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Residential Advisory Willow Park II

Residential Advisory Willow Park II

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Published by Montrose Patriot
sidewalk blockage advisory
sidewalk blockage advisory

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Published by: Montrose Patriot on Feb 03, 2014
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Residential advisory willow park ii – city of Houston parking management now enforcing zero tolerance policy on apk-13 sidewalk

blockage as of april 14, !1

city of Houston parking management officer issuing citation on a lig"t truck obstructing t"e sidewalk #$13$13 1%4! "rs as eyewitnessed by a concerned resident

&ince !!', t"e city of Houston parking management "as been on t"e upswing w"ere residential driveways are now being sig"ted and t"e increase of driveway parking citations for blocking t"e sidewalk (violation )*+-13, "as been rampant$ -"is is no longer an inner loop issue w"ere t"e city of Houston parking management division "ave entered suburban communities outside t"e central business district and affluent inner loop eg$ .ontrose, "eig"ts, t"ird ward, museum district, midtown w"ere residential parking violations are enforced$ -"e Houston c"ronicle "ave covered t"is in t"eir &aturday advocate ad titled /driveway tickets driving t"em nuts0 dated 11$1$1 $ )lt"oug" a sidewalk may traverse private property and2or residential lot, anyt"ing from t"e sidewalk and t"e curbside is defined as public rig"t-of-way under t3 law – t"is also includes t"e landscaping planted eg$ trees and your curbside mailbo3$ 4ity of Houston parking management does act on anonymous tips from disgruntled residents and2or t"ird parties w"ere footage from smart p"ones can be used as evidence to send out t"e parking management priuses including t"ose wit" e3ternal cameras w"ic" will p"otograp" and provide video footage for use in a court of law esp$ t"e parking ad5udication office located at 14!! lubbock in t"e basement of t"e city of Houston municipal courts$ 4oncerned residents w"o call "pd to resolve 5uvenile curfew violations and illegal yard parking on a grass surface – t"is does not include calling up parking management to increase t"e yield of apk-13 parking citations w"ic" is deemed a revenue generator for t"e city of Houston municipal courts$ Residential complaints "ave been received by t"e office of Houston city councilmember larry green (district +, about t"is matter as of t"is writing$ http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Parking-in-driveway-could-mean-40ticket-4004766.php

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