Chapter 17 On Electronic Marketing: Internet Marketing, Database Marketing, and Direct Marketing “Computers in the future may weigh

no more than 1.5 tons.” – Popular Mechanics, 1949 Outline: I. II. Major Forces Shaping the Internet Age Digitalization and Connectivity a. The Internet Explosion b. New Types of Intermediaries c. Customization and Customerization Marketing Strategy in the New Digital Age a. E-Business, E-Commerce, and E-Marketing in the New Digital Age b. Benefits to Buyers c. Benefits to Sellers E-Commerce Domains a. B2C (Business-to-Consumer) b. B2B (Business to Business) c. C2C (Consumer to Consumer d. C2B (Consumer to Business) Setting Up an E-Marketing Presence a. Creating a Web Site b. Types of Web Sites c. Designing Attractive Web Sites d. Content e. Legal and Ethical Issues Developing a Marketing Database System a. Using a Database to Create a Competitive Advantage Direct Marketing a. Reasons for Growth of Direct Marketing b. E-Mail c. Direct Marketing Builds Relationships d. Development of Integrated Direct Marketing





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