Sheila Pocha.

Sheila Pocha of Saskatoon is a Métis educator who has taught in elementary and postsecondary institutions for the past 20 years. She is a proud Métis woman who works consistently as an advocate for anti-racism and social justice. She is an elementary administrator with Saskatoon Pu lic Schools and was the !irector of S"#$%P& where she ensured students gained a stronger cultural identity and critical approach to education. Sheila is currently a mem er of the #ational 'amily (iteracy Panel& the vicechair of )uint !evelopment *orporation and chair of the inner-city social justice enterprise center Station 20 +est. Sheila Pocha is currently the principal at Sutherland School in Saskatoon. She has een a committed advocate for Métis and 'irst #ations rights for nearly thirty years& uilding capacity& and working with others to support those working with 'irst #ations and Métis children and families. She has served on the "niversity of Saskatchewan senate& the ,a riel !umont -nstitute .oard of ,overnors& the Saskatoon Preschool 'oundation& the #ational 'amily (iteracy Panel& and the /ffice of the $reaty *ommissioner Speakers0 .ureau. Sheila is a volunteer *hair of the Station 20 +est .oard& a core neigh ourhood revitali1ation initiative in Saskatoon.

*ompiled and %dited y (awrence .arkwell *oordinator of Metis 2eritage and 2istory 3esearch (ouis 3iel -nstitute

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