary M. Anderson Eleanor and William Andrews Mary and Jerry Andrlik Karen Keathing Ansara Rev. William and Sandra Arbaugh Maha Armaly Vicki Armstrong Albert and Carol Asfour Roxane Assaf Barbara and Adnan Aswad Robert and Marie-Louise Audi Mary Ruth Aull Amy Austin Patricia and Nicola Awad George Awais Jesse and Maria Aweida Issa and May Azar Fouad and Nancy Azzam Fr. James Babcock Esther Bahlmann Rev. Marjean Bailey James and Judith Bailey Martin and Betty Bailey Barbara B. Bair Robert and Sharon Baker Connie and Mark Baker Joyce and Philip Balderston Katherine S. Bang Nidal Barakat Paul Sydny Barron Ruth D. Bartling James and Vaughn Barton Keith D. Barton Thomas and Jill Bashore Carl and Joan Basore Barbara Battin Sister Molly Bauer Arnadene Welton Bean, SNJM A. L. Beardsley

Jim Beasley and Carla Belker Martha C. Beattie Julie and Michael Beatty Rev. John and Linda Beaty Revs. John and Joan Beck Rev. Judith T. Beck Robert Beggs Cathy Behm William J. Beigel Phyllis Bekemeyer Barbara Bell David and Elaine Benedict John and Kay Bengston M. Faye Bennett Sheldon W. Bennett Mary Bercovitz John Berg JoAnn and William Bergesen Laurie and Thomas Berkedal Lisa Berndt Bill and Virginia Berney Keith and Marcia Berry John and Patricia Bertsche Ladies of Bethany (Pittsburgh, PA) Jim and Nadia Bettendorf Megan Bibbo William L. Bigelow Mary J. Bigelow Mimi Carey Bini Eugene Bird Don and Diane Bitsberger Barbara and Paul Bjornstad Judy Black Bess T. Black Barbara Blackstone Mary Lenore Blair Susan Blair Collette Blan and Dr. K.A. Blan James S. Blankenbaker Gail Blattenberger Lavina F. Block Beverly and Paul Bodine Clayton and Shirley Bond Rt. Rev. Frederick Borsch Marilyn and Mark Borst Charles and Kathryn Boss Kris Bossard John and Karen Bossard Roger and Donna Bourassa Leland and Sally Bowie Rt. Rev. David and Nancy Bowman Eregina Bradford Faith Bradley Joseph and Mary Ellen Bradley Kathryn and Michael Brady Kenneth and Margaret Bragg Rosemary G. Brennan Dennis Bricker Mary Breed Brink Ulrika Brissman Robert and Carol Ann Broker Jack and Elaine Brouillard Rebecca Brown Edwin Brown Drs. Wesley and Cheryl Brown

D. Emily Brown Rosamond S. Brown Rev. Donald and Carol Anne Brown Patricia S. Brown Tina and Bill Brown Rhonda and Gordon Brubacher Marilyn Brunger Willa K. Brunkhorst Barry Bryant Judy Buettner Deborah Buffton Rev. Richard and Ruthanne Bullock Michael and Marjorie Buncak Mary Catherine Bunting Susan and Brian Burchfield Galen and Birch Burghardt Helen K. Burke Terry Burke Elizabeth Burr Ken and Carla Burres Clara and Charles Burrows Linda D. Busek Fred and Bernice Bush Edward and Phyllis Campbell Ellen Cantarow James Crawfoot and Ruth Carey David Carlson David and Bonita Carlson Bernadine Carpenter Arlene Carroll Rev. James Carstensen Tom and Anne Caruso John and Joyce Cassel Laura Castleberry William and Janice Cate Mary V. T. Cattan Lois Cecsarini Ouahib and Gail Chalbi Rev. Stephen Chinlund Thomas Chisholm Elaine and James Chorley Jennifer Ciok Mary B. Clark Karen Clarke Barbara Clawson Randie Clawson Cleary-Kumm Foundation, Inc. Paul and Aedin Clements Betty Cobb-Colgan Dr. James and Janet Cobey Sara Cochran Lawrence and Diane Cochran Elizabeth Code Don and Gladys Colburn Donald and Ann Marie Coleman Tim Collins and Donna Cullman Susan Colten Randall Commissaris and Mary Webster Robert D. Conger Sr. M. Joanna Connolly, S.H.F. Nan and Richard Conser Kathleen and Don Cooney Diane and Larry Cooper

