APRCHS * Mr. Rubio, Principal * Ms. Coy-Bailey, AP Supervision Mr.

Friedman, Humanities Academy * H5 (June 2010 Regents Exam) TOPIC: The Agricultural South ROOM: 615 DATE: 9/29/09

AIM: How did a predominantly agricultural society develop in the Southern colonies? REMINDER: Mr. Friedman’s Website Address http://friedman2010.wordpress.com/ • • • Please refer to my blog every day. Feel free to post comments, suggestions, and/or questions. Everyone must adhere to the Chancellor’s Regulations regarding Internet usage.

OBJECTIVES: 1. Trace the development of a plantation economy in the American South. 2. Explain the way of life in the Southern colonies. 3. Describe the slave trade and the role of slavery in the plantation economy. 4. Describe life for colonial slaves. • CURRENT EVENTS: NY TIMES WARM-UP - “A Ribbon of Green” o How are New Yorkers responding to the situation in Iran? o What does this video teach us about immigration, diversity, and multiculturalism in America?

MOTIVATION: Do you think it is possible to live a life of leisure and wealth without relying on the hard work of other, poorer people? Please explain your answer. ACTIVITY A: MAIN IDEAS A. How did the geography of the South contribute to the selfsufficiency of Southern plantations? B. Explain how colonial standards of living rose so dramatically in the 18th century. C. What roles did women play in the Southern household? D. What were the main reasons that English colonists turned to African slaves to fill their depleted labor force? E. What parts of the world were involved in the triangular trade?


Why weren’t slave owners punished if they killed their slaves?

ACTIVITY B: 1. How did the geography of the South make southern plantations self-sufficient? (p. 73, par.1) 2. Why did colonial standards of living rise so much in the 18th century? (p.74, par. 2). 3. What roles did women play in the Southern household? (p.74, par.4) 4. Why did English colonists start using African slaves? (p.75, pars.3-5) ACTIVITY C: Cooperative Work. Complete the chart by working with your group to determine the answers. Daily life of: 1. Plantation Owner 2. Lower-Class White Woman 3. Indentured Servant 4. Enslaved African CONTINUUM: p.78 1. Why were so many enslaved Africans brought to the Southern colonies? 2. Why did fewer cities develop in the South during the 1700s? Use evidence from the text to support your response.

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