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Landing Page 101: Learn the Top 100 Tips to Landing Pages - Improve your ROI with Quality Landing Pages, Now Create Landing Pages that truly convert.

Landing Page 101: Learn the Top 100 Tips to Landing Pages - Improve your ROI with Quality Landing Pages, Now Create Landing Pages that truly convert.


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In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or a search-engine result link. The page will usually display content that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link, and that is optimized to feature specific keywords or phrases for indexing by search engines.

In pay per click (PPC) campaigns, the landing page will also be customized to measure the effectiveness of different advertisements. By adding a parameter to the linking URL, marketers can measure advertisement effectiveness based on relative click-through rates.

When you build a landing page, and you are going to invest time and money to get people to visit it, it makes sense to optimize that page to accomplish optimal ROI.

This book answers 100 most asked questions like: How long does a landing page last before you change it to a better one? And do you have a different landing page for every single ad, every single offer? Why not?

This book covers all the basics on building specific measurable offers, not generalities. This book covers measuring if they're working or not, improving the metrics and make them work better.

Landing pages is direct marketing, read this book if you have a website: everyone with a website is a direct marketer.
In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or a search-engine result link. The page will usually display content that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link, and that is optimized to feature specific keywords or phrases for indexing by search engines.

In pay per click (PPC) campaigns, the landing page will also be customized to measure the effectiveness of different advertisements. By adding a parameter to the linking URL, marketers can measure advertisement effectiveness based on relative click-through rates.

When you build a landing page, and you are going to invest time and money to get people to visit it, it makes sense to optimize that page to accomplish optimal ROI.

This book answers 100 most asked questions like: How long does a landing page last before you change it to a better one? And do you have a different landing page for every single ad, every single offer? Why not?

This book covers all the basics on building specific measurable offers, not generalities. This book covers measuring if they're working or not, improving the metrics and make them work better.

Landing pages is direct marketing, read this book if you have a website: everyone with a website is a direct marketer.

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  • A Powerful Landing Page that Sells
  • Create Landing Pages that Really Do the Works
  • 3 Key Features of a Good Landing Page
  • How to Create High Converting Landing Page Cash Machine?
  • How to Find the Best Landing Page Exam- ple
  • Components of the New Landing Page Sys- tem
  • Some Things to Avoid in Creating a Web Landing Page
  • Two Key Ways to Create Affiliate Landing Page
  • Basic Requirements to Create a Landing Page
  • No-Fuss Free Landing Page Template
  • Make that Impression with a Great Land- ing Page
  • Critical Role of Landing Page Generator for Online Marketing
  • 2 Characteristics Defining Landing Page Quality
  • The Benefits of Using Landing Page Soft- ware
  • Customizing your Landing Page for a Bet- ter Conversion Rate
  • Free Template to Outline a Landing Page
  • A Landing Page as an HTML based page
  • Choosing the Right and Effective Landing Page Builder
  • Learning Better with Landing Page Cash Machine Book
  • Tips on getting the best Landing Page De- signs
  • Intelligent Landing Page Tips
  • SEO and how it Impacts a Landing Page
  • Steps on how to create a Landing Page
  • How to Build a Wordpress Weblog as a Landing Page
  • Elements of a Dynamic Landing Page
  • Using Free Templates to a Better Landing Page
  • Elements that Affect an Increase in Land- ing Page Conversion
  • The Case of Actions that a Landing Page Must Optimize
  • The Best Landing Page Definition
  • Benefits of a Landing Page on a Website
  • The Effective Landing Page according to Marketing Sherpa
  • Critical Components to Test the Landing Page of the Website
  • What type is your Landing Page?
  • Some Tips when Designing a Good Land- ing Page
  • Offers Based on Intelligent Landing Page Results
  • Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Hand- book
  • The Importance of Templates in Creating Landing Page
  • Quality Landing Page Reduces PPC Cost
  • What Makes A Best Landing Page?
  • Landing Page Examples Help
  • What Landing Page Template Does?
  • Pointers for a Perfect Landing Page
  • Landing Page and Its Types
  • Landing Page Designers: Need to find them
  • Video Landing Page: Increasing Respect- ability
  • Landing Page Case Study: Good for Web- sites
  • Landing Page Load: Speed is the Key
  • The Advantages of Joomla Landing Page
  • How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate
  • A Landing Page Design That Optimize Sales
  • Know the Ways on How to Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Advertising Brings Out Many Benefits
  • Revealing the Best PPC Search Engine
  • Ways to Optimize Search Engine in Word- press
  • Fundamental Guides to PPC Marketing
  • Exploring More of PPL Search Engines
  • Placement of a Website Search Engine Op- timization
  • Change Landing Page Design Considera- tions
  • Purpose of Having a Default Landing Page
  • The Simplicity and Essence of Landing Page URL
  • Effective Ways on Creating a Landing Page
  • Guides on Designing Great Landing Page
  • Landing Page Guidelines on Designing
  • General Ways to Optimize Landing Page
  • Be Aware of the Cloud and its Comprehen- sive Landing Page
  • The Extranet Landing Page and Pay Per Click Strategy
  • PPC: The Pay Per Click Guidelines
  • Improve Your Conversion Rate Now!
  • Defining Your Marketing Landing Page
  • The PPC Advertising Management
  • How to Choose a PPC Company?
  • Choosing The Best Search Engine Optimi- zation Companies
  • Search Engine Optimization Software

Landing Page 101:
Learn the Top 100 Tips to Landing Pages Improve your ROI with Quality Landing Pages, Now Create Landing Pages that truly convert.

Landing Pages 100 Success Secrets Copyright © 2008 Notice of rights All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Notice of Liability The information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis without warranty. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the book, neither the author nor the publisher shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the products described in it. Trademarks Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designations appear as requested by the owner of the trademark. All other product names and services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion only and for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of the trademark. No such use, or the use of any trade name, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with this book.

It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions. it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with Landing Pages. . our consultancy and education programs. with tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is also not about Landing Pages’ best practice and standards details. Instead. Instead.Landing Pages 100 Success Secrets There has never been a Landing Page Guide like this. it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of Landing Pages.

............................18 3 Basic Landing Page Optimization Techniques to Improve Conversions .....................................................15 How to Create High Converting Landing Page Cash Machine? 16 How to Find the Best Landing Page Example ............20 Understanding Landing Page Quality Score: How to Get Good Ranking from Google? .Table of Contents Does your Landing Page Pulling out Your Adwords Quality Score? ..........................12 A Powerful Landing Page that Sells..................13 Create Landing Pages that Really Do the Works ..............................................................................................................................................................31 Make that Impression with a Great Landing Page .............................22 Components of the New Landing Page System.................29 No-Fuss Free Landing Page Template...27 Basic Requirements to Create a Landing Page .......................................32 Using Free Landing Page Creator to Reduce the Cost of Online Advertising .............................24 Some Things to Avoid in Creating a Web Landing Page ...........................37 ................33 Critical Role of Landing Page Generator for Online Marketing .....................................................................................................36 The Benefits of Using Landing Page Software ............................................26 Two Key Ways to Create Affiliate Landing Page...........................14 3 Key Features of a Good Landing Page.............................................................35 2 Characteristics Defining Landing Page Quality .......................

......................................... 51 SEO and how it Impacts a Landing Page .......................... 40 Customizing your Landing Page for a Better Conversion Rate .................................................. 47 Tips on getting the best Landing Page Designs.................... 62 Benefits of a Landing Page on a Website................................. 64 Getting by a Little Help from Sherpa towards Effective Landing Page ..... 54 Elements of a Dynamic Landing Page .............................................. 42 Free Template to Outline a Landing Page ........Determine How Google Score Landing Page: Ways to Improve Quality Landing Page Score .................... 44 Choosing the Right and Effective Landing Page Builder........... 56 Elements that Affect an Increase in Landing Page Conversion ....................................................................................... 63 The Effective Landing Page according to Marketing Sherpa ...................................... 55 Using Free Templates to a Better Landing Page......................................... 43 A Landing Page as an HTML based page .................................. 58 The Case of Actions that a Landing Page Must Optimize ................... 49 Intelligent Landing Page Tips ................. 52 Steps on how to create a Landing Page ................................... 60 The Best Landing Page Definition ... 67 ....... 38 What is Landing Page: Understanding a Landing Page and its Basic Structure .................................. 53 How to Build a Wordpress Weblog as a Landing Page ............................................... 45 Learning Better with Landing Page Cash Machine Book ................................................................ 66 Critical Components to Test the Landing Page of the Website............

...............72 Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook .........................What type is your Landing Page?................. Videos.....................................92 Tips on How to Create a Landing Page and Achieve Great Sales ........................................................................69 Some Tips when Designing a Good Landing Page..........................................................................................89 Landing Page Case Study: Good for Websites ............................87 Landing Page Designers: Need to find them .......79 Landing Page Examples Help ............................................83 Landing Page and Its Types .97 How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate..............................................................................................98 A Landing Page Design That Optimize Sales .......82 Pointers for a Perfect Landing Page ...........................................................................................................74 The Importance of Templates in Creating Landing Page ...........85 Flash Landing Page: Balancing Flash....................................80 What Landing Page Template Does? .....................................................................91 Landing Page Load: Speed is the Key..........88 Video Landing Page: Increasing Respectability ....................100 ...............................77 What Makes A Best Landing Page?.....................93 The Advantages of Joomla Landing Page ........95 How Important is Landing Page Load Time in Site Optimization? .......................................... and Write-ups in Landing Pages ...............................................................................76 Quality Landing Page Reduces PPC Cost ..................................................................70 Offers Based on Intelligent Landing Page Results .................