Paula M. Copeland David and Barbara Corcoran Charles B. Cormany Don and JoAnn Cornell Craig and Cynthia Corrie Joseph M. Corson Carolyn and Gordon Corzine Ronald and Robin Cosby Peggy and John Cowan Anne G. Cowan Christine Cowan Darlene Cox Jim and Keni Cox Caroline Cracraft Rev. Barbara Crafton and Richard Quaintance Elizabeth B. Crafts Susan K. Craig Rev. Peyton Craighill John and Katherine Crawford Connie Creel Samuel Cross, Jr. Robert W. Crowe Katherine Cunningham Rev. Edward W. Curtis Ralph and Anne Dada Rima and George Dada Anton and Bonnie Dahbura Ronald and Sigrid Dale Amy L. Damashek Caroline Damerell Ronald Damholt Fadia Damon Martha and Nathan Dane Hanna and Haneen Danfoura Jean Jaques D'Aoust Joan B. Darby Deborah Araj Davis Nancy L. Davis Walt and Libby Davis Shevlin De La Roza Bert and Sara De Vries Alan E. Dean Scott Deasey Rev. Rod and Jeannette Debs Rev. Dr. John R. Deckenback Rev. Joan Deming Lisa M. Desmond Daniel P. Devlin Jesse Dewitt David and Lois Dickason Rachel Diem Judy and Russell Dieter Carolyn R. Dixon Revs. Margaret and Richard Dodds Rev. Paul O. Doering Charlotte Donovan Rev. Elizabeth M. Downie Alice Downs Joseph and Rose Driessen Roberta Du Teil Edwin A. Dudley Ron Dudum Louise Dunham

Tom and Darlene Dunham David B. Dunning Sharyn DuPuy Rudolph Dyck Edwin and Janet Dykstra Grace Dyrness James and Mary Eby Erma M. Edwards Rev. O.C. and Jane Edwards Dennis and Marcia Elchesen Nuzmeya Elder John and Carolyn Ellingson Lulu Emery Marla Engbloom Rodney D. Engebretson Barbara Engel Mary A. Engen Barbara English and Rowland Bonadie Dr. and Mrs. John C. English Lowell and Carol Erdahl Peter and Jessica Erickson Amanda Erickson Daniel and Karen Erlander George Evalt Richard and Patty Evans Michael Evans Norman and Susan Ewers E-Z Stop Deli Hossam Fadel and Ayman Fadel Donald and Martha Jean Fado John G. Farah Karen Faria Myrna K. Farraj Clyde and Rebecca Farris Majed T. Faruki John and Ruth Fassett John Felago Ruth M. Finkelstein Julie and Robert Fischer W. Elaine Fisher Gray Fitzgerald Eugene Fitzpatrick George W. Fleming Malcolm and Ruth Fleming John and Harriett Flowers Charlotte Flynn Mary and Walter Fobes Ralph and Carol Folcarelli Abbot Russell Foote Ronald and Mary Forthofer John and Helen Foster Garnett E. Foster Nancy Fowler Rev. Stanley and Jeanne Fowler Melissa C. Fox Claudia and Jim Frahm Stephen France Molly Faye Franck Joanne E. Franklin Ann and Jerry Frazier Jacqueline Freeman Beverly and Don Freeman Jean French Lillian R. Frey

