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SCENE. EXT. BACK GARDEN/BALCONY/WINDOW AFTERNOON. 3 Jason is sitting down, staring vacantly into space and talking almost to himself UW shot of the cabin shows Jason sat at the table, completely alone. JASON Do you remember that time we were drinking in The Ferry after the rugger? Wales lost and you were so drunk you brought fresh glasses for everyone in there, I thought all that whiskey was gonna give you a hernia. And then you were throwing chips at the seagulls on the way home, good times good times. Though I suppose you dont remember seeing as youre a pile of bonfire ashes. What am I supposed to do with you? sigh. Good job you didnt die in June or youd make some brilliant fertilizer for the begonias, might get a decent flower pot out of you though Jason is startled by a noise, he looks up and sees CLAIRE approaching up the path. Jason glances sideways at the URN sitting opposite him on the table, the silent recipient of the conversation. JASON Lets find out what the grieving ex girlfriend wants, shall we?