. 117 Important Components to Increase the Landing Page Conversion Rates.................... 101 PPC Advertising Brings Out Many Benefits ...........................................Know the Ways on How to Search Engine Optimization.................. 115 Purpose of Having a Default Landing Page.................................. 111 Placement of a Website Search Engine Optimization....................... 120 The Simplicity and Essence of Landing Page URL .......................... 113 Change Landing Page Design Considerations ................. 126 Landing Page Guidelines on Designing .......................... 109 Exploring More of PPL Search Engines ............... 110 Finding the Right Provider for Search Engine Optimization Services ....... 105 Search Engine Optimization Specialist: His Role and His Recommendations................................................................................................................................................................................................ 108 Fundamental Guides to PPC Marketing............ 106 Ways to Optimize Search Engine in Wordpress........................................ 103 Revealing the Best PPC Search Engine .............................................. 104 Get the Best Offer from a Competent Search Engine Optimization Company..... 127 ... 124 Guides on Designing Great Landing Page ............................... 122 Effective Ways on Creating a Landing Page ............................................................................... 118 Three Landing Page Optimization Methods Based on Experimentation ....................................................................................................................................

.........................................................129 General Ways to Optimize Landing Page ...........Various Considerations before Starting the Landing Page Testing .............158 ..............140 Improve Your Conversion Rate Now! ...........147 Before Search Engine Optimization or SEO There Was Meta Tag ..............................................................................................................................133 The Extranet Landing Page and Pay Per Click Strategy ................156 Search Engine Optimization Software .151 How to Choose a PPC Company? .............................153 Choosing The Best Search Engine Optimization Companies..........................................................................................................137 PPC: The Pay Per Click Guidelines ...................................................................................145 The PPC Advertising Management.......................................................................................................................................................142 Landing Page Conversion Handbook: Increased Impact Pays Well .................154 Ways and Means to Improve Search Engine Optimization Marketing ..........................................................................149 Information About Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services .............................139 Search Engine Optimization: Let People Find You as You Increase Sales and Lead.................135 Landing Page Conversion Rate: Raise Your Conversions Higher ..........................................................143 Defining Your Marketing Landing Page ................................................................................................................131 Be Aware of the Cloud and its Comprehensive Landing Page........................................................................

163 All About Search Engine Optimization Service........................... 166 .. 161 Selecting a Reliable Search Engine Optimization Firm .............................. 160 About PPC Services .......Tips on Having an Effective PPC Campaign ....... 164 Understanding Web Search Engine Optimization..........................................................................................


11 .

Be transparent with your customers. Aside from it is really irritating for the customers when waiting for this page to load. And lastly. meaning the ad word that you used should be seen and optimized on your page. . You can remedy these things if you want to get high Adwords score.12 Does your Landing Page Pulling out Your Adwords Quality Score? It is true that your landing page is the great contributor for your conversion rate. Make sure to avoid these things so that you would not have problem with the loading time for your landing page. website being housed in a slow server. it is also one aspect that Google is looking into for your Adwords quality score. They should be relevant. Put the things that they need to know on your landing page without any distractions. Have them convert to be your valid customers after checking your landing page. give them easy navigation on your landing page. large page documents and using multi second meta refreshes. But did you know that if your landing page is not loading fast and the quality content is not good. Some factors that could add to this loading time are the redirects that are included on your landing page. Another thing is that your landing page should load easily. this can also become the factor that would pull down your Adwords quality score? That is why it is important that the keywords that you used should not have problems in your landing page. You can also create content that has direct information. Make sure that you create relevance with the keywords being used.

Tell your clients why they should buy your product and have them buy it right there and then. A powerful landing page would pave the way for your company to make more revenue. So if you want your customers to decide on buying what you are selling you might as well make sure that the ad that you created would match with the information on your landing page.13 A Powerful Landing Page that Sells It is not just once that when you check a web site online. So don’t waste that chance. How would you feel if you are looking for a certain information and suddenly you got to the landing page of this ad and saw information totally different from what you are looking for? You would not even think twice of hitting that back button. And did you know that that decision is mostly being made depending on the landing page? Of course that is not really a great pressure on this page but a powerful landing page would just keep your company on top. you just have to count 1 to 10 and then you decide if you will buy what they are offering or not. right? It only takes one bat of an eyelash to make the decision to buy. So match your ad and your landing page! Another thing that you need to make sure is have your customers buy your product. Do not just offer tons of information about your product. Don’t make it hard to your clients finding how to buy your product. Let them hit the BUY button and not the BACK button! .

People do not want to see a lot of clutter. You need to determine your offer. You would not want to disappoint them by giving them unmatched searches. the interested parties. you should also make sure that you keep the information short. the reason why they might be interested. But if the potential customer click on the link and were directed to a landing page. Be sure that once you have applied these to your landing page. you need to consider some pointers. Do you see the importance of having a landing page? If you want to create a landing page that would sell your business. be direct and call them to action. it is important that you create one landing page for each. you would be amazed with the works that your landing page would be doing for your business. they would just see brief but useful information and most likely these are potential customers that are being converted to be your valid clientele. You should also make sure that while taking into consideration all the pointers needed. If you are optimizing a lot of keyword ads. the action you wanted and how would they do that action.14 Create Landing Pages that Really Do the Works Most often if the customers click on an ad or link going to a certain site and were directed to the main homepage of the company. This is to make sure that you are addressing each keyword for your customers. . they would just browse over the sea of information and would leave.

That’s why they shop on the Internet because they want a convenient a fast way to purchase what they want. the landing page should be easy to scan. A list of benefits would be more effective than a long and roundabout sales letter. Finally. It should establish that the page is about a certain product or service. As much as possible.15 3 Key Features of a Good Landing Page A good landing page could provide a steady income for every Internet marketer. the landing page should be forthright. A kilometric landing page is a good source of bounce rate. The call to action should be placed prominently on the landing page. the landing page should have a bullet list to describe the product. That’s the reason why landing pages are created. They are designed to push customers to act on the sales pitch. Online buyers don’t have the time to read very long sales letters. First. A good landing page not just captures sales leads it must also convert these leads into paying customers. . Second. Some marketers create bright red buttons or bold linked text to entice customers to make a purchase. The sales pitch of the landing page should be very simple with no overzealous hype. That is why some marketing gurus refer to these pages as their online automated money machines. a good landing page should have a compelling call to action. This will increase the credibility of the landing page and visitors would be more inclined to know more about the product. Here are some tips in creating a good landing page with high conversion rate.

This means lots of money wasted on pay per click campaigns. it doesn’t follow that these landing pages will convert the traffic into paying customers. That’s because a high converting land page will ensure that online marketers could have a steady stream of multiple incomes from their different online ventures. However. This means massive organic traffic for the page. But these are not assurances that they can become high converting online cash machines. a highly optimized landing page could rank well on search engines. A landing page could be highly optimized and could get high quality ranking from search engines. online marketers need to create highly targeted landing pages. In this way. There are cases of landing pages getting more than 5000 page visits everyday but have very little conversions. In order to boost conversions. online marketers need to consider the most important factor for conversion: highly target market. For example. marketers can . The landing page therefore should be optimized for very specific search terms that are being used by online buyers. To create a high converting landing page cash machine. some of the most successful online marketers have earned their first millions by creating excellent landing pages for their online products. In fact. It will only result to lots of spillage in terms of high traffic bounce rates.16 How to Create High Converting Landing Page Cash Machine? Most Internet marketers consider landings pages as their cash machines. They should not target general search terms for their landing page.

.17 ensure that their page visitors will surely buy what they offer on their landing pages.

They should be very careful however in selecting which application offers the best landing page features. Software vendors can also provide good landing page examples. Landing page software can really help online marketers. Usually. In this way. It is best to study these designs and the features available on the landing pages before buying the application. advertisers need to compare and contrast different landing pages on their niche market. In this way. They should also browse the sites or blogs of expert SEO practitioners that provide landing page examples. An online forum for Internet marketers can also provide some of the best examples of landing pages. Online marketers should choose landing pages that rank excellently on search engines. By visiting these landing pages. To create the best landing page. Members of such forums often link their landing pages on their signature links. online marketers can determine the landing page practices of their competitors. they have online brochures and design lists showcasing their landing pages.18 How to Find the Best Landing Page Example Before embarking on a campaign. One of the best ways to find a good landing page example is to make a look-up on search engines for search terms related to the landing page niche. online marketers could learn what to do or what not to do on their own landing pages. They can pick up some good lessons in design and optimization techniques from these landing pages. online marketers need to research their competitor’s best practices. they can .

.19 improve their landing pages in order to gain an edge in Internet marketing.

The main object of the landing page is to generate positive action from customers. .20 3 Basic Landing Page Optimization Techniques to Improve Conversions A landing page is a critical part of Internet marketing. A different landing page can be created for other products or services. a landing page could certainly amplify the impact of online advertising campaigns. Marketers should create a simple sales page and stick to basic content. Second. It is best to avoid fancy pages loaded with graphics and multimedia. But it is best not to over design the landing page. A landing page needs to be optimized however to become an effective advertising medium. Landing page optimization is similar to website optimization techniques. So. there are some particular optimization techniques that are needed by landing pages. A few action graphics will help especially in catching the attention of visitors. a landing page should be very simple. email marketing. which is the product being advertised on the landing page. First. These page add-ons will just distract the customers from the main offer. a landing page should provide a simple form where customers could sign up if ever they are not yet ready to buy. or search engine marketing. it would be disadvantageous to confuse customers with lots of products or services being offered on the page. Lastly. It enables marketers to increase their sales leads and to boost their actual sales. Whether through PPC programs. ensure that the landing page will only contain one product or service offering. However.

21 This sign up form will ensure that the marketer can continue to communicate with prospective customers for future offers. .

This measure ensures that only relevant pages will appear on Google’s search engine services. This usually means their minimum bid for a keyword will go up to as much as 100 to 200 percent. A landing page that mirrors an affiliate program’s website will rank poorly on Google. Basically. the robot looks for relevant content on the landing page and other factors such as user friendliness. A landing page that provides value to users will surely get good score on quality thus reducing the amount of pay per click advertising cost. This means the landing page should contain not just purely ads materials but also useful content. One of the best ways to get excellent landing page quality score is to create value for the user. and safe browsing experience. Originality of the landing page also determines its quality. It is best to create a unique landing page . Some online marketers have been slapped by Google for having poor quality landing pages. That is why there are strict guidelines set for creating a high quality landing page.22 Understanding Landing Page Quality Score: How to Get Good Ranking from Google? Landing page quality score is a system used by Google to rank landing pages and the relevancy of their keywords. Google’s Adwords put premium on page content. originality. The landing page quality score is based on the algorithms set by Google and determined by their robot crawlers. The quality score of a landing page impacts on the cost of Adwords campaign. This means a lot of advertising funds will go into PPC campaigns which are not good for most online businesses.