Laurie and Barry Fried Valerie Friedell Elmer Frimoth Brian and Donna Fry Leatrice and Lawrence Fung John T. Fussell Edward Gaffney Marilyn Gamblin John W. Gamwell Janet and Harold Garman Sherry K. Garman Sallyann Garner Rev. Jane N. Garrett Ronn and Dotti Garton Bruce and Laurie Gascoine Gordon Geesaman Inez Dawn George Larry and Lynn George William and Barbara Gepford Agnes S. Gerard Dorothy L. Gerner Richard and Karen Gertson Mohamed M. Ghoneim Edward E. Gibbs Kathleen and Michael Giese Rev. Gerald and Pauline Gifford Jean Gilles Michael Gillespie Richard and Anne Gillett Donald and Diane Gillies Marcia Gilliland William and Barbara Gilmour Kathleen J. Glatz Walter Gleason, Jr. Judy and Bob Glick Gertrude Goetting Judith E. Goldberger Dell Goldsmith Nahida Gordon William Gorman Michael S. Gorton Rev. Jennie Gould Deidra Goulding Gary and Gloria Graber Edith and Keith Grafing Douglas and Dorothy Graham Janice and Jim Graves David M. Graybeal Rev. Lowell Greathouse Gordon Green Jack Gregersen Kenneth and Jeanette Grenz Rev. Brian Grieves Lorren Griffin Margaret O. Griffiths Donald Griggs Philip and Barbara Groelz Mary Groesbeck Linda K. Groth Diana Taylor Grubbs

Dorien and Judith Grunbaum Joyce F. Guinn Katherine and Karl Gustafson Charles and Carmen Gustafson Alan Haber and Odile Hugonot Dwight Haberman and Debra Ricci Richard B. Hacker Minerva Haddad and S. Lammam Raymond and Patricia Haddad Peter and Judith Haddad Marjorie Haddad Robert and Judith Hadley Ann E. Hafften Alice L. Hageman Kathy L. Hageseth Dr. Elaine C. Hagopian Richard and Arnelle Hall John and Charlotte Hall Felicity A. Hallanan Lawerence R. Hamilton Rev. Constance Hammond Connie Hammond Rev. and Mrs. Robert Hamner Megan Hampson James W. Hanna Linda M. Hanna Tom and Debby Hanna Tobi Hanna-Davies Rev. Larry and Mary Hansen Grace and Ernest Hanson Barbara Mann Hanst Gloria J. Harb Nancy Harber Elsie Harber Hugh and Shirley Harcourt Tom and Lois Harder Rev Robert and Susan Hardman Roberta and James Hargleroad Donna and Charles Harmon Helen and Robert Harold Nile and Judith Harper Jack and Lois Harr Ernie and Dottie Harrelson John F. Harriman A. Hendrika Harris Daniel Harston Ruth Hart Mary and Jon Hart Natalie J. Hartigan Toni L. Hartman Ed and Karen Hartwell Diane and Suhail Hawit Peter E. Hawley John W. Hayden Rosemary Hayes Mario and Marcelle Hazboun Madeleine A. Hazboun Daniel or Samia Hazim Joan and Joseph Heckel Philip and Marie Heft Paul and Margaret Heidger Graham Heikes John W. Heister N. Pierre Helou, M.D. Carla W. Henebry Walter S. Henrion/The Waldon Co.

