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SCENE. EXT. OPEN ROAD DAY. 1 A MAN is walking down the street in a black suit, he arrives at the road and stops, waiting. The man stands still, forlorn. After awhile, a WOMAN arrives in a car, dressed solemnly in black attire, they drive off together. A PRIEST is heard reciting a passage, reading from a bible. PRIEST (V.O) We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of RICHARD STONE, a valued member of our community, now returned to the home of our Lord as we consign his spirit to the sea. What is there for us to say about Richard, that hasnt been said amongst us before? Lost forever to the depths of a wide ocean, he lays now deep below, deep from our reach, but not from our hearts. Richard was a fine sailor, a faithful friend, a committed lover and a brother. As he is delivered now back into the arms of our Lord in Heaven, we bid Richard, go with our love, and go in peace