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Customer Complaint Report

C & C No. : Production / Lab / Losistics / Others

Product : Open date : Last updated :

1. Complaints 4. Problem statement - D2

Company What’s the defect on?( pellet, description of part, etc.)
Sales Where is the defect ?( on the part and/or in the process )
Application When was it observed?
Complaints How serious? ( size of defect, # defective part, % scrap
Lot # cost impact, etc. )
How many? (bags/bins/lots)
. Emergency Response Actions - D0
ex) Material send back. 5. Interim containment action - D3
Emergency material exchange to avoid shut down.
* Short term plan to minimize immediate impact of
issue on the customer with clearly defined actions and
timings until permanent corrective action has been
. Team ( Name, Dept, Phone# ) - D1 implemented.
Ex) extra sampling, special process conditions,
tighten specification.

6. Possible causes - D4 7. Corrective actions - D5

How did the problem occur ?
Summary of analytical tests/statistical experiments done.
Why didn’t we defect the issue before we sent material
to the customer ?


How was the root causes verified?( Specific detail )

8, Implement and Validation - D6 9. Prevent recurrence - D7

Proactive communication and training plans formally Re-evaluate inventory status of lot ( on hold ? )
presented to functional owner of change. Identify action plan to ensure that corrective action will
Quality manuals & ISO documents must be modified. be permanent ( quality audits )
Quality manual/ISO documents/FMEA/Control plan modified
with any procedural changes.

10. Team & Individual recognition - D8 Complaint Close

When was the resolution first communicated to the field?
Was any further information sent at a later date?
When was the resolution accepted by the customer?
Reported by Plant Manager

QACL -F-019 )