Charles Henry Herder Nicholas Herman Rev. David Herndon Nancy Hersey Patricia Hewett Elaine Hickman Theodore and Paula Hiebert Howard and Janet Hill Martin and Nancy Hillila Mares and Charles Hirchert Mildred Hirschle Rev. Anne Marie Hislop Lewis and Barbee Hodgkins Beverly M. Hoeffer Revs. Harry and Judith Hoehler William and Peggy Hoff Ann Hoffman Patricia Heras Hofmann Reed and Linda Holder Samuel and Mary Holland Jo Hollingsworth Julie and Paul Holman Marsha Holmquist Melanie Holt and Tim Bostock Jamieson and Marilyn Holway Jeffrey and Sarah Hon William F. Honaman Ruth F. Hooke Jean B. Hopson Nancy Horman Peter M. Horn Genevieve and Gene Hornof Marion and Gary Hosey Robert and Nancy Hostetter Michael and Barbara Houlik Rogene Howe Lorraine H. Hoyt Alvin Huie Sarah Humphrey Mary E. Hunt William and Margaret Hunt Roberta Hupprich Emily Hush Zafer and Juhayna Husseini Sanaa Hussien Benneth Husted and John McSwigan Chaille Hutcheson Bennett and Carol Hylkema Joyce Ibrahim Sami Ibrahim Steve Iliff Arthur and Gloria Imagire Ed and Diane Irvin Candy Irvine Sister Marion Irvine Mousa Ishaq and Kristin Peterson-Ishaq Sara Ishikawa John and Monika Ives Valerie Ann Ivey Maria Iwasyk Isabel B. Jackson Madelon Jacoba Nora Jacquez

Revs. Jill James and Brian Brandt Claire and Dennis Jandt Mary C. Jansen Colleen Jersild Revs Lucretia and Walter Phelps Munir and Naila Jirmanus Robert and Joycelyn Johnson Carl and Sue Johnson Thomas M. Johnson Clara B. Johnson Beth Johnson Kenneth W. Johnson Florence L. Johnson Debra Jeanne Johnson Richard R. Johnson Gwen and James Johnson Anders and Marcia Johnson Rev. Kent and Lee Johnson Carol G. Johnson Rev. Thalia Johnson Margaret Johnston Stewart and Jeanne Johnston Rosemary L. Johnston Lindsey Jones Earl and Wilma Jones Rev. Vern Jones Ann Beran Jones and David Bebb Jones Rt Rev Robert and Mary Page Jones Janet Boeth Jones Catharine Jones Very Rev Ross and Gwin Jones William J. Joyce Hani Kaileh Salwa and Theodore Kaleel Brian and Julie Kanable Sally A. Kandah John Kane and Jean Demmler Diane J. Karpinski Stawry and Hanan Kary Robin Kash Samir and Nadia Kassissieh Rev. John L. Kater, Jr. Martha H. Katz Ray and Tina Kauffman Paula Kauffman Afaf Kawar R. David Kaylor Mujid and Nazik Kazimi James H. Keaten Steve and Jennifer Keep Norma Jean Kehrberg Sister Elaine Kelley John and Sharon Kemp Lesley and Jim Kempsell Jack and Mary Kennedy Mary Baldwin Kennedy Mairin Kenny Patricia and Tom Kepler Bernard and Carol Kern Richard and Virginia Kerner Ann Z. Kerr Ted M. Kerr Dima S. Khalidi

Hassan Kheradmandan Eugene Khorey Laila Adib Khoury Nabeel and Victoria Khoury George and Ruth Khoury Sajida Y. Khudairi Omar Khudari Randa Khuri David and Alice Kidder Shirley E. Kiefer Margaret Kiekhaefer Rev. Ray and Martha Kiely Suzanne Kifer Elizabeth A. Kilgore Tom Kimmel Amy Kimura Kevin and Kathleen Robertson King Cyrus and Carolyn King Sally L. King Carol Kingston June Kjome Daniel Klein and Alice Rothchild William and Phyllis Klein Pilar and Thomas Klyce Mary Ann and Peter Knerr Rev. Elizabeth Knott and Connie DePond Patricia Kolon Leta and Dennis Kopp Huda and Jochen Kraske Frank Krasnowsky Linda Malila Krauskopf Alan and Eleanor Kreider Rev. Richard Kremer Judith Butterworth-Kremer Kurt and Frances Kremlick Jane Kristof Donna Kroeger Marian Kromkowski Betty and James Krug Anita Charles Krumenacker Doreen Doshen Krut Carol Kuczora Irene Kuoni Wayne and Kathleen Kurtz Nader Kury and Sandra Nasser Dr. Kwok Pui Lan Ed LaMonte Ruth Bradbury LaMonte Bud and Nancy Lane Very Rev. William B. Lane Eugene A. Langbehn Frederick Lansill Samuel and Helen Lapp Nancy Lapp John and Barbara Larson Marjorie and Neil Larson Allen Lassiter Vincent and Kathleen Laubach Van S. Lawrence Barbara LeClerq Rev. Daniel C. Lee Zelda LeFrak Tim and Polly Lehman