.23 that redirects buyers to the main product page of an affiliate program.

These will enhance the ease of use quality of the landing page. Third. Some of these components are required items on the landing page while others are optional but they could be very valuable. every landing page should have a title. landing pages are not just simple squeeze pages. This is important in order to increase the conversion rate of the page. the creation of a new landing page system also becomes very important. landing pages are very simple pages. they are complete websites nowadays with useful resources and valuable content. These are action elements designed to induce . Second. The banner headings should also be complemented by sub-headings and bulleted items. As online advertising becomes more sophisticated. First. These are called the basic structure of the new landing page system. This could be in the form of a buy now button or a subscription button. Today. They actually contain no more than a subscription form designed to squeeze the email addresses of page visitors. the page title will display correctly on the web browser. To create the title of the landing page. In this way. This title is usually found on the browser heading. it must be written as a metadata during the design process. a landing page should have a clickable action button. New landing pages have 3 basic components.24 Components of the New Landing Page System Some years back. a landing page should have banner headings which announce what the page is all about.

.25 positive user engagement on the site. A well designed action button could mean more conversion for the landing page.

Most of the time. Asking for phone numbers. Once they see these intrusions on web landing pages. don’t leave customers hanging in the air if ever they sign-up on the landing page. avoid using intrusive media on the landing pages. A curt thank you page or a blank page after the sign up process could lose the interest of customers on the product being offered by the web landing page. . Marketers should provide other means to immediately follow up their click through. Second. In this case. and floating web forms. First.26 Some Things to Avoid in Creating a Web Landing Page A web landing page is an Internet marketing and advertising tool to capture leads and boost online sales. Most internet users are not tech savvy enough to understand these high impact multi media. users tend to leave the web landing page if they will put so much personal information on its online subscription form. pop under. online marketers should not include the following items on their web landing pages. email address. and age. avoid using complicated sign up forms. and other very personal information could turn away lots of prospective leads. Some landing pages are very effective while other perform poorly in terms of lead generation and sales conversions. they will simply close the browser even without reading the content of the landing page. In order to perform better. Finally. postal addresses. It is best to stick to the basics such as name. they might think that the site distributes adware. whole page redirects. These include pop ups. income levels.

having a landing page is a must.27 Two Key Ways to Create Affiliate Landing Page Affiliate marketers have lots of options in advertising their products or services on the Internet. For keyword campaigns through pay per click advertising. There are many landing page generator applications that can be purchased from the Internet. It is hosted by the program and designed to convert leads into paying customers. The affiliate landing page could increase the conversion rates of marketers thus enabling them to generate a constant stream of income. They can use business blogging. That’s because most search engines require PPC advertisers to have a unique and relevant landing page for the ad links displayed on their search pages. The most convenient way is to take advantage of the landing page service provided by the affiliate program. Affiliate marketers should launch a PPC campaign in order to maximize the benefits of their landing pages. Another method in creating an affiliate landing page is to use generator software. article marketing. This is a touch and go operation as most affiliate programs have automated services for landing page analytics and click through tracking. These applications automate landing page creation and publication. There are several ways in creating an affiliate landing page. The task of the affiliates is to promote their links and generate traffic that funnels directly to the program-hosted landing page. or social networking. Most affiliate marketing programs provide a special link resource for their affiliates that redirects to a landing page. .

28 Affiliate marketers should understand that they need high quality landing pages in order to profit from their programs. .

Web hosting is very cheap nowadays so the cost would not pose a big problem. There are lots of web building and design applications available for this purpose. These things will be the basic tools in creating a landing page for Internet marketing business. Most web building software has a built-in FTP program. The landing page will be uploaded on the servers of the web hosts so that it can go live on the Internet. The second tool needed to create a landing page is an FTP application. The first tool would be the website builder. However. . stand alone FTP applications offer flexibility and they are also easy to use than the built-in programs. For the non-technical Internet marketer. Finally. This is the address of the page on the Internet. Web hosts provide space on the Internet. This web design program allows users to create websites without HTML coding. online marketers will essentially use several important web technologies. a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WSIWYG) editor would be the best. It can be used once the landing page is ready to be published. It is best to create a domain name containing the main keywords of the landing page. a landing page should have a domain name.29 Basic Requirements to Create a Landing Page To create a landing page. A website design application is important because landing pages are actually single web pages. Another must have when creating a landing page is a web host. An FTP program allows web designers to easily upload their pages on the Internet through their desktop.

30 Some web hosting solutions offer packaged deals such as secured hosting with a dedicated domain name. .

It would actually make or break your business. Just take not though that you just have to make a big impression with the content of your landing page then. Right now. Be sure to be concise but informative on your content. This is the simple page that would actually bring a lot of money to the company. you do not need to spend too much on your landing page.31 No-Fuss Free Landing Page Template One very important page that a company should look into is the landing page. wait up! You can create a great landing page for free. That is why more and more companies are investing too much on their landing page. there are so many sites that allow you to download free template for your landing page. Does this sound like you have to spend more dollars for just a single page? Before you even panic with the words big investments. . Use free landing page template and customize it. Make sure also that you are calling the customers to make the action on your landing page. the content would already be coming from you but the design itself is available for download. You just have to choose from these free landing page templates the one that is somewhat close to your website design so that it can easily be identified to your company. Of course. And if you are afraid that you would not know how to go about doing your own landing page. you will be happy to know that there are some online demos that you can check out. Remember.

It should actually say everything that you wanted to say to the clients. 1. you are highlighting the keywords that the client used for getting to your page. You are not writing a novel here. Benefits and features of your products should be put in a bulleted form for easy browsing. Give them the chance to buy your product right away. So put all those on your landing page. If you did not answer that search. But of course people will not buy if there are no testimonials or other facts that say that your product is worth buying. 3. a good landing page would make that impression. But of course. You just have to go straight to your point and indulge your readers to what you offer.32 Make that Impression with a Great Landing Page Should your customers come from a paid per click advertisement or an email link. Keep those paragraphs very short. 2. Make sure that if you direct the customers to your landing page from a pay per click ad. it is important that your landing page would make the big impression. A big Buy Now button should be shouting in your landing page. So how does one create a good impression and at the same time make the clients buy your products? Read on as you get amused with the use of a landing page. . And having known that fact. Truly. Have you ever heard of the term high conversion rate? This is the main purpose of those powerful landing pages. do not forget that this page should bring you more sales and not just visits. don’t lose even a single potential sale by having a lousy landing page. naturally the customer will leave your page.

marketers will not risk their money and they can channel their investments to actual advertising campaigns. they can easily decline further transaction with the vendor if the landing page creator proves to be inferior. In this way. Some affiliate marketers can easily recover this investment but most tend to lose money buying inferior applications. There are lots of free applications for creating landing pages and online marketers have to choose wisely to benefit from them. To avoid wasting so much resource on landing page building applications.33 Using Free Landing Page Creator to Reduce the Cost of Online Advertising A landing page creator is a specialized application. After the period of trial. online marketers can determine if the software will really work for them. The cost of . Another way to save money is to try a free landing page creator. It can help online marketers in improving their sales pages to boost their sales. Most vendors of landing page creators allow their customers to try their product for a limited time. A highly automated landing page creator could cost a few hundred dollars. Designing and publishing of the landing page can be automated using a creator program. Some landing page creator however is very expensive. A landing page is an essential online marketer tool to improve sales and generate income from the Internet. it is best to try the product first. It is a web page building software designed specifically to create quality landing pages. By using free landing page software.

.34 commercial landing page creators however is very prohibitive that sometimes it would be best to try some free applications first.

It is not easy though to create a landing page. . A landing page generator is a specialized SEO application. A landing page generator practically eliminates all the manual work in designing and optimizing a sales web page. It can be compared to an advertising kiosk on a busy marketplace or mall where customers get their first glimpse of a product. It is the key to the success of any online business. So. A landing page. The task gets doubly hard because online marketing cannot succeed on a single landing page only. attracts customers in order to capture numerous sales leads. This means online advertisers also increase their chances of getting numerous paying customers. It is actually a web builder program but specifically geared to create multiple quality landing pages. Multiple landing pages are needed in order to see the concrete result of an online advertising campaign. That is why it is essential to use a landing page generator to automate the task and reduce the cost of the online ad campaign. It can also guarantee that the keywords and content of the landing pages are highly relevant. just like the kiosk. The generator can also build multiple pages in less time. affiliate marketers can publish them simultaneously with a single click which could widen their advertising space on the Internet and target lots of paying customers. It takes considerable investment to create and build a landing page and publish it on the Internet.35 Critical Role of Landing Page Generator for Online Marketing Every affiliate marketer should understand the importance of a landing page.

It is important to create superior landing page quality to increase the conversion rate of the online business. It can also reduce the cost of the ad campaign as most PPC sites reward advertisers with quality landing pages. It should also have all the necessary information that users can find to help them decide on their shopping experience. Basically. . and other customer data. It will just be a waste of time. Second. There is no use duping a prospective customer with totally irrelevant landing page. These keywords should also be placed on the ad description. and effort because the landing page will not convert visitors to paying customers. relevant keywords should be in the title of the ads. This means the landing page should have functions or navigation that will make it easy for customers to order and buy the advertised products. names. The landing page should also provide enough privacy and security for users especially if it collects private information such as email addresses.36 2 Characteristics Defining Landing Page Quality A landing page is critical especially for an online business conducting pay per click campaigns. in the URL display. Relevancy also means that the landing page has content corresponding to the ad description and title. there are two basic qualities that good landing pages should posses. There are many things to consider in making the landing page relevant. and in the destination URL. First they should be relevant. This means advertisers should say what they mean in their landing pages. a landing page should be very user focused. money. For one.

