Understanding the Female G-spot

Introduction The G-spot was named for a German scientist, Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, who wrote an article in the 1950's discussing the area in question. It is probably not called the Grafenberg spot because it takes longer to say Grafenberg than it does to say Gee.

The word is in quotes because there is still some debate as to the existance or purpose of the Gspot. In the illustration above, what is indicated as the g-spot in fact points to a region known as the Skenes glands, the purpose of which are unknown. Despite the controversy, one fact remains- there are many women who claim that pressure on this region of the vagina is extremely pleasurable. Usually, two fingers are used, and because the spot is deep within the tissue, some pressure may be needed. Also, because the Skenes glands are alongside the bladder, some women may found that the increased pressure makes them feel as if they need to urinate.

Picture 1: Inside view of female genital organ The existence and function of the female G spot has been the subject of debate for many years. The G spot is an area located a few inches up inside the vagina near a woman's stomach. Glands located in this area produce a watery substance which is expelled during female ejaculation. The tissue surrounding these glands swells with blood during sexual arousal producing an orgasm different from those produced by clitoral stimulation. Many women want to locate their G spot to help increase sexual pleasure, or sometimes simply out of curiosity. 1

Here are a few tips for girls to easily find your G spot Step -1: Empty your bladder and wash your hands. It's very important that your hands are clean to avoid spreading infection. Also, trim your nails to avoid injuring delicate vaginal tissue. Step 2: Get into position. Lie on your back and place a pillow under your head and a towel under your buttocks. Bend your knees and spread your legs until you are able to reach your vagina easily. Step 3: Apply oil or lubricant. Pour a small amount of oil or lubricant around your vagina and clitoris. Use a towel to wipe up any spills. Lightly massage the oil into your genital area. Spend a bit of time arousing yourself to make it easier to find your G spot.

Picture - 2: Female ejaculation can be this much strong if aroused properly

Step 4: Place your palm face down on your vulva and insert a finger inside your vagina bending it forward and pressing upward. It's important to use firm pressure when trying to locate your G spot. About 2 inches up you should feel a bump or ridged area on the upper wall of your vagina. This area is usually only about 1 inch in diameter. When you stimulate your G spot it will produce a very strong sensation. Step - 5: Some women find stimulating their G spot uncomfortable at first. Experiment with different pressure and movements to find what feels best to you. Step-6: With continued stimulation, you may feel a sensation much like having to urinate. Although uncomfortable for some, this sensation is perfectly normal and may be followed by female ejaculation. Step - 7: Keep plenty of towels handy as female ejaculation can produce a large amount of fluid emission (see the picture 2 above). The fluid is not urine, but a watery substance produced by glands located in the G spot area.


Many guys do not know how to touch their lady’s G spot and some have no idea about the orgasmic potential too. Do you have trouble locating your lovers G spot? Actually it is not so hard to find with a bit of patience but once you do, you’ll be on the way to give your lover G spot orgasms. These are usually MUCH more intense than the usual clitoris orgasms. Here’s some easy tips for gents to show you how to find it. Finding the G spot Tip One: Make sure your fingernails are trimmed and your hands washed. I use a nail file to smooth my nails for added comfort.. Finding the G spot Tip two: The g spot can differ when a women is aroused or not. So it is best to make sure she is really turned on and hot from some great foreplay. It is good that her vagina is well lubricated. I often use some lubricant for extended G spot massage. Finding the G spot Tip Three: The best position to find the G spot is for her to be on her back with her legs open. One can use pillows to support her too. Make her feel loved and cared for. At times some strong emotions can surface doing this type of touch so be loving and supportive. Finding the G spot Tip Four: It is a nice touch to ask permission to do the following. Have your palm facing upward and very slowly insert your first or second finger into her vagina for about 1 to 2 inches. Finding the G spot Tip Five: Move your finger up to the top wall of the vagina to feel an area usually ridged like a walnut. This will differ from the usual smooth texture of the vulva. Finding the G spot Tip Six: Move your finger in a come here motion and try moving your finger in small circles. Experiment with the pressure and speed of movement. Slow is usually best at first. Finding the G spot Tip Seven: Communicate with your partner about her experience. Vary the pressure to see if this increases her pleasure. Most men do not use enough pressure on this spot so keep this in mind.


Picture - 4: The G-spot of a female under the doctor's knives One can also use dirty talking to raise the level of intensity. I find that most men do not know how to use the real power of dirty talking. Most women like a strong male presence and dirty talking is a great way to achieve this and it is easy to learn and fun too.

Once your lady’s g spot is activated, she’ll be begging for more!

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