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 Gangguan pengecapan dapat menyebabkan penurunan nafsu makan terutama pada orang tua daat menyebabkan penurunan berat badan. melemahkan sistem imun bahkan kematian 2/3/2014 2 . kekurangan gizi.

temerature dan aroma . asin dan umami. kepedasan (spicyness).  Loss of taste may be permanent or temporary. Terdapat 5 sensasi rasa yaitu. pahit. kacang-kacangan dan biji-bijian.  Flavor : di tentukan oleh teksture.Umami itu rasa pada kecap.  Flavor banyak ditentukan oleh indera penciuman. manis. asam. keju. depending on the cause 2/3/2014 3 . tomat. Adanya reseptor umami ini ditemukan di Jepang pada awal abad 20.

 Hypogeusia : reduced ability to taste sweet. bitter. or metallic taste sensation will persist in the mouth. salty. and umami. sour. rancid. salty.  Ageusia : bila seseorang sama sekali tidak dapat merasakan kelima rasa tersebut  Dysgesia : condition in which a foul. Biasa terkait dengan BMS. 2/3/2014 4 .

such as insecticides and some medications. 2/3/2014 5 . including some common antibiotics and antihistamines  Head injury.Penyebab  Upper respiratory and middle ear infections  Radiation therapy for cancers of the head and neck  Exposure to certain chemicals.

or by conditions that affect the way the brain interprets the sensation of taste 2/3/2014 6 . Poor oral hygiene and dental problems  Aging (jarang)  Illness  Anything that interrupts the transfer of taste sensations to the brain.

 vitamin deficiencies.  heavy smoking. and  Sjogren's syndrome 2/3/2014 7 . Defisiensi Zinc (??)  mouth dryness.  Bell's palsy.

body mass and genetic variations. antimicrobials and antidepressants dsb bisa menyebabkan drug-related chemosensory disturbances. Kepekaan tergantung pada sex. 2/3/2014 8 . age. antihypertensives.

 Ageusia : caused by head trauma. (Dysgeusia)  Hypogeusia (the reduced ability to taste). and viral infections. Most changes in the perception of food flavor result from the loss of smell.tasting something when nothing is in the mouth. True taste disorders are rare. some surgical procedures. 2/3/2014 9 . radiation therapy. such as middle ear surgery or extraction of the third molar. Usually temporary.Symptoms and Diagnosis  The most common taste complaint is "phantom taste perception" -.

2/3/2014 10 . and umami. or savory. sour. people with taste disorders experience a specific ageusia of one or more of the five taste categories: sweet. bitter. salty. More often.

. 2/3/2014 11 .  Loss of taste can create serious health issues.diabetes.stroke and other illnesses that require sticking to a specific diet. A distorted sense of taste can be a risk factor for heart disease.Are taste disorders serious?  Taste disorders can weaken or remove an early warning system that most of us take for granted.

In severe cases. This can be a problem for people with certain medical conditions.  Loss of taste and smell can also be a sign of certain degenerative diseases of the nervous system. such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 2/3/2014 12 . Loss of taste can cause us to eat too much sugar or salt to make our food taste better. loss of taste can lead to depression. such as Parkinson ‘s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

 Sering perbaikan pada kesehatan umum (termasuk psikis) secara keseluruhan juga akan memperbaiki tase disorder.Treatment.  Keberhasilan terapi ditentukan oleh penyebab dari taste disorder  Bila tidak bisa disembuhkan maka diperlukan konseling untuk menjaga diet dengan baik  Bila penyebabnya adalah obat maka obat bisa dihentikan atau digantikan dengan sejenisnya dengan pertimbangan dokter yang merawat. 2/3/2014 13 .

 Prepare foods with a variety of colors and textures. butter. 2/3/2014 14 .  If diet permits. a person may recover his or her sense of taste spontaneously.  Proper oral hygiene is important to regaining and maintaining a well-functioning sense of taste. olive oil. however.  Use aromatic herbs and hot spices to add more flavor. bacon bits. avoid adding more sugar or salt to foods. Occasionally. add small amounts of cheese. or toasted nuts on vegetables.

2/3/2014 15 .

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