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Title: Unravelin Genre: Americana/Country Release: November 2013,

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"Kristina Murray's honeyed vocals and bright guitar style can be deceiving on Unravelin,' especially as conduits for angry tirades and tales of all-night benders. But her vocal artistry tempers words that can feel like parodies of oldfashioned Country-and-Western lyricsthere's more to this album than a C&W ingenue simply following traditional cues. The eleven tracks reveal a vocalist and guitarist with a distinct style. Murray's spirited vocals...deliver a passion that goes deeper than simple stories about booze and breakups." Denver Westword

Track Listing: 1. Smoke and Brown Whiskey (3:51) 2. I Cant Recall [3:14) 3. Unravelin (3:24) 4. The Year Georgia Ran Dry (3:29) 5. Nothin But Wrong (3:06) 6. One More Year (4:38) 7. Jonesn (1:30) 8. Half Empty* (3:35) 9. Lights Out For The Lonesome (3:07) 10. Rough Corners (4:44) 11. Carolina Sea (3:26) *FCC Non-Compliant

The road from Atlanta, Georgia to the Colorado Front Range is a long one. It winds through most of America, through plains and river deltas, cities and farmland. The trip is marked and shaped by the places through which you wind. Kristina Murray's debut album, Unravelin', is as unique and varied as this journey. Backed by seasoned musicians, Murray touches on musical influences from across the spectrum, from the Allman Brothers and Alan Jackson of her native Georgia, to all forms of country and Americana. Fans of the Nashville, Austin, and Bakersfield sounds will find a home in her songs of love and loss, traveling and drinking. Unravelin', made up of eleven original songs, was recorded by Darren Radach at Stout Studios in Fort Collins, Colorado. Murray's strong and soulful voice is accented by her band, carrying the songs with driving beats and soaring pedal steel and fiddle. This strong debut album promises a great future for the Georgia native whose journey west is reflected in her music, both rooted in tradition and willing to leave the highway to get lost in the wild. Joe Thomas, In The Hills On My Own

Kristina Murray has a voice that purveyors of Wal-Mart country would Contact: love to get their filthy, nasty hands on. PR, Booking, all other inquiries: But Murrays too honky-tonk and too Kristina Murray whiskey-soaked to be the soundtrack of the next Chevy truck commercial.the disc is classy and well arranged from start to finish. From shit-kicking country rockers to pedal steel-rich ballads, Online: Murray follows on the cowboy booted heels of countrys classic ladies like Emmylou Harris and Tammy Wynette with grace and just a little bit of attitude. --Marquee Magazine