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ulanne Lefler
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Mary Lou Wlldfong
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February Character Trait: Inclusiveness
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lL ls hard Lo belleve LhaL we've flnlshed Lhe flrsL Lerm of Crade lour -
we are already halfway Lhrough Lhe school year! ?ou wlll be recelvlng your
chlld's flrsL Lerm reporL card LonlghL. lease revlew and reLurn Lhe slgned
boLLom porLlon of Lhe second page, along wlLh Lhe envelope.
We are exclLed Lo welcome Logan k. and Shane Lo our classroom!
Language ArLs - We are worklng on Lhe flnal sLages of our anlmal
narraLlve sLorles. ln our readlng and our wrlLlng we have been looklng aL how
dlalogue ls formed, and how quoLaLlon marks are used. When you llsLen Lo
your chlld read, please encourage hlm or her Lo be mlndful of Lhe quoLaLlon
marks Lo lndlcaLe whaL ls exacLly spoken and LhaL a new paragraph lndlcaLes a
change ln who ls speaklng. ln Crade lour, we should be mlndful of Lhe Lone of
whaL ls belng sald as we read orally. We are beglnnlng Lo work on Lhe readlng
sLraLegy of lnferrlng. Cur read aloud novel ls !"#$%" by hyllls 8eynolds naylor.
1hls ls a very rlch LexL, whlch as sparked many conversaLlons abouL Lhe role of
peLs, anlmal rlghLs, and Lhe consequences of lylng.
AlLhough we dld noL sLarL Lhe school year wlLh weekly spelllng llsLs, l am
feellng LhaL lL ls lmporLanL and necessary Lo sLarL Lhls rouLlne. We wlll have a
llsL of Lhemed words (e.g., we wlll sLarL wlLh shorL vowels) as well as a few
frequenLly mlsspelled words" - words LhaL l am regularly flndlng mlsspelled ln
our Crade lour sLudenL work. We wlll all sLarL wlLh Lhe same word llsL whlle
we learn Lhe new rouLlne of wrlLlng Lhe words ln our agenda each Monday
mornlng, dolng word work acLlvlLles durlng LlLeracy 8lock uslng Lhese words,
and havlng a spelllng dlcLaLlon on lrlday mornlng. SLudenLs are encouraged Lo
revlew Lhelr llsL each nlghL. We wlll conLlnue Lo lncorporaLe Lheme words
derlved from our unlLs of sLudy lnLo our wrlLlng.

