4 H&M SCM Model
H&M SCM model in Figure 4-2 which was suggested by Saini, 2007 to show demand and surge. It is a very comprehensive figure, which shows that suppliers are assembling all the transport action from different processes. In this diagram Saini, (2007) suggests two pro- duction offices. One is in Asia and the other one is in Europe. In continuation with these production offices, Hamberg, which is IT and warehouse department has link with both the production offices in Asia and Europe in order to create better supply chain. Hamburg acts as a Decoupling point in Figure 4-2 This figure gives the basic understanding to the readers about the production in H&M. This picture shows that H&M outsource its pro- duction from Asia with the help of its different Liaison offices in Asia particularly from Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, and Turkey. Their Liaison offices are responsible for sending all the goods in Europe via Hamburg which is main hub for H&M in Europe. After reach- ing Hamburg, the goods distributed to their origin countries for the sale.

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