Marcia L. Lehman Charlie and Lorraine Lehman Frances J. Lentz Jeannette L. Lesko Michael Levin Rev. James and Judith Lewis Elizabeth and George Likis Fran Lilleness Bill and Joyce Lindner Mary Caroline Lindsay Nancy Brewer Livermore Florence R. Lloyd Ernest and Evelyn Lobb Ann Hume and John Loikow Leslie Lomas Marilyn Sutton Loos John G. Lorimer Carolyn and David Love Rev. Raymond A. Low Rev. J. Fletcher Lowe, Jr. Barbara Lubin Jo Ann Lucas Lissa Lucht David and Karen Lull Chuck and Hertha Lutz Susan Lyke and Joseph Bock Joan and Harold Lynde Rev. Robert J. MacFarlane Rev. Jeanne E. MacKenzie Nicholas and Linda MacNeil Alice F. Macondray Elizabeth J. Madler Zandra Maffett Cathy Maginn Alice L. Mairs Phyllis Rose Maisel Teena Maki Katherine Malhas Jan Mallery Cliff Malm Erick Manard Anthony Manousos Samir and Aida Mansour Barbara and James Marshall Judith Martin, SSJ Mary-Alice Wallach Martines Jeanne and Michael Martinez Laila and James Mashy Judith W. Mathews Theodore / Gloria Mathewson James H. Matlack George Matsoukas Kathleen and Aki Matsushima Margery Mauck Natalie Maxson Michael and Mary Aiken-May Thomas and Sara Mayer Rev. Rob and Sylvia McCann J. Ramon McCarus Rev. George D. McClain Frank McClanahan Joan L. McClellan Velma M. Duell McConnell James and Marilyn McCormick

Peter McCorquodale Elizabeth and James McCutcheon John and Jane McDonald John E. McDonough Juliane H. McGarry Rev. Marla McGarry-Lawrence Don and Jeanette McInnes Sally L. McIntyre Philip F. McKean David S. McKell Tom McMahon Bishop Charlie and Alice McNutt Donald and Sandra McPherson Kathleen McQuillen Carol J. McWhinney Barbara Medina Donald H. Melby Marie Melrose John and Sylvia Melrose James J. Melton George E. Mendenhall Thomas and Judith Menk Ruth Merz Rev. Duane Mevis Eleanor J. Meyer Rt. Rev. Rodney R. Michel Evalee Mickey Paula Jo Mihalow Carole C. Millam Rev. Dr. Lyle G. Miller Rev. William and Ruth Miller Peter Miller and Lee Knightly Rev. Carl and Nancy Miller Curtis Miller Rev. Richard K. Miller Howard and Nancy Mills Don and Ione Minore Paul M. Minus Linda C. Miranda Kathleen Mirante John and Judith Mistkawi Darrell Mitchell Rev. Dr. Katherine Mitchell Glenn and Sharon Moeller Steve and Kathie Moen Jalal and Diane Mogannam Judith A. Mohling Paul and Judy Mokhiber Oliver and Patricia Moles Siamak Mombeni Barbara J. Monda Michelle Monson Thomas and Lisa Monson Thomas and Ann Monson Stanley and Beryl Moore Cornelius Moore Rev. Michael and Joan Moore Marilouise Morgan Edward Morin Mary Morris and Jim Brentlinger Helen Morrison Robert and Kathleen Moyer Nabil Muallem and Najla Bathish Rev. Heather Mueller Mike Muffin/Arizmendi Bakery