Using landing page software is ideal for non-technical online marketers. and set up of the landing page can be left on the software. So. An online business needs quality landing pages that are highly optimized to make conversions. not all landing pages can convert leads into actual sales. The creation. . a landing page could make or break an online business. The campaign therefore will be more massive thus increasing the chance of converting numerous leads into paying customers. and web technologies to be able to create quality landing pages. web design. the task could be automated. Successful small and big businesses on the Internet utilize landing pages to get massive traffic to their sites and generate numerous leads.37 The Benefits of Using Landing Page Software In most cases. in just a few days. In this way. This means online business owners need to have a basic grasp of HTML. design. A landing page is a website. online entrepreneurs will have more time to strategize and improve their businesses. Landing page software can also create multiple websites designed to funnel traffic to the main business or product page. By using landing page software. However. That is why it would be best to use landing page software in order to achieve this business goal. an online business could have an extensive web real estate that targets several sectors of online users. Keyword structuring and generation of relevant PPC ads can also be created by the software. Online businesses just have to do extensive keywords research and launch an online advertising campaign.


Determine How Google Score Landing Page: Ways to Improve Quality Landing Page Score
The quality score of a landing page is set arbitrarily by Google for its Adwords program. There are general guidelines set for creating quality landing pages. However, there is no way to accurately predict how the Google Adwords robot scores a page. Sometimes, Internet marketers who got good ratings from the previous robot visits find their landing pages being downgraded to poor quality. If this happens, the best recourse open to marketers is to reassess their landing pages. They should review Google Adwords’ landing page guidelines and scoring system. Sometimes the search company issues revisions on its quality guidelines. In most cases, the revisions can significantly affect the quality score of a landing page. That is why a reassessment is needed and a possible redesign should be implemented. There are also cases when all the guidelines of Google have been met but the landing page still got poor quality score. If this is the case, Internet marketers should investigate if their landing pages are loading properly during a click-through. Page load time can affect the quality score of a landing page. A slow loading landing page will get a poor score from Google. That’s because it will decrease the value of user experience in using the search engine’s ad services. Faster loading landing pages on the other hand can see their quality score go up a few notches higher. This means lower cost for keyword bidding.


There are still other factors that can affect landing page quality scores. Internet marketers should always monitor their sites in order to maintain high quality ranking for their landing pages.


What is Landing Page: Understanding a Landing Page and its Basic Structure
Many people, especially those new to online marketing, are asking what a landing page is. A landing page is essentially an advertising material. It is a single web page that seeks to capture the interest of online users to buy a product or service. That is why it is also called a capture page. Through a landing page, Internet marketers generate sales leads by capturing the email addresses of prospective customers who have signed up on a form provided in the page. The object of a landing page is to effectively convert these online sign-ups into real buyers or paying customers. A landing page is directly linked to an ad line displayed by search engine companies on their pages. Advertisers usually pay the search engines for every click made on their links. Once online users clicked on an ad link, it will be redirected to the landing page of the owner. The effectiveness of the landing page is measured by its conversion rate which means visitors took positive action while on it. Once visitors signed up or purchased a service or a product, it means that the landing page has generated a successful click through. A transactional web page is the most common type of a landing page. This is pure advertising material which directly pitches for a product or service. A transactional landing page should have a sales letter, product information, and a buy now button for ease of purchase.


Through a landing page, online marketers could boost their sales and widen their customer base.

You can tweak a little of the headline elements to make it customized to a specific group of potential clients. The contents are where your visitors reference their interest. The Colors and Hues. The Headline of the landing page. Although most landing pages are using the base colors in their page. there are still some who prefer the classic black color as it tries to demystify the whole landing page. b. Personal testimonials are a good and effective way to motivate and entice potential clients more specially when the personal testimonials are being handed out by celebrities or people who are powerful and credible. This is primarily due to the diverse and dynamic customization processes injected on it. There are landing pages that are able to create more impact than the others. You can inject on a daily basis some of the eye catching personal testimonials s that your landing page may look freshly updated.42 Customizing your Landing Page for a Better Conversion Rate Landing pages have varied impacts depending on how they were customized. . You can come up with different headlines on a weekly basis and then try to test and experiment which headline works best in producing higher conversion rate. d. c. Colors and hues add drama and effect on a landing page. Below are some of the sections of the landing pages that need to be customized: a. The Content of the landing page. The Testimonials of the landing page. You have to make sure that the way the content is customized brings positive impact on visitors taking action to your offer. The more vivid the colors are the more dramatic they become.

I guess. there is also a great economical saving that can be obtained because it will free the website owner from hiring an expert to design and layout the whole landing page. the type of mix and match that you can experiment. .43 Free Template to Outline a Landing Page One of the most challenging aspects in creating and designing a landing page is the area where you will have to think about how you can draft an outline that will spell innovativeness and interest to potential clients. This. Templates are very valuable and useful because it makes the whole process of creating a landing page very easy to deal with and lesser complications are encountered. It is a good thing that there are pre-defined templates that one can use in order to layout the landing page. above all is the major consideration that amplifies the valuable and significant use of the free templates. what sort of design is appropriate to the content. Apart from getting the work done in such a short span of time when templates are used to develop the landing page. the kind of color schemes are well blending. With templates around it can help you come up with varied ideas in terms of what to put on your landing page. The use of the template will basically eliminate some of the more tedious parts of the landing page designing and creation. These templates are free to download for as long as you meet the system requirements. The creation of a landing page requires many elements to be combined.

more and more similar languages are mushrooming. In fact. simple text box. HTML apart from its distinct features as landing page maker is being widely used by generally of web developers and designers because of the ease of coding that is required. The more common features of the landing pages such as image embedding. as the Internet and the online industry have become more modernized and demanding. and other multimedia inclusions are all capable of being made and done using the HTML not to mention that these are easily coded and generated using this web designing tool.44 A Landing Page as an HTML based page HTML or hypertext markup language is a powerful language that is designed to create and develop websites and pages for the Internet. the tag elements that are found on the HTML codes were included and embedded as part of the modern scripting languages. whether they are websites. This goes to prove that HTML and its codes are fundamentally strong and functional in terms of web building and designing. . text formatting. web pages. However. or a field. Landing pages are practically made using the HTML. all of these were made using the HTML. The established credibility and robustness that HTML has earned and developed are two of the fundamental reasons for its being used up until this time. the mother of all these newly developed scripting and markup languages are referenced to the HTML. landing pages. The HTML tool continues to be one of the most trusted web designing tools according to generally a number of web developers and designers. However. Every page element that you see on the Internet.

because of the mushrooming of these toolkits on the market. These days. c. The Landing Page Builder should give you better means to update and modify your landing page efficiently and effectively. However. b. there are helpful tools and application software packages combined with books and how to demo videos that can help you build a landing page that is very effective and efficient. The Landing Page builder should give you what you want. A landing page that was created out of critical thinking and deep analysis is most likely to generate better conversion rates compared to a landing page that was made just like that. Choose the one that is practical. There are cost effective and less expensive software tools that are available. Although these tools were thought to be created by experts in the field. The cost of the toolkit should not prevent you from having the toolkit. Below are some of the tips and techniques you can use in choosing the right and effective landing page builder fit for your needs: a. Browse through the contents and make sure that the tool is able to give what you want. what you basically want is not substantially what they know.45 Choosing the Right and Effective Landing Page Builder Landing page requires thorough and extensive thinking before they are even built and constructed. The Landing Page Builder should be cost effective. When the time comes that a need arises for you to create and do some changes on the landing page to make it more up to . others have become sub-standard in procedures.

. things will be easier with the landing page builder that you have.46 date and responsive to the needs of the potential client.

This is the reason why intelligent and highly inventive ideas to market products online is inevitable and requires immediacy. In fact. This book by Mark Widawer entitle Landing Page Machine Book is the answer to the long standing question. There is one online marketing book that can surely help a person whose problem is how to make sure that there is an optimized conversion rate on the landing page that he created. b.47 Learning Better with Landing Page Cash Machine Book Books are indeed good sources of advanced tips and techniques even when the Internet is everywhere in the cornet. . The Book Landing Page Cash Machine will pave way for the ultimate guide towards converting this into a potential traffic. Why would a potential client say that the landing page is not meant for him or her? A lot of potential clients would immediately think when they see a landing page that this page was not for him or for her. What would you do to combat such thinking? The book shall give you step-by-step procedures on how you can divert this question into an action call from the person who received the landing page. Internet marketing is just becoming very stiff and highly competitive. Potentially. The book of Widawer will enlighten you about so many things. these factors shall be determined positively: a. a lot of website owner who are engaged in online business find it rather difficult at this time to catch potential clients because of the massively driven ads campaign that big companies are doing online. The book will shed light about this.

you shall be guided by the book on how to make your visitors your potential clients. . In addition.48 The Book shall give you some insights about how you can make a landing page that spells cash and money using the latest and most up to date techniques in building the classiest landing page.

All else that everyone wants is something that bears relevance and importance. This means that people who visit the site are up to reading only the things that do not take much of their time – at least initially. Although there are only better means to create a landing page design that is as effective. Pertinence. d. c. Remember that the purpose of the landing page that you made is to persuade your potential clients to consider buying your products. A landing page which design is short and direct is more likely to be read and digested when encountered. The landing page should be designed to contain persuasive content. And give them just exactly what they need in order to forego with the conversion. images.49 Tips on getting the best Landing Page Designs A landing page that bears innate quality is an element that adds force to the good conversion intent of the site. The landing page must contain contents that are not only pertinent and persuasive but more importantly . following these tips shall never do you and your website’s landing page any harm: a. e. You have to think of a way to magnetize your potential clients even in virtual form. Make sure that they are indeed persuaded enough. And the only way that a web owner can achieve this is to create a good mind setting on your visitor about the things that they should expect. A landing page that is designed to have relevant contents shall more likely be getting more attention from people. Conciseness. You may want to include some graphics. and even audios just so you can add up a little spice to your landing page. Pleasing. b. Persuading. Correctness.

content. . and even spacing and spelling.50 they should bear correctness in all aspects – grammar. These factors contribute to the sudden dismay that may prompt potential clients to shy away from even reading your landing page.

