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Smart Investing

Smart Investing

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Published by Corey Page
options of incesting
options of incesting

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Published by: Corey Page on Feb 03, 2014
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How to achieve 20%+ annual returns by investing


Visit: www.compareinvestment.co.uk

Yes I did put in hard work and effort but luck brought me to property.compareinvestment. I have a MASSIVE interest in investments other than property.co. If I had not chosen property alongside all the other investments I was making then I would have NEVER succeeded the way I did. I invested in a few. but probably much more. As a self confessed entrepreneur I would try many investments.uk . saw what happened and then JUMPED on the one that worked.Introduction I made £15m from investing in property.. The more you try the more you are going to find the one that works and make your fortune. That is why I have started this site. The real reason I made this fortune was I got lucky. For those who are still wondering what to do next……. Once you know it works then you don’t need much teaching of what to do next.YOU JUST CARRY ON DOING WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! _____________________________________________________________________ Visit: www. Even if it is in a small way you know one thing for sure: IT MAKES MONEY If you experience it first hand then the investment has legs on it. Within the plethora of alternative investments is my next £15m. It is no good someone telling you first hand. What you need to do is expose yourself to these investments. A lot of them are either: Too complex Too expensive Too “fluffy” Too good to be true Or all of the above! This is how it worked for me. You need to experience it for yourself. second hand or even third hand they are making money. There are hundreds if not thousands of alternative investments out there.

That fundamental principle of…. Investments lose money as well as make money. A vertical is the type of investment. Never invest more than 10% of your capital in ANYTHING until you are sure it is going to work.compareinvestment. You may have heard of the sayings: Never put all your eggs in one basket Spread your risk Hedge your bets They essentially mean the same thing. on its very own. It is the rule of: DIVERSIFICATION Top fund managers who control billions of pounds of investments use it to eliminate different types of risk. I feel the most the human brain can invest in is 10 categories of investments which I like to call verticals. It is so fundamental it stands alone. _____________________________________________________________________ Visit: www. The only way you can insure against this is to invest in many well chosen investments. I am what you call well diversified. So examples of verticals are: Land Residential Property Stocks & Shares Wine Commercial Property Gold and other precious metals There are plenty more. and you must respect it for everything it is worth.uk . I use diversification in the way I invest in property. Accepting this fact as well as the fact that a portion of the investments you choose WILL lose money you need to make sure you do not lose your shirt.co. Even though I chose property (once I knew it was a winner) I applied the rule of diversification.Fundamental Principle So are you ready for my FUNDAMENTAL principle which you can never break to make sure you have a very VERY long investing career? This is so fundamental that it does not even appear in a list of top tips.

I can sleep at night because I am well diversified.My property portfolio is: • • • • • spread all over the UK spread over different sizes ranging from studio flats to 7 bed properties mixture of flats and houses mixture of ex-local and private properties mixture of housing benefit claimants and working tenants So as you can see if one area takes a nose dive I’m still in business. Diversification is key to protecting your capital. I want you to really remember this in everything you choose to do. _____________________________________________________________________ Visit: www.uk . If housing benefit is lowered it does not hit me hard.compareinvestment.co.

Now most people will tend to the shorter duration as we all want to make money fast however more money can be made with greater assurity with longer term investments.The Approach Alternative investments carry two key factors: • • Duration Risk These two factors have to be right for you.5 years 5+ years You need to decide which duration you are most comfortable with. I split alternative investments in to these 3 duration categories: Category Short Medium Long Duration Less than 2 years 2 . _____________________________________________________________________ Visit: www.uk .compareinvestment. From a risk point of view choosing all of them in equal measures would be a good strategy however you may have a preference for a certain duration. Duration The duration of the investment is the amount of time between putting your money in and getting your money out.co. Let me define each one so you can work out which is right for you. Therefore medium and long term investments would not be suitable as your capital will be tied up. You may require your funds in say 2 years time to buy a house. Exiting from an investment early can be costly as the full profit potential has not been realised.