Elizabeth Mulford Mary Bahnsen Mullen Timothy Murphy Margaret Anne Murphy William Murphy Ann P. Murphy Charles Musselman Ched Myers and Elaine Enns Ted and Julia Nace Peter J. Nagle Lynn C. Naibert Orayb Najjar Jacob and Lesley Nammar Very Rev. Diane Nancekivell and Tom Baskett Joyce Naumann Dianne and Dennis Naumann Carmen Mary Neafsey Samuel and Ruth Neff Esther Nelson Tom Nelson Perry and Susan Neubauer Roger and Susan Newell Mary Neznek Catherine Ann Nichols James and Mary Nichols Emily A. Nietering Germana Nijim Kathy M. Nitsan John and Helen Nixon Scott Norberg Carol Nordgaard William and Patricia Nottingham Frieda and Ronald Nowland Susan E. Nye Eric and Mary Odendahl Leigh and Marsha Ogden Teresa O'Herron Rev. Dr. Gary Olin Marian Oliver Monroe and Donna Olson Guido and Elizabeth Ordonez Julianna Overland Rev. Aahmes and Marilyn Overton Sleiman Owayda Sonja Page Joseph F. Palen Paul Palmer TVR Rubye-Lew-Huey Pang Timothea Papas William and Karen Pardoe Eugenia K. Park Rod and Mary Anne Parrott Gennaro Pasquale Kathleen B. Paterson Jean Pauline Adele Paxson Marian Peacock Carlene Peal-Sconce Edward Peck Shirlee Perkins Mary Elizabeth Perry Allie Perry Elizabeth Courtney Petersen

Karen K. Peterson John and Joyce Petro Rev. Thomas J. Philipp Rev. William Pickard Nancy Pitt Christine Plantz Richard Platkin Karen J. Platt Elizabeth Plowman Joseph and Kathryn Poehling Ann C. Polivka Lynn Pollack M. Helene Pollock Judith Polson Nancy and Michael Ponstein Aida Porteneuve Laura S. Poston Chip Poston Dee Poujade Rev. Peter and Barbara Powell Janet M. Powers Rev. Roger Scott Powers June Prange Deborah Pratt Arthur Preisinger Presbytery of San Gabriel Wayne Pressler Thomas and Theresa Pretlow John and Bonnie Priebe Clarence E. Prince, Jr. Denise Provost Joe and Doris Pummill Susan and Paul Qaqundah Catherine Quigley Carol E. Quinn Suhail and Dima Qumri Margaret A. Rafferty Maha and John Ragazzo Janath W. Ramage Susan Randerson Sr. Therese Randolph, RSM Judy Rantala Hilary Rantisi and Paul Beran Fraser and Lynn Rasmussen Rick and Jeri Rauh Priscilla Read Jayne and Donald Reck L. David Redmon Rev. George and Mary Regas Joan B. Rehnborg Charles and Marta Reilly Anne and Fred Remley Eileen Rence Paul and Arlene Renshaw Richard C. Rew Neil and Lois Richardson Dorothy Ann Richardson Eileen Riesinger Rev. Dr. Bruce and Mary Rigdon Rev. Lynne Rigg Esther Riley Jane W. Rinaldi James and Karen Ringstrom