. c. creativity. and from there. Be mindful of what the potential clients need and want. You can successfully achieve this when you understand the needs and wants of the client. you will know what to do on your landing page. People are looking for something that is new. And lastly. It must be accurate with all the information that it has. meaning it needs to be a little compacted but without the need to eliminate essence. Be a client yourself and try to feel and think like they do. you will need to make critical assessment on the various aspects of the landing page that was designed to be the linked page of the website. Never stop in trying to create something new to offer. Precision. Hence. You need to make sure that your landing page remains inventive and innovative all the time. something that they have not seen yet in their lifetime. and conciseness. Your landing page must be precise with what it tries to offer to its clients. Or you may opt at following the below given intelligent landing page tips: a. it must be concisely written. accuracy. inventive. You can observe how high rating landing pages are doing it. You may want to gather some information or some techniques on how a better and effective landing page is being made. Innovativeness. something that is novel. it is important that prior to launching your landing page online.51 Intelligent Landing Page Tips A lousy made landing page can destroy the whole marketing strategy that you built for your website. b. you will need to experience being one. In order to do that.

This leaves an impression to generally of readers that the website that ranked first on the search results has the most relevant. This is the reason why a landing page and a website should be optimized at all cost. clicks. and the one that is recommendable based on content. and trust. most trusted. pertinence. This is the reason why websites are making sure in every way that they can that it gets optimized so that the landing page they have will pave way for higher potential conversion rates. These keywords are the potential clients’ way of searching and locating for a possible site.52 SEO and how it Impacts a Landing Page Search Engines are the “police dogs” that watch over how a website is doing well or bad in terms of how potential visitors and fellow websites see the whole package that it has -. . Search Engine Optimization when not taken seriously can indeed make or break a landing page’s impact to the potential clients. hyperlinks and all. Search engines are particularly after keywords or key searches as others call them that are relevantly incorporated on a website. Every page of the website is being judged and apparently being indexed by the search engine as a potential landing page. If a website is strategically optimized that means that the website is the one that gets the highest spot on the web search results.content. The purpose that drives the search engine optimization is to make sure that there are only a few landing pages that are left when the indexing is done and finished. relevance.

Build a targeted list of potential client. Think about where to reference the link on the landing page. . b. Creating a landing page has always been non-conforming to the traditional and the classic.53 Steps on how to create a Landing Page The steps on creating a landing page were not fixed neither they were standardized according to a single set of procedure. the manner that landing pages are created never adhered neither has it conformed to any set of rules. You start with your landing page content. Below are some of the usual steps that are taken to create a landing page: a. The landing page needs to reference another page or website when the potential client has clicked on the link. It is best that you know who the landing page will cater to. However. just like any other pages that are created. The content that they will read needs to be something that is impacting and encouraging. Otherwise. Knowing the prospective clients can give lead you to the right direction in writing the appropriate content based on your readers and the kind of style to be implemented to better attract and entice these potential clients. c. In fact. The landing page should have a very well thought content because it tries to motivate and encourage people to buy or to the least take an action about what you are trying to offer. a series of steps are required in order to complete the process and eventually produce an output that is passing the standard of the majority. all else shall be put in vain. Make sure that the link on the landing page redirects the client to the appropriate and equally catching page.

a landing page is the “small page” of the website that users actually get to encounter with as soon as the link embedded on the site has been clicked or pointed at. Of course.3 has this plug-in and is not yet available in the earlier versions of the Wordpress. .54 How to Build a Wordpress Weblog as a Landing Page Everyone is aware that a landing page is a very crucial element towards attaining a conversion rate that is impeccable and above reproach. Wordpress version 1. The plug-in of the Wordpress works essentially by taking the string search provided by the “potential visitor” (usually from a varied sources of search engines) and the web page that they end up to will show search results of mixed relevant pages. The Wordpress has an integral plug-in feature for this landing page thing. we all want to be assured that there is just a perfect method that you can rely to in order to gain the conversion that you want. Well. just so we have the common understanding. These landing pages are good tools to increase conversion rates for the website. By so doing. Wordpress is one tool that anyone can use in order to create a landing page. the Wordpress plug-in was successful in bringing the visitor potentially to a website where your landing page is located and strategically embedded. This link then directs the potential client to wherever the web designer and owner have decided to bring the connecting page. The extra ordinary features of the Wordpress culminate the end in the long search for an instrument that can be used to build and construct an effective and dynamic landing page.

So. however. A dynamic landing page is able to attract and convert the click. intentional or the otherwise. The gap that separates both the client and the businessman should be filled in effectively by the landing page. A dynamic landing page is a page that is capable of bridging the needs of the potential clients and the objective of the online businessman. how do we actually distinguish a dynamic landing page? A dynamic landing page is being characterized by the following elements: a. This is often one of the more difficult things to do. although dynamic landing pages are relatively similar in the manner they were built as the ones that are not so dynamic. the good things that they are capable of doing for a website are just very overwhelming. Further. This is when it becomes dynamic. . A landing page that is dynamic results into various positive and embarking results. when achieved can result good things to your site. c. It should be able to respond to the needs and wants of the potential clients in speed that is exceedingly impressive. A dynamic page is a page that is capable of being metamorphosed into what the potential client demands. These elements when manifested by a landing page shall surely create positive impact not only to the landing page itself but more importantly to the website where it is linked to.55 Elements of a Dynamic Landing Page For majority of web developers. into traffic or towards optimizing the rate of the site. b. one of the basic things that they put so much attention to is the creation of an effective and dynamic landing page.

With a landing page that spells interest and innovativeness on it. and structured outline (the arrangement and framework of the whole landing page). These are. some sections of the structure are capable of being taken out and add some more according to your preference. For example. This means that as long as you have the Internet connection and are able to satisfy the requirements. these free templates are also capable of being modified to make it a little more personalized and themed to what the user practically wants. but not limited to. The templates that are available for download are ranging from the classic to modernized and upbeat designs and outlines. on the structure. graphics and images). then you can always download these free templates.56 Using Free Templates to a Better Landing Page Creating a well-designed and persuasive landing page must incorporate all elements that bring effect on the totality of the page. This is to make sure that all ages and generations are being covered by the template designs and outline. These free templates are pre-made and have already been defined based on the general preference of the users. All of these elements are actually capable of being made with the help of another toolkit – the free templates. attractive design (hue blending. provocative message (content). Incidentally. who would never want to be directed on an equally . Best thing about these templates is that they are not for a charge. although there is a given framework to work on.

57 interesting and motivating page site like the one seen on the landing page on the initial interaction. .

It is fundamentally the very essential component of a website-Optimizing your website’s conversion rate. There are several factors that directly affect the optimization conversion rate. mystery. Some of the more usual reasons and factors are listed below: a. The Site’s Offer. b. If the lead is equivalent to a “nonsense” lead then everything else shall follow. When the headline spells “boring” on it. Normally. You have to make sure that there is an interesting lead-in paragraph to attract potential clients. and controversy. The Site’s Headline. It is therefore important that the headline of the landing page spells interest. d. Make sure that you have the best offering ever made. you can place these benefits on a listed item to make sure . Lead is the part of the website which introduces the totality of the web content. c. The Site’s Lead. Make sure that you compensate your reason for bringing your potential clients to the landing page – your offer to sell and advertise. The Site’s Benefits. The headline is the initial page that potential visitors see and interact to. the tendency of having the site to be accessed is down to practically not happening. It is every web owner’s desire to have a very well optimized conversion rate.58 Elements that Affect an Increase in Landing Page Conversion Optimization of Conversion Rate is a continuous process towards making a website and the associated landing pages on it yield and produce good results (meaning good number of visit and click) from your potential site visitor. Make sure that the landing page is boasting all the benefits that a potential visitor may have.

59 that visitors get to understand it clearly and appreciate them in the end. .

c. Call to act on clicking the link. The transactional landing pages are commonly designed to make sure that the landing page is able to offer and eventually sell the product that they selling. these are some of the common marketing strategies where landing pages are widely seen because of the easy actions that can be solicited from the potential client. You expect that when a landing page has been encountered by the visitor. he or she will immediately point at the link. The link that you have included on your landing page is the connecting page or site where your company can make more effective marketing and making an upsell. then you are a notch higher towards making an upsell. d.60 The Case of Actions that a Landing Page Must Optimize Landing pages are most commonly seen being applied and employed as part of marketing campaigns on the Internet especially those that are using the e-mail marketing strategy and the Pay Per Click marketing management. Call to act on encouraging visitors to tell his friend about the landing page. They are the living testimonials that . You do not pay these people to tell other people like their friends about the product. Apparently. Making a follow up is a marketing strategy that is proven to be effective. Call to act on buying the product. If you are able to call for an action to allow you send follow up e-mail or via phone call. Below are some of the cases of actions that you expect potential clients will do using your landing page: a. Call to act on permitting you to make a follow up. b. The landing page is a better way of ensuring that the visitor takes an action to buy. The marketing strategy that is evidently cost effective and very efficient in driving sales is the word of mouth.

61 the product is excellently made when you are able to let these people advertise the product on their own volition. .

The landing or the lead capture page is more often being customized to fit into what the online marketing tool desires to achieve. More often. Normally. a landing page is the page that comes out from a link on the search engine result. and key fields that are used to attract the search engine when it begins indexing the search results. This is the page that pops up when a prospective client accidentally or intentionally clicked on the advertisement link. pay per click or the PPC. As very well defined. This is made in order to gauge and calculate the effectiveness of the advertisement based from the clicks that the link has gained. This page is often referred to as the landing page. For example. the way products are being advertised is via an embedded link on a website.62 The Best Landing Page Definition Landing page is one of the more commonly used terms in online and internet marketing. the page that comes out after the link has been clicked is the extended page of the advertising link. This is truly one of the best ways to lead potential clients to the place where they can learn more about the offerings. In addition. the online marketing tool. This page will contain all specific details such as massively optimized keywords. the Internet marketing is the method that encompasses marketing and advertising your goods and products online. usually modifies and tweak the advertising link by injecting an additional parameter to the linked URL address. key terms. The Landing page or at times called as the lead capture page represents every word there is on the marketing term. .

