Sulphur - Calcarea - Lycopodium - The Immortal Trio

Sarla Sonawala / Vishpala Parthasarathy

Introduction: Sulph-Calc-Lyco! These three remedies form the great anti-psoric trio of our materia medica. These polychrests (the first two from the mineral kingdom and Lyco from the plant kingdom follow each other in a certain order! and one generally finds that if one of these is indicated in a patient! the other two will "e re#uired at some time or the other! to restore the patient to total or harmonious health. $hat is the link% &ow do they se#uentially follow each other% $hat is the point of merging and taking on the form of the ne't% ( psoric miasm or diathesis is the soil wherein all ill health takes root. )either the other miasms! nor any diseases could or would e'ist without *sora. To restore a patient to complete health means remo+al of the last traces of *sora from within him. Sulph-Calc-Lyco form the "asis of anti-psoric ,'. They are all per+ading! deep and long lasting! affecting each and e+ery cell and tissue of the "ody and mind! and the soul too. So wide is their range of action (especially that of Sulphur that they co+er e+ery known syndrome. -ne would also find it impossi"le to learn "y rote the thousand odd symptoms of Sulphur or Lyco or Calc. Therefore! one has to learn to understand and recogni.e the indi+iduality! the +ery essence of the drug! the keynotes that unlock the door and the personality of the drug as it e+ol+es from infancy and childhood to old age. &ence! the authors ha+e gi+en totally different perspecti+es of the "eha+ior of these drugs -characters in different situations - sometimes humorous and sometimes touching - helping one to recogni.e them in ordinary people and patients that one comes across e+eryday. $ith a homoeopath it can "e an interesting ho""y to try to guess what drug personality the person sitting opposite him in the train or "us is! from the way he dresses! sits! talks! gestures! "elches or scratches! or e+en from the condition of his skin! nails and hair. ( study of the type setout in this "ook can help in de+eloping this sort of insight. $ith this introduction! the answers to the a"o+e #uestions will get clarified in our delineation of the e+olution of the personality of each remedy in the "ook. Today imaging is accepted uni+ersally as the "est form of learning and in keeping with the tradition of /r Sarla Sonawala0s presentations! we gi+e you 0Sulphur-Calcaria-Lyco - The Immortal Trio0. /r Chanda Seth

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