Tel: +251 1 6634353 Telex: 21268 TANAD ET ax No.: +251 1 627882 E$%ail: !&addis01'(%ail.)o%

P.O.Box. 1077, Addis Ababa, E!"io#ia.

P*E++ *E,EA+E T-E .N/TED *EP.B,/0 O TAN1AN/A *E$E,E0TED TO T-E A */0AN .N/ON PEA0E AND +E0.*/T2 0O.N0/, 3A.P+04 During the 22nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Union held from 30 th – 31st January 2014, in Addis Ababa, the United e!ubli" of #an$ania %as re&ele"ted as 'ember of the Afri"an Union (ea"e and Se"urity )oun"il *AU(S)+ for a t%o – year term from A!ril 2014 to 'ar"h 201,- .t is to be re"alled that the United e!ubli" of #an$ania %as ele"ted for the first time to the membershi! of the AU(S) in A!ril 2012 and ser/ed a momentous t%o&year term notably 2012 and 2013#he AU(S) is a standing de"ision ma0ing body of the AU %hi"h deals %ith !ea"e and se"urity issues- .ts 1, 'embers are dra%n from fi/e geogra!hi"al regions of Afri"a- #he 1astern, )entral and Southern Afri"a regions ea"h ha/e a 2uota of three 'ember States, %hile 3orth and 4est Afri"a is re!resented by t%o and four "ountries, res!e"ti/ely- #he 1, (S) 'embers are ele"ted on the basis of e2ual rights, in the follo%ing manner5 #en *10+ 'embers ele"ted for a term of t%o *2+ years6 and 7i/e *,+ 'embers ele"ted for a term of three *3+ years in order to ensure "ontinuity- Along %ith the United e!ubli" of #an$ania, 1thio!ia %as also ele"ted to re!resent the 1astern region- 8uinea and 8ambia %ere also re&ele"ted %hile South Afri"a, 3amibia, 3iger, 9ibya and :urundi ;oined as ne% ele"ted members- .n "onformity %ith the (roto"ol establishing the AU(S), 'ember States should fulfill the follo%ing "riteria in order to be ele"ted for membershi!5 • • )ommitment to u!hold the !rin"i!les of the Union6 )ontribution to the !romotion and maintenan"e of !ea"e and se"urity in Afri"a – in this res!e"t, e<!erien"e of 'ember States in !ea"e su!!ort o!eration %ould be an added ad/antage6 )a!a"ity and membershi!6 "ommitment to shoulder the res!onsibilities entailed in

• • • • •

(arti"i!ation in "onfli"t resolution, !ea"e&ma0ing building at regional and "ontinental le/els6 4illingness and ability to ta0e u! res!onsibilities for regional and "ontinental "onfli"t resolution initiati/es6 )ontribution to the (ea"e 7und and=or S!e"ial 7und "reated for a s!e"ifi" !ur!ose6 es!e"t for "onstitutional go/ernan"e, in a""ordan"e %ith the 9ome De"laration, as %ell as the rule of la% and human rights6 Suffi"iently staffed and e2ui!!ed (ermanent 'issions at the >ead2uarters of the Union and the United 3ations, to be able to shoulder the res!onsibilities %hi"h go %ith the membershi!6 and )ommitment to honour finan"ial obligations of the Union

.t is %orth mentioning that the AU(S) is the most a"ti/e organ of the Afri"an Union *AU+- .n 2013 alone, the AU(S) held ?1 meetings, %hi"h is the highest sin"e it be"ame o!erational in 2004- #he in"reasing number of "onfli"ts and gro%ing inse"urity in Afri"a ne"essitated the AU(S) to regularly "on/ene and !ass binding de"isions/ss5ed o6 26d eb75a78 2014, Addis Ababa, E!"io#ia.

E9BA++2 O T-E .N/TED *EP.B,/0 O TAN1AN/A TO T-E EDE*A, DE9O0*AT/0 *EP.B,/0 O ET-/OP/A AND PE*9ANENT *EP*E+ENTAT/ON TO T-E A */0AN .N/ON 3A.4 AND TO T-E .N/TED NAT/ON+ E0ONO9/0 0O99/++/ON O* A */0A 3.NE0A4

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