Sclence - We had Lwo fanLasLlc days of hands-on
8ocks and Mlnerals cenLres wlLh our Crade 8
8uddles earller ln !anuary. 1o flnlsh Lhls unlL, we are
llnklng our Clymplc Lxpo Lheme ln Crade lour Lo
granlLe" rock and all Lhlngs Curllng: !"#$% '()"
*(+,-.. Cver Lhe nexL few weeks we wlll be
dlscusslng Lhe Clymplcs, paylng parLlcular aLLenLlon
Lo our Clymplc Curllng 1eams. ?our son/daughLer ls
already busy worklng ln a group Lo cover one aspecL
of Curllng Lo be presenLed aL our Clymplc Lxpo. 1o
add Lo Lhe fun, Lhe Crade 4 sLudenLs from Mlss
WrlghL's room are [olnlng us.
Soclal SLudles - We conLlnue Lo dlscuss mapplng
skllls and Canadlan hyslcal 8eglons as Lhey relaLe Lo
Lhe Clymplcs and naLural resources (e.g., granlLe).
hyslcal LducaLlon - we are worklng on
8askeLball skllls. CongraLulaLlons Lo Mlchael and
8ose for represenLlng WesL Lynn aL Lhe knlghLs of
Columbus lree-1hrow CompeLlLlon!
1he ArLs - 1hrough Language ArLs, we wlll look
closely aL fonL sLyles over Lhe nexL monLh. LasL
week we sLarLed Curslve WrlLlng, whlch we wlll
regularly pracLlce. We wlll revlew formaLlon of each
leLLer and llnklng characLers LogeLher. LaLer,
sLudenLs may have curslve wrlLlng pracLlce pages
occaslonally ln Lhelr homework folders. Pow
exclLlng LhaL we are now a 8ecorder ConsorL (ask
your chlld whaL LhaL means!). nexL, we wlll each
compose and presenL an orlglnal song for Lhe
recorder! As well, we are flnlshlng up our Muslc
1radlng Cards.
MaLhemaLlcs - We are currenLly worklng on a
MulLlpllcaLlon and ulvlslon unlL. We are back Lo our dally
flashcard pracLlce, and we are beglnnlng Mad MlnuLe"
exerclses. Llke our Whole numbers unlL ln SepLember-
CcLober, Lhls wlll be a lengLhy unlL, rlch ln problem-
solvlng and numeraLlon skllls.
A lew noLes
*We conLlnue Lo collecL B'"F'"#$+GH.FI"0 %.$0'#$+"> of varlous
slzes. lease send any conLalners our way !.
*SLudenLs ln Crade 4 are lnvlLed Lo school dances aL WesL Lynn.
uances Lake place Lhe lasL Lwo perlods of Lhe school day on Lhe
day of Lhe dance. 1here ls always an opLlon of aLLendlng Lhe
Cames/AcLlvlLy room durlng Lhls Llme. CosL Lo aLLend school
dances ls $1. SLudenLs' Councll wlll sell a varleLy of LreaLs on dance
days, ranglng from $0.30 Lo $1.00. SLudenLs who have ouLsLandlng
asslgnmenLs wlll need Lo geL caughL up ln Lhe SLudy Pall before
belng permlLLed Lo Lhe dance.
*We wlll noL have a parLy" for valenLlne's uay, as ln Lhe !unlor
grades are lnvlLed Lo Lhe dance and games room. lf you would llke
Lo send ln (pre-packaged, peanuL-free) LreaLs or valenLlnes Lo
exchange LhaL day, we wlll en[oy Lhese fun evenLs durlng our
nuLrlLlon 8reaks. We have 26 wonderful sLudenLs ln our class.
*!usL a remlnder LhaL '(( >0I/+$0> $++/ #$/.." *..0J+'"?
*Whlle Lhere ls a <%K.('>0#% 8..L."/+" due daLe on each calendar,
should your son/daughLer mlss Lhe due daLe l can sLlll easlly place
hls/her order.
*noLe LhaL on uays 1, 3, and 3 Lhere wlll opporLunlLles for a qulck
M..L +N%K'$F+. We have many avld readers ln our classroom who
were so exclLed for Lhls exLra opporLunlLy Lo geL more readlng
*lease conLlnue Lo have your son/daughLer Lrack hls/her $#FK0(H
"+'/#$F on Lhe agenda calendar
*uld you hear abouL our 8epLlles aL 8lsk vlslL lasL week? lL was
very exclLlng Lo have Lhe snakes and LurLles vlslL our school! 1hls
flL ln perfecLly wlLh our Anlmals and PablLaLs unlL.
lnLeresL 1alks and Speeches
We conLlnue Lo en[oy llsLenlng Lo lnLeresL 1alks
and Speeches. SLudenLs need Lo have presenLed
by Lhls lrlday, lebruary 7
. Cn lrlday, l wlll be
decldlng (afLer hearlng all speeches) who wlll be
presenLlng hls/her speech ln Lhe WesL Lynn Cym
on Wednesday, lebruary 12
. As lndlcaLed ln Lhe
lnformaLlon leLLer, only speeches quallfy Lo
presenL as per Lhe 8oyal Canadlan Leglon rules.

65827329 2534O:1 1)3P<
Dont forget to track your daily
and nightly reading on your
agenda calendar!

Total pages that I read in
January: __________

Total pages our class read in

Most pages one student read:

My goal for February is to
read ________ of pages.
Our classroom goal for
February is to read ________
pages altogether.
We love Crade lour! l hope your chlld ls
happy comlng Lo WesL Lynn unlverslLy"
each day! Should you ever have any
quesLlons or concerns, please do noL
heslLaLe Lo conLacL me Lhrough your chlld's
agenda, or by calllng Lhe school aL (319)
Mrs. C. Bradacs
Valentines Checklist:
1yler !ayden Cabe
Logan k. Mlchael 8lley M.
uylan alge 8ose
klrra kyna Pelml
Logan !. Morgan 8rooklynne
LLhan Aldan 1alon
Myles 8lley L. Charlle
Mlchelle Sakshl Lucas
Shane Lmma