low. Let me introduce you to my…… _____________________________________________________________________ Visit: www. There are 4 levels of risk: Level Zero Low Medium High Definition This means there is no risk to your capital. The ratios will reflect your attitude to risk. That is to say have some of your capital in the zero. The Strategy The strategy for the zero risk type of investments is simple: Invest in the one that gives the highest return. Expect to make or lose no more than 30% of your capital in a one year period. The more risk seeking you are the more of your capital will be in the medium and high categories.co.uk . Expect to make or lose no more than 10% of your capital in a one year period. Your capital is exposed to a high level of risk. Please bear in mind this: The higher the risk the higher the return The lower the risk the lower return There is no such thing as a free lunch! If you want to make 30%+ returns you have to be prepared to take some risks. Now I would recommend you expose your capital to all risk types. Examples of zero risk investments are: Savings accounts Government Bonds Fixed income bonds We have excluded zero risk type of investments from this site as frankly they are very simple to master and very unexciting! All the other type of investments hold the key to your success. Your capital is exposed to a medium level of risk.compareinvestment.Risk This is the level of risk you expose your capital to. medium and high risk categories. Expect to make 30%+ or lose all of your capital in a one year period. The more risk adverse you are the more you will have in the zero and low categories. Your capital is exposed to a low level of risk.

Risk Duration Matrix (RDM) HIGH RISK SHORT DURATION HIGH RISK MEDIUM DURATION HIGH RISK LONG DURATION MEDIUM RISK SHORT DURATION MEDIUM RISK MEDIUM DURATION MEDIUM RISK LONG DURATION LOW RISK SHORT DURATION LOW RISK MEDIUM DURATION LOW RISK LONG DURATION There are: 3 types of durations 3 types of risk Therefore there are 9 (3 x 3) types of investments you can invest in.compareinvestment.co.uk . A well diversified investment strategy would invest in the following ratios: HIGH RISK SHORT DURATION (11%) HIGH RISK MEDIUM DURATION (11%) HIGH RISK LONG DURATION (11%) MEDIUM RISK SHORT DURATION (11%) MEDIUM RISK MEDIUM DURATION (11%) MEDIUM RISK LONG DURATION (11%) LOW RISK SHORT DURATION (11%) LOW RISK MEDIUM DURATION (11%) LOW RISK LONG DURATION (11%) _____________________________________________________________________ Visit: www.

These are the verticals as I like to call them. Within each vertical is a specific type of investment. I am going to tell you about the different type of investments. A high risk investor may adopt this approach: HIGH RISK SHORT DURATION (33%) HIGH RISK MEDIUM DURATION (33%) HIGH RISK LONG DURATION (33%) MEDIUM RISK SHORT DURATION (0%) MEDIUM RISK MEDIUM DURATION (0%) MEDIUM RISK LONG DURATION (0%) LOW RISK SHORT DURATION (0%) LOW RISK MEDIUM DURATION (0%) LOW RISK LONG DURATION (0%) Effectively investing in only high risk investments over the 3 time durations. The investment types are below. medium and long term.compareinvestment.co. So have a think about what sort of durations and risks you want to take and in what ratios. My advice is to go for the ones you are interested in. the durations and risks involved so you can work out which is for you.Effectively investing 11% in each 9 investment types. This investor is obviously seeking high returns over the short. Now to the exciting part. Investments which you have some degree of interest in always work out better for the individual than those where you have little or no interest in at all. _____________________________________________________________________ Visit: www.uk .

000 £100 £100 £250 £500 £100 £5.000 £3995 £5.co.000 £3.co.compareinvestment.000 £10.Vineyards Wine .000 £10.000 £20.uk .Antiques £5.Investment Min Investment nt Investme Risk Duration Expected Annual Return 100%+ 70% 45% 25% 20% 15% 12% 10% 8% 15% 13% 10% 25% 55% 43% 25% 100%+ 12% 100%+ 100%+ 50% 50% 50% Land – Without Planning Land – With Planning Land – Forestry & Farming Property – UK Residential Property – Overseas Residential Property – UK Commercial Property – Overseas Commercial Property – UK Fractional Property – Overseas Fractional Precious Metals – Gold Precious Metals – Silver Precious Metals – Platinum Precious Metals – Diamonds Wine – Fine Wines Wine .000 £5.Champagne Stocks– Individual Stocks Stocks– Managed Funds Hobby – Films Hobby – Race Horses Hobby – Coins Hobby – Stamps Hobby .compareinvestment.000 £10.000 £5.000 £100 £100 £10.000 £100 £100 £100 High Medium Medium Low Medium Medium High Medium Medium Low Low Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium High Low High High Medium Medium Medium Long Medium Long Long Long Long Long Long Long Short Short Short Medium Medium Medium Medium Short Medium Long Long Medium Medium Short To find out more about these investments please visit www.000 £10.uk _____________________________________________________________________ Visit: www.

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