Using the land page. you can strategically place all of your relevantly earned and collated personal testimonials from your client onto the website or on the connecting page. Below are some of the more specific benefits that may motivate you to come up with your own landing page: a. c. With the use of a landing page using any builder. This then attracts the search engine to better optimize the site. you can have the best opportunity to intelligently utilize and take advantage of your generated traffic. . The used-to-be. With the use of a landing page. you can instantly direct your potential clients to a more comprehensive website of your choice – generally speaking. With the use of a landing page. With the use of a landing page built by a landing page builder it gives you the opportunity to work on an easy to fill text fields so that you can have a much better mechanism to collect your information. you can actually give your potential clients a clearer view of what is to be expected on the preceding pages. Best of all. With the use of a landing page that was developed and built using a landing page builder. e.tedious process of creating a landing page is now a lot simpler and easy. you can be assured of a very search engine friendly site. d.63 Benefits of a Landing Page on a Website Landing pages are now becoming more common methods of effective online marketing. this does not require you even to have knowledge or expertise on Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. b. This way. the construction of the landing page shall be relatively simple and easy.

It is primarily concerned in guiding and helping everyone who may be in need of knowledge about how to come up with better marketing strategies especially in making a good landing page. Putting the advertising link at the . Sherpa is a name that basically refers to the mountaineers’ guide going to the mountains of Nepal – prominent of which is the Mount Everest.64 The Effective Landing Page according to Marketing Sherpa Marketing Sherpa is an institution that is actively involved in conducting massive and wide researches about what best and effectively works in terms of marketing and advertising. Below are some of the ways to create an effective landing page according to Marketing Sherpa: a. all of the researches that they conduct are not specifically created for a singled out client. The website where your site will be linked should be relevant to your own website and its content. Choose the website where you will link your own website. because Marketing Sherpa is a company that institutes specialization in the field of online marketing. b. Marketing Sherpa has engaged massively in trying to determine the best and effective landing page that can result to higher page ranking. Marketing Sherpa is no one’s company. In fact. Apparently. Every research result that it does have goes out to the marketing community which tries to come up with an extensive experience and knowledge about effective marketing. Place the advertising link somewhere on top or in the middle of the web content. it also engages in telling its clients what does not work effectively in as far as online marketing is concerned.

Create an interesting link name.65 bottom gives your link slim chances of even being read and noticed. . Names that are boring and do not imply thrill and excitement basically bores the readers thus not clicking the link on the website. c.

they are open and welcome to new and fresh ideas from the external environment. There are online articles that are available for download that you can use as a reference on how to make a very effective landing page that is capable of producing higher conversion rate. As a perspective. getting your Landing Page done is going to be perfectly easy and a lot simplified. This means that all the help that they offer is primarily geared towards helping anyone for free. the Sherpa Marketing group is a non-collecting organization. . In addition. With Sherpa Marketing.66 Getting by a Little Help from Sherpa towards Effective Landing Page Sherpa is an organization that tries to extend help to anyone who wishes to get by a little help from them. more so. Creating your Landing pages will never be as burdensome if you are able to seek help and that help is given without conditions. Creating effective Landing Pages is one of the expertise and fortes of Sherpa Marketing. the Sherpa Marketing group has a website that you can check from time to time for any latest and up to date techniques and methodologies that you can use to better your landing page. it does have extensive expertise in terms of online marketing in general. It is not offering client services to a specific type of organization. it capitalizes on sharing and disseminating of trade secrets and intelligent techniques that are being handed to them by the experts in the field. Sherpa has its own pool of experts in online marketing. Although. In fact.

better weigh it! c. With long contents. However. There are times that putting a credible logo or slogan of an established and wellrespected companies help attract potential clients to visit and trust a site. Landing page with a logo or without. you have the ability to properly and effectively expound and elaborate the concepts and insights that you have in mind in order for your potential readers appreciate and learn what you are trying to say. The components below are critical variables that may or may not be needed to be employed on a landing page. However. However. At times. short contents usually attract more readers than the long content. since time is a very essential element. in few isolated cases. the banner when placed may become the reason to shy away poten- . These variables are often needed to be tested with variable indicator’s success rate prior to using them as part of the landing page component. putting a logo creates a negative impact. Landing page with a banner or without a banner. This assumption is being generalized. Banners are aesthetically appealing to the potential clients. You can actually test your landing page against these variables to determine the rate of success in achieving higher conversion rate. So.67 Critical Components to Test the Landing Page of the Website The success of the landing page to produce higher conversion rate is determined by a lot of conflicting variables brought about by the environment where it basically tries to survive. Putting a banner adds color and beauty to a landing page. not all the time that this does happen. b. a. Short or long content for a landing page.

.68 tial clients because to some the presence of the banner on a landing page is a sore to the eye.

b. the design. This type of a landing page type is very effective when they it is able to attain the fundamental aim of the publisher -. The Reference type of landing page. This type of a landing page are those lading pages that try to encourage an motivate visitors to take an action regarding what you are offering such as filling out the personal data sheet or merely giving out their contact name and contact details such as e-mail address. and others. However. you need to know first the type of landing page that you want to achieve. the next time you plan about doing your landing page. conglomerates. and public service. links. This type of a landing page has a page content that directly impacts thus relevant to the expected visitor. The transactional landing page is basically geared towards making a successful upsell on the products that they offer. images.these objectives may be association. You may want to know what your landing page is. Initially. The reference landing page type’s success and effectiveness is being determined by the amount of advertisements and marketing placed on them. The Transactional type of landing page. and all aspects about it. a. the landing page that they know is just a landing page that they have. Below are the two types of landing pages. graphics.69 What type is your Landing Page? Not a lot of people are able to realize that landing pages are classified into two different types. With these pieces of information. when you look at the structure. the landing pages just vary and differ. the content. This type of a landing page can display and contain multimedia elements such as text. .

. Make your landing page content relevant to what people are looking for. 4. State facts and figures rather than generalities. As much as possible you wouldn’t want a visitor to leave your website until you get them to do what you want them to do. or to subscribe to your free newsletter. Be Concise. Focus. The following are some tips you need to know as you design a good landing page: 1. 2. to sign up for a course. You need to have a good landing page to attract visitors and achieve the goal of getting them to do what you want them to do on your website. links to other web pages. Create multiple landing pages if you have multiple products or services to promote. Use bullets to list down the benefits of your product or service. Chances of conversion are higher if closer match results are achieved. 5.70 Some Tips when Designing a Good Landing Page The end objective of landing page is get visitors to take a definite action on your website or the product you are marketing. Your landing page should be dedicated to one product or service. to download a free eBook or software. Use not more than three sentences to make a point. Address points directly. Actions that marketers would expect their visitors to do would be either to click on the buy button. Be Factual. Visitors would need information about the product but you need to be concise. Your goal is to get your visitor to act so don’t distract them with advertisements. 3. to sign up for an affiliate program.

71 6. . Make a Call to Action bold. fill in name and email address to subscribe or whatever. Get your visitors attention by offering a Buy now. click here to download.

and many more. audio and/or interactive Flash applications when the searcher selects a paid keyword ad. Source of traffic. search engines tend to cater more website advertisers in selling their product or service. Thus. even two users who search on the same keyword could be targeted with different content.72 Offers Based on Intelligent Landing Page Results As more people rely on websites for information and buying needs. Keyword. ILP is a system technology that allows for multiple creative on a single offer to be sorted dynamically by a variety of parameters including. It allows advertisers to creatively guide searchers through multiple conversion processes initiated through search and measure the success of the initiative within one tool. User's profile and actions are determined as to what content is served. Geography. Website advertisers continue to improve their landing pages to generate more conversion results of sales as visitors click the links as provided by search engines. The latest in the conversion optimization application is the Intelligent Landing Page (ILP). ILP allows paid search advertisers to deliver dynamically a targeted rich media landing page on their site containing multiple video. based on research and mapping . With ILP. engine profiling and behavioral data. census and lifestyle demographics. based on geo-targeting. The latest technology captures real time click-stream and on-page analytics as the searcher interacts with the page. advertisers decide the content of what to be shown as a result of the metrics.

.73 information. The Content. offer and messaging decisions are based on the collective behavior of all users.

It provides guide on what landing page to test first to get the most significant lift in conversions. The handbook is designed for website advertisers and designers to guide in raising conversions of landing pages by up to 55% or more for search. It provides guide on how to increase the performance of your lead generation pages which includes sales pages and subscription pages. e-commerce. 5. The handbook covers the following: 1. Step-By-Step Instructions – covers practical guidelines for each step of landing page design. The Landing page handbook is a 270-page report with examples. The handbook has the following benefits: sign. 1. graphics. The stats are useful for pitching upper management for tests and budgets. It provides the latest best practices in landing page 3. email.74 Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook Landing Page Handbook is a product of Marketing Sherpa. 6. 4. and even blogs. copy. It delivers quick tweaks that lift conversion rates immediately. charts and data of every form. 2. and ad campaigns for lead generation. . It provides the latest best practices in landing page de2. It provides the top landing page blunders to avoid. Research Data & Useful Stats – covers landing pagerelated stats allowing website owners to compare their landing page to 3800 of their peers. including copy.

email marketers. e-commerce sites. 3. and top four types of testing. audio. business-to-business marketers. offline advertisers and even bloggers. Creative Samples & Case Studies – covers examples of design aids and case studies that are taken from real-life marketer’s stories. . Specific help for – covers the links to search marketing (PPC and SEO). typeface.75 layout. Also added are the tips for doing "skunk works". video. buttons. 4.

It is the page where visitors get to do what you want them to do and that is to buy your product or service. There is a vast competition in web advertisement. In as much as web advertisers may not have the financial means to hire or update their landing page regularly. Templates are designed by developers to develop and deploy applications that are flexible and easily maintainable even if applied by non-technical people. . Templates allow you to create or improve your landing pages even without requiring technical proficiency in landing page designing. Landing page templates are sometimes free but specialized templates are sold online. It is a waste of money if visitors are sent to the website’s homepage instead of the landing page. It is for this reason that their landing pages be unique and eye catching. Their ultimate goal is to have their visitors act on what their landing page ask of them to do. A good landing page is a page where there is high rate of conversion. Your landing page is the most important page on your website. landing page templates are made available today. You need to realize that you are paying search engines or advertising networks on a per click basis and your landing page should contain vital information and yet concise. Advertisers should find ways to make their landing page effective.76 The Importance of Templates in Creating Landing Page You may have generated many clicks on your website but how many of those visitors signed up or have availed of your product or service.