Revs. Barbara Grace Ripple and Samuel Cox Phyllis and Tom Robb Merilie Robertson Douglas and Sheila Robinson Willard and Joyce Robinson Edouard and Francoise Rocher Marcia J. Rogers Erv and Andrea Roorda Carol H. Rose John and Dorothy Rose Alma R. Rose Arnold Rots/Betty Rots-Wisman Wyatt and Carolyn Rousseau Patricia Royer Kali J. Rubaii Joyce M. Ruhaak Barbara H. Ryan Jeffrey and Heather Ryan John Saah Bryan Saario Robert and Mona Saba Barbara and Richard Sadler Janet and Ramzy Salem Solomon S. Salim Paul C. Sampson Betsy Ross Sandford Francis and Dumarina Sarguis Ruth Burgos-Sasscer Walter and Gay Schenck Richard and Phyllis Schlobohm Deborah R. Schlueter Raymond and Beverly Schmidt Joe and Becky Schmitt Loretta and Dennis Schmitz Michael and Kathryn Schnitzius Rodney and Sharon Schofield Aleatha M. Scholer Emily Schornstein Paul and Carolynn Schrading Rev. Edward R. Schreiber Daniele Sara and Harvey Schuck Don and Laurena Schuemann Hannah L. Schuller Dieter and Diane Schulte Barbara Schulze Deb Schwab Christoph E. Schweitzer Bonne D. Scott Kelly F. Scott Mauricio and Esteban Segovia May Seikaly Sam and Lois Seikaly Linda H. Sekiguchi Peter and Lynne Sethre Ted and Jane Settle Rev. Martha Cross Sexton Hythem and Beth Shadid Rabia and Farouq Shafie Rupa M. Shah, M.D. Ahed and Hala Shakhsheer Sandra Lee Shartzer Susan Shawl George and Jane Sheffer Patricia Shehabi

Ann M. Sherman Dorothy D. Sherwood Lynn and Timothy Shetzer Bishop Harry W. Shipps Augusta Shipsey Martin and Shadra Shoffner Hallam and Yasuko Shorrock Lana and James Short Barbara and Elmer Shuck Dorah and Geoff Shuey Grace J. Shuga Gordon and Betty Shull Anne Shumway Zac Sidawi Awad and Rhoda Sifri Jean H. Siftar Merrill and Claudia Siler J. Silverstein Henriet Nasser Simpkins James and LoErna Palmer Simpson Sr. Marcia Sims, SSS Dorothy and Douglas Sinclair John and Maxine Sinclair Mary Singaus Kathleen Sinnott Rev. Robert and Martha Sipe Cathryn and Willliam Sisson Michael and Bella Skweir Scott A. Sloan William and Carole Smalley Anne Taliaferro Smith Donald L. Smith Harold Albert Smith Michael and Charlene Smith Fred Smith and Mary Martin Elizabeth A. Smith Barbara and Kenneth Smith Matilda S. Smith Robert Smith and Adriana Huyer Eugene and Ingrid Smith Newland and Martha Smith Sandy and Susan Smock Jean Snyder Bill and Carol SomplatskyJarman Margaret Sorensen Claude and Susan Soudah Dale and Elisabeth Southorn Donald H. Sparks Susan and John Spring Donna Mae Spring Barbara St. Michaels Robert and Cynthia Stadel Betsy and Dennis Stannard Stephen Steadman and Brigitte Steadman-Kreuzer Richard and Marie Steege Florence Steichen, CSJ Richard Sterling Una and Archie Stevenson Dorothy B. Stevenson Charles and Pamela Stewart Roberta and John Stewart

