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Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College Student / Parent Camp and Excursion Contract

It is imperative for the safety and well-being of staff and students that participants attending any school camp or excursion from Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College behave appropriately and follow our College rules. ehaviour Code on Camp ! "xcursion - Be responsible, behave appropriately and act in a courteous manner at all times. - Behave in a manner which is co-operative and allows all students to feel safe, respecting the rights, educational opportunities and property of others. This includes consideration of: staff, students and the wider community. Students are to refrain from offensive language, put-downs and negative behaviour. - Be compliant with all clearly communicated instructions from either staff or hired instructors. - Respect yourself and others at all times and represent our College positively to the wider community. roper use of e!uipment, furniture, buildings and the wor"ing environment is the responsibility of all students. This includes no littering. - The use or supply of drugs, including alcohol, cigarettes and un-prescribed medication is not permitted. - Students are #$% &"'MI%%"( to bring #obile hones, # $ players, ipods on %utdoor &ducation camp. Should a parent / guardian need to communicate to their daughter at any time, this can be arranged via the College office where a message can be delivered to the student. Staff on the camp will at all times have phones on them for emergency situations. - If a student has a mobile electronic device it will be confiscated at the discretion of the supervising teachers. - The College will not ta"e responsibility for the loss or damage of any electronic devices. - Students who negligently damage or lose hired e!uipment or property of others will be responsible for meeting the costs of repairs or replacement. --------Signing the following statement acknowledges your acceptance of these conditions of attendance on camps and excursions. Student Section ' ((((((((((((((((((((((( understand that ' must adhere to the relevant College and camp rules that are outlined by #atthew )linders *irls Secondary College. 'f ' breach any of these rules, ' will compliantly accept the conse!uences that my supervising teacher+s deem necessary. Signed) ********************** ---------Parent/Guardian Section ' ((((((((((((((((((((((( understand that my child must adhere to the relevant College and camp rules that are outlined by #atthew )linders *irls Secondary College. 'n the event that my daughter is involved in any inappropriate behaviour, ' am prepared to cover any costs or responsibilities that may arise as a result of my daughter,s actions. -lso, if the supervising teacher+s deem necessary, ' will travel to collect my daughter from this camp + e.cursion if they have been behaving in a way which is not consistent with the College values and code of behaviour. Signed) **********************