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SCENE. INT. JASONS KITCHEN DAY. 2 JASON is sitting at the kitchen table reading a letter from a typewriter. ExW shot of him at the table, he is completely still, emotionless. RICHARD (V/O) Hello Jason. If youre reading this, then I am dead. If knowing you has taught me anything then youre probably not taking this too well. Dont worry about me; I hope it was a good death, not those stupid ones you see in the news like choking on asparagus or being savaged by squirrels Anyway Id like you to look after Claire, shes been through enough trouble with our family already, and its only going to get worse without me around now. Hopefully I would have proposed to her by the time you read this, so at least she has that to rely on, well that and her widow pension. Everything I own is now yours, so do with it as you like because I dont exactly need it now where Ive gone, however if you find some old magazines in my locked desk then just. Just throw them away, actually, well, you can keep them, just dont show Claire.