Julianne R. Stokstad Pablo Stone Diane Stone Jim and Jean Strathdee Faye M. Straus Vincent and Evelyn Stravino Alice Strickland Rev. Nancy M. Stroh Jerome Stromberg Loraine S. Stuart John and Drew Stull Rev. Monica Styron Mubadda and Aida Suidan Dr. Michel and Catherine Sultan Karen A. Summers Esther W. Sunderland Douglas and Rita Swan Jon C. Swanson Alice Swensen Ronald and Mary Lou Swenson Carlyn Syvanen David and Lee Takagi Ayoub and Ghada Talhami Elias A. Tamari Philip P. Tamoush Sandra Tarrant Francesca Tate Esther Tatley Rev. Leigh and Marlene Taylor Margaret and Ed Tengenfeldt Rt. Rev. Cabell and Hyde Tennis Gene and Jacqueline Terpstra Janet Thébaud Gillmar Lisa Ross Thedans Nancy and Athan Theoharis Linda Theophilus and Dennis Orsen Eric and Kathryn Thomas George and Patricia Thomas Ann L. Thomas Rev J Walter and Elizabeth Thomas Alice Thompson Tara E. Thompson Marjorie Thompson Susan A. Thompson Norman and Anna Thoms Susan Thon Doug Thorpe Kathy and Roy Ticknor Alvin Toda James and Sharon Tomten R.S. and Marina Totah Stanley and Ruth Touryan Sibley and Jane Towner The Rev. Dr. Fran Toy Judy G. Tracy Donn and Barbara Trautman Nancy A. Travers Mark and Mary Trolan Rev. Barbara Troxell Thomas Trueblood Royce Truex Edward Truslow Randa and Sabah Tumeh Yvonne Turner

Jeni and Art Umble Brenda Vail Peter and Mary Van Der Veen John and Phyllis Van Hagen Mathias and Cornelia van Thiel John Van Wagoner Rev. Norman Van Walterop Deborah Vande Zande Richard and Cathy Vaught Valdo and Frances Viglielmo Jim and Jeni Vitarello Jane Voigt Arnold Voigt Jo Ann Wacker-Farrand Benjamin Wade Herman C. Waetjen Sara Ann Wagner Nabil Wahbeh and Emily Wheeler Debra Wakeen Jean Waldemer Carolyn S. Walden Rev. Edward and Barbara Walker Georgia Walkup James M. Wall Phil and Val Wallace Jim Wallis and Joy Carroll Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Walmsley David Walrath and Thérèse Mughannan Walrath Lidwine May Walters Barbara Boles Walton Jack W. Ware Diana and Steven Warner Jeffrey and Patricia Warner Doris Warrell Jane E. Wasson Ina F. Way WCF Development, LLC Robert and Karen Weaver R. Michael and Sheri Weaver Wallace or Alma Webb Robert and Ann Webber John and Elsa Weber George and Bettle Weber Frieda Weeks Carl and Wanda Wehner Alan Weirick Anne Weissenborn Rev. Dr. Donald A. Wells Ronald C. Wenzler Mark and Loretta Werner Maureen Wesolowski Rev. Michael O. West Elizabeth Westarp Mary Ann Weston Rev. Philip E. Wheaton Douglas Wheeler Maurla and Willis White Peter and Susan White Barbara Whitmore Doug and Andrea Whitmore Helena Wiebe Anne M. Wiehe Patricia Ann and Dean Wilder

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From the FOSNA Media Committee
Read about New York Times coverage of Palestine-Israel at my blog, www.TimesWarp.org. It comes out about twice a week. TimesWarp has exposed the Times’ failure to cover Israel’s abuse of child prisoners and its effort to whitewash the Prawer Plan, which would displace tens of thousands of Bedouin. You can follow TimesWarp by email, Twitter or Facebook. I would appreciate your help getting it out to non-activist readers of the Times. Many thanks! Barbara Erickson New Project coming soon: WRITE! Alert will promote and support letters-to-theeditor by sending out alerts to lists of contributors and supplying them with background material.

Marwan Barghouti: The Palestinian Mandela
Marwan Barghouti, known as the “Palestinian Mandela”, has been in an Israeli jail since 2002. The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation of South Africa and the Popular Campaign for the Release of Marwan Barghouti are partnering for Barghouti’s release. They gathered on Robben Island in October, where Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada both spent over two decades imprisoned for resistance to Apartheid to launch a new international campaign to Free Marwan Barghouti. “Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have experienced imprisonment at a certain point in their lives, in one of the most striking examples of mass detention in recent history,” Kathrada said. The gathering on Robben Island culminated in the appointment of a high-level international committee, which includes five Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. For more information:

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