Use of landing page to sell a product. you have to track what is happening. you are able to directly link them to your website rather than using search engines. There are ways for advertisers to minimize the pay per click cost: 1. The keywords on your landing page . such as blogs. A sponsored link or sponsored ad is displayed. A quality landing page should provide all the vital information that your visitor needs the first time. You need to make sure that the keywords you have bid are on your landing page. as user of search engines types a keyword query matching an advertiser's keyword list. Use of landing page for visitors to download a trial version of your software. Set your landing page where you direct visitors to view your product or service and buy them. and content websites. The link once clicked brings the user to the advertiser’s landing page. advertising networks. 2. Advertisers pay when a user actually clicks on an advertisement to visit the advertisers' website. Advertisers submit to search engines keyword phrases related to their target market. The number of times visitors click the links cost more to the advertisers. In this way. You need to check out if people are signing up.77 Quality Landing Page Reduces PPC Cost The Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a model used on search engines. Use of landing page to have visitors subscribe to your newsletter. As you avail of the pay per click advertising. 3. Advertisers should create a quality landing page to reduce the cost of each click.

78 should match what the keywords that users are searching for and in your ads. .

but what the landing page can do. banner ad. The best landing page should provide a customized sales pitch for the visitor. Make the best landing page for your product or service by giving your visitors exactly what they are looking for and you can be assured that you will have a captive audience. with a link on your home page site and other vital sections of your website. Making your home page of your site as your landing page. Try to be careful of providing them with links or too many distractions. . It is best to consider where the person has come from. or some other means to arrive at your site. would not be a good idea as you wouldn’t want your visitors to find their way for themselves of what you want them exactly to do and that is to buy your product or service. as you may likely lose them even before they read your entire message. the tendency of engaging with visitor goes up and your conversion rate as well. The best landing page is to be able to attract your visitor’s attention to avail of your offer. and who they are. By providing your visitors with a good match on their search. The best use of a landing page is not what it is. pay-per-click ad. Forward your visitors directly to your landing page. Visitors do have the tendency to get bored and hit back button to move on to your competitor’s website.79 What Makes A Best Landing Page? Landing page is a web page where people are brought into after clicking on a link.

Try to look and assess the . You are given the chance to preview your landing page and make comments on it prior to service provider’s finalization of your landing page. Companies provide designs of landing page to website advertisers.80 Landing Page Examples Help A message is considered to be good if your target audience makes a response to your message. Examples of the landing pages designed are shown to prospective website advertisers to give them idea of the kinds of landing pages that they have designed for other advertisers. your page should serve many different purposes. straight-forward navigation with no "dead end links" and unique designs that sets you apart from the competition. As an advertiser you can specify exactly what you want your landing page to look like and what you want included on it. the ultimate end of this is for you to drive your visitors to a target and that is to avail of your offer. These service providers are expert landing page designers that convert your landing page to sales. Landing page designers help in the promotion and sale of your product or service by creating for you eye catching design. Just like in creating or selecting the right landing page for your pro9duct or service. To forward your visitors directly to your custom landing page is more effective in generating a sale than just simply sending visitors to your home page. However. Landing page examples help prospective website advertisers in choosing their landing page preference or Apply in their website an improve version based on the landing page design examples.

.81 appropriate landing page for your company based on examples of landing page provided by landing page designers.

Designers are able to import the code from an existing landing page or create their own codes. or style. forms and site results. Landing page template has advanced personalization capabilities that allow designers to mirror the exact look and feel of your current website. Templates are pre developed page layout in electronic or paper media used to create new pages from the same design. The template is used to help you build your landing pages easy. Landing page templates allow you to hone your message. The templates provide the coding. load your page text into the template and launch your landing pages quickly. Available in the market today are custom layout templates for landing page.82 What Landing Page Template Does? Due to the growing number of online buyers. the page setup and special visual touches such as backgrounds. Landing page template allows you to easily create and customize landing pages. . It does not require for designers to have coding or graphic design knowledge. website advertisements are in demand and there is a growing competition among advertisers. An eye-catching websites draws attraction to website visitors and a quality landing page results to higher conversion rates. which will maximize your conversion rate. buttons and borders. creating a seamless surfing experience. Website advertisers or designers create layout template to make a reusable design for landing pages. They should shift from the generic layout to a customized layout for their product or service. They also have advance layout templates that defines how data should be displayed on the screen. pattern. Advertisers should need to update their landing pages from time to time.

It is a page where you put your marketing to a test by offering purchase of your product or service. A perfect landing page is when your website is able to provide your visitors with information before sending them to the landing page. Make sure that your landing page is not flooded with unnecessary information. Your landing page main goal is to lead your visitors to sign up for the offer you are giving them. results to visitor’s purchase. Provide vital points of information in a direct and friendly manner is sufficient. attend a meeting and sign up for a newsletter. A perfect landing page should highlights the benefits of your product or service. Excessive navigation options or fancy pictures would not be a good idea. Too much information has the tendency for visitors reading to become bored and leave your website. Do not make your visitors read five pages of facts and figures about your product or service. You wouldn’t want your visitor to get dis- . Make your visitor to want your product or service and keep their attention by letting them act on their feelings quickly. 2. Make your landing page simple and easy to navigate through. Reaching out to visitors. page: Here are some pointers for achieving a perfect landing 1. Include a link of the landing page within the home page of your website and allow your visitors to learn about your product or service before making a commitment.83 Pointers for a Perfect Landing Page A landing page is the page of your website where you make an offer to your visitor.

.84 tracted with so many links and lose their interest in completing the task of completing your offer. Create a persuasive tone on your landing page and don’t make it seem that you are being too pushy. 3.

Landing page is also called as lead capture page. The captured information such as email address. 2. Product information is all provided over the marketer’s website. organizations or public service entities are the ones who makes used of reference landing page. Reference Landing Page – provides information that is relevant to the visitor. Associations. The effectiveness of the page is measured by the revenue value of the advertising that is displayed on them.85 Landing Page and Its Types At these present times. name and telephone number are used as a capture . spend gas and look for the item that they need. and is optimized to feature specific keywords or phrases for indexing by search engines. he either clicks on an advertisement or do a search engine result link. most of the things are bought and sold over the internet. The page displays content which is a logical extension of the advertisement or link. dynamic compilations of relevant links. The page that appears is known as the landing page. Landing pages are of two types: 1. As a customer looks for an item. with the objective end of having an immediate or eventual sale of a product or service. Transactional Landing Page – this page tries to ask visitors of the site to complete a transaction like filling out a form or interacting with advertisements or other objects on the landing page. Marketers sell their products online and buyers purchased items online as well. The page displays text. or other elements. images. Marketers saves money on big advertisement costs through online marketing and buyers do not have to dress up in going to the store.

86 lead and are added to the marketer’s prospective buyers mailing list. .

To counter this. .87 Flash Landing Page: Balancing Flash. and this will soon to be followed by the visitor himself. as many people view flash landing pages as the harbinger of computer viruses. and if still found wanting. which suffers first from the overloading of the Website with too much Information. the view and perception of reliability is raised on the visitor’s mind and he is more likely to enjoy and stay on that Website over long periods of time until his task is done. the most common mistake that any maintainer may commit is that he could overwhelm the visitors with too much Information in loads that it could be considered as irrelevancies or nuances. And this should always be the case. then he could include the flash landing pages on his Website. Although speed creates the disadvantage as it tends to be the one. Videos. For one. the maintainer could balance the value of video clips as well as write-ups. and tend to view them with distrust. they must be able to provide the Information or the general message of the Website in the fastest and clearest way possible. in their very nature. In putting all of these together in one dynamic Website. but these should not. and Write-ups in Landing Pages In landing pages. Now flash landing pages tend to be flashy. And there’s an art in doing it all. of course. the maintainer falls back in the same concept of projecting incorruptibility that would make the visitor to think twice about closing down the flash landing page. be towards the disadvantage of speed.

otherwise there will be adverse affects in any Website when it is left insufficiently ready for the changes. and for the first cursory look into the Website. and one of the ways of doing this is through the full of an effective landing page. the landing pages’ design and layout would prove to be the best indicator of whether or not the visitor stays. but with Websites and profits at stake. Landing pages are very important. it will be worth the task involved. and it’s even cheaper. although many psychologists consider pink as a color that is highly recommended for relieving stress. Following this example. and finding them from the many will be a long task to finish. it simply cannot be expected to fit in a Website about war pictures. or in colors that are psychologically best for its purpose. the landing pages must in every way possible be in colors that are neutral to the eyes of the visitor. Effective landing pages could be had if there’s a considerable motion from the Website’s maintainer to promote and improve its design as well as layout for the sole reason that they are the ones that boldly state the Website’s contents. This creates a great need for able landing page designers.88 Landing Page Designers: Need to find them In the business of creating and maintaining Websites. Like in any business. . but more so. it is an easier way of promoting one’s cause or business. there is a perpetual need to maintain it up to the standards of the world as seen today. And having Websites is a profitable way to earn money. For example. while maintaining its consonance with the Website’s content. there are many changes in today’s world that must be noted efficiently.

the visitors are most likely to believe the words of someone that they could actually see for themselves. which is also an excellent way of showing off the Website. Visitors are already tired of seeing only typed words and essays on the Websites and it is highly recommended that video clips in landing pages be included. This may be mitigated of course by increasing the respectability of the Information in the Websites through the use of video clips. and while the use of the Internet is much faster than doing it through the old fashioned way. and because of this. For psychological purposes. and in most cases. and while this takes a large part of the Website’s codes. it is still beneficial to them.89 Video Landing Page: Increasing Respectability The increasing value of the Information presented and included in the Website provides further inputs on why most people like to use Websites in their researching needs. and increase profit. So there must be a balance between the concept of providing speed and videos on the landing pages. especially in the face of increasing critics that argue that Information from this source is unreliable. the visitors still value the Websites that bring to them the Information asked for in speeds that are befitting their need for urgency. Of course. In committing the needs of research on the value of the Internet. the visitors are more likely becoming depended on its Information. they would always want it as fast as possible. as everyone knows . there’s an increasing number of critics that voice out that Information in the Internet is sometimes fabricated.

90 that too much or too long videos are the bane of slower landing pages. .

which is the main factor that affects the success rate of the Website’s conversion tuning test. To ensure this. and all of these are centered on the fact that having a great Website ensures profit. especially today when the prices of owing one is getting cheaper. the main arm of the Internet in providing information is the key moneymaker of the Industry itself. and may include the Website’s page layout. where the Internet traffic is sent for the purpose of making the program commit a certain desired action. and that is to provide the best means possible in demonstrating the dramatic gains that could be made in a Website with the proper use of scientific approaches. They may also be done on brand strength as well as offer. sales copy and traffic mix. there has been increasing marketwise-moves towards creating the best Website.91 Landing Page Case Study: Good for Websites In onset of the people’s use and reliance on Website and Internet access. They depend on different factors that may individually affect any Website to a considerable extent. there’s the landing page case study. and this is the primary page. and also in the profits earned. though in most cases. the landing pages for these mentioned are unique and never the same with each other. there is no doubt that there will be an increase both in the number of Websites. And these approaches when applied correctly and appropriately will improve any Website’s conversion rate. . In terms of similarity. they all point out to one goal. It would really seem that Websites. And as more and more people shift towards computerization. Now a landing page is like a Web page that is internally part of the respondent Website.

In the business of delivering Information. the visitors of every Website expect to receive the Website and be able to digest. and visitors know that there are many Websites to visit on any specific topic. which is already a major form of informationgathering sequence available today for man’s easy use. This. ‘easy’. research for a draft thesis. the visitors are searching for the likely and relevant information tidbits that could aid them in their drafting of the thesis. and it’s basically the worst of luck to not be able to find a great number of Websites catering towards the topic. No matter how reliable the landing page’s Information may be. Making the visitors wait in minutes is not really favorable to anyone else other than to the owner of the Website that could provide its landing page faster than the rest. or at least read its information. meaning. more so if it is just a mere blank page. In referring to this. for example. the fastest time possible. and in the word itself. In this. if they’re just made to wait over the uploading landing page. and they are most likely to be agitated and desperate for them. Being as they are. but there’s always the element of speed involved. and in good light. which must be passed no later than the next day. they won’t stand it. the visitor might not even see and use them if he starts to get pissed off with the long waiting. the great number of Websites are vying for profit and a fixture in the public’s mind that these are great Websites to visit for the purpose of. there’s really no shortage involved. Imagine this. . the messenger able to give the best Information will earn more. and decides to pick another Website.92 Landing Page Load: Speed is the Key Information in the Internet is primarily delivered via the Websites.

And if possible. The landing page should tell its readers how the product would change their lives. Not all visitors stay on a website too long. This means that a website’s landing page should make an impression right away. it can also provide a link to the opt-in page. the landing page should contain special offers. It also needs good pictures of the products. Most information should concentrate on the product. But . Good information and great images will help persuade the buyer to act immediately and buy the product. Or. The purpose is to focus the visitors to the product and to make them really think about buying and using the product. This could also be useful tool in marketing future products and for providing a more persuasive message to potential buyers. So. It should describe all the benefits the product will bring to its users. And in order to really make them think hard about buying. Providing good website content is one good way to do it. one has to make them interested right away.93 Tips on How to Create a Landing Page and Achieve Great Sales The main objective of creating a landing page is really to convert site traffic to actual sales. Giving limited offers makes interested buyers to buy right away for fear of missing out on the promo. It has to provide great information to show that the site owner knows what it is selling and the topic or market it is catering to. it should demonstrate how the product is going to benefit the buyer. One must provide all the information to answer all the doubts and questions of potential customers. All links on the landing page should be towards the order page only. if not immediately at least eventually.

94 other than that. the landing page should never provide links other than to the two. .

an enterprise website and landing page would have better chances of appearing on the first page in searches. Joomla is free so an enterprise immediately saves money on the acquisition and use of the software. Through Joomla templates. he can do his own landing page to make it more effectively in bringing in sales. Joomla landing pages and websites are user-friendly as well.95 The Advantages of Joomla Landing Page Joomla web designing applications is very much in demand in the internet especially in business. Joomla applications are also known to be search engine friendly. Companies and enterprises have found Joomla to be effective in their search engine optimization efforts for various reasons. They decide to design their own web site instead. This means that using Joomla in building the website and the landing page actually facilitates search engine optimization. First off. Joomla websites can be read by search engines faster than other websites. Site visitors will find Joomla landing pages more pleasant to use. In addition to this. Again. And most importantly. With this feature. People have also found it easy to use Joomla so more savings are added because many don’t have to hire web designers any more. Joomla also has quite many modules to support the capability of the application and the needs of businesses. This will enhance the contact between . This is absolutely good news to all Joomla landing pages. because of the ease in using Joomla maintenance and updating can easily be done and can be performed by almost anyone. one can easily design a website for his enterprise or company.

Coupled with good content. the Joomla landing page would certainly have more sales.96 them and the site. .

All of these are quite important to give value to the site. not all of them should be placed on the landing page. One should take note that most visitors get to the landing page after making searches. they can simply click to the next site. Instead of facilitating sales. potential customers won’t get impatient from waiting. be able to showcase what it has to offer. While it is important to provide enough information about the product and images help sell the products. money and effort to optimize the site. However. in turn. They fill their sites with content. The site loses potential sales even before it acquires another site visitor as a result. . they would be detrimental to the site instead. If the site takes long to load.97 How Important is Landing Page Load Time in Site Optimization? Website owners spend so much time. So. The landing page should load very quickly. In addition to that they also provide so many demonstrative images and many times they also place videos. But one should make sure that there won’t be any element in it that would lag its loading time. This means that the landing pages of competing websites are at their disposal as well. They will be able to view and read the information contained on the landing page and the site will. They give very useful and valuable information. the lesson is to keep the landing page informative and attractive. placing so much images especially large and high resolution photos and graphics could lag the load time of the landing page. This way.

a testing should be done to ascertain which types of landing pages and offers appeal to the market. The site can do split testing wherein a software is used to track the conversions of each landing page. interested buyers might be discouraged to proceed to the actual purchase. Make each offer very clear in order to put visitors to action and to make them decide right then whether to get the product or not. The trick also is to build various landing pages and give different offers in each. Furthermore.98 How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate Having a great landing page is quite essential for the success of one’s enterprise. The effective ones should be maintained and developed further while the poor ones should be discarded. it is only the first step. It is also the content that persuades them to believe that they need the product or the service the site is selling. The process should follow an easy and clear path. Visitors wouldn’t stay long in the website if there is no content to keep them interested. It is the job of the landing page to convert site visitors to actual buyers. This way the site will be able to maximize efforts on . What is more important is the number of visitors who actually buy something from the site. it is always important to make the actual purchase process very convenient for the customer. While increasing traffic is quite important in the aim to increase income for an e store or a website. If it is confusing. what really turns them into buyers is mostly the content. Of course. While the design is important in catching their attention.

99 the types of landing pages that convert the most visitors to buyers. .

The information provided should be valuable to the visitors. they should be hit by an appealing design right away. With a purpose of making sales. All information should also match the action required from the site visitors. Then it should be coupled with informative. all information should be about the product only so as not to distract the visitors of other things. . it is important to remember the attention span of site visitors is very short. But while providing such information. It should be clean and well-designed so that visitors will take the site seriously with just one look. In designing a landing page. People are generally more resistant to a direct sell. No other links other than the purchase link or an opt-in form should be found in the landing page. a landing page should generally be designed to make or entice site visitors to do what the site wants it to do.100 A Landing Page Design That Optimize Sales The design of the landing page would depend on its purpose. the landing page should capture all the attention of the visitor right away. Whichever it is. whether it is to make the visitors buy products or to make them opt in for newsletters and promo offers. Nevertheless. It would help to offer freebies and bonuses with the purchase. Alternatively. So. A product review or a helpful advice would surely be appreciated by the readers. It is important that the landing page looks professional. the landing page is subtly and yet strongly doing a sales pitch. Instead trust should be formed by giving them useful information first. they can be offered in exchange for an opt-in as well.

rely on human for its listings. They “spider” the web until the searcher found what he is looking for. Some are still unaware that preparing a website through search engine optimization is equally important. a short description is entered into the directory of the site. for the benefit of those who do not know the ways on how to search engine optimization in the actual sense. In essence. Then. putting forward to search engines is only a piece of the real challenge of acquiring good positioning in the search engine.” This is responsible in visiting the web page.101 Know the Ways on How to Search Engine Optimization Still several people today are wondering on how to search engine optimization in reality. and they are called: crawlerbased search engines. individuals are aware on the function of the search engine optimization. the crawler-based engines are composed of three elements. the following discussion offers the explanation: Individuals were able to search through the use of search engine optimization in two ways. a searcher can find results only if there are matches on the description. both ways are commonly utilized to present the result. The latter on the other hand. and human powered directories. The former produce their listings automatically. example of this is Google. Essentially. Third is search engine . In the contemporary days however. Here. First is the “spider” or the “crawler. which is to ensure that the Web pages are reachable to search engines and are centered in means of improving their chances to be found. reading it. this contains a copy of all web pages that is searched by the spiders. Now. In actual however. and then following the links. Second is the index.

.102 software. this program examines the millions of pages documented in the index to search for matches.

Meaning. it has to be taken note that PPC campaign effectively helps in targeting the goal through the employed keywords or. PPC campaigns do not involve any payment for the ads. More importantly. proper keywords should be carefully chosen when employing this method to successfully get the right audience too. This can also help the less competitive keywords to rank well. when using this method. However. the payment is applied to the link of the advertisement. This is why even the well optimized websites are using PPC advertising. Because of this. but if the contrary will be followed. anyone who would use PPC advertising campaign will never shell out any money if the link has not been tag along. this method is viewed by many to be very helpful when it comes to attaining the targeted traffic. Unlike Search