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Ttile - Enna Vazhkai Da One Line Story 2 different characters thinks that thier life is worst ever in the world and finally ot ins!ired "y the #rd character who life is really in worst sha!e "$t thinks as %ostive Star &ast '( Software E)!loyee * +.,ya!!an( &' 2( -ovt Officer * +$rthy or Venkatesh . // Sir( &2 #( Software %ro0ect +ana er * +adan Sir( &# 1( ,ns!irin character 2et to "e decided-&1 Dialo $e To "e fra)ed Scene ' Ti)e is aro$nd 3.44 5+ )ornin &' h$rryin his )o) to !re!are for 6reak fast as he is havin %ro0ect review )eetin with his %+ Ti)e ' )in Scene 2 5t the car !ark while o!enin his car sees the &2 * who lives in the sa)e flat ( rela7es his )ornin day "y readin news !a!er and then the software !erson thinks that his life is worst worryin for 8o" sec$rity9 fear on !ro0ect review etc Ti)e ' )in Scene # -ovt official sees the software !erson and thinks that at this s)all a e livin the l$7$rio$s life like car with a ro"otic technolo y etc whereas he has to thinks for r$nnin the life after 24 th of every )onth Ti)e ' )in Scene 1 5t the ,T office %ro0ect +ana er "lasts the software !erson for the errors in %ro0ect re!ort and threws the re!ort on his face in front of his tea) Ti)e ' )in Scene : 5t the -ovt office &2 askin credit to his collea $e for leadin the rest of the )onth Ti)e 14 secs Scene ; 5t the road side &1 talks to his fellows and does not thinks on f$t$re and en0oys the !resent life Ti)e ' )in

Scene < 5t the =lat &' > &2 sees the &1 * and then "$ilds the !ositive attit$de in the) and ste!!in hi h in ste!s Ti)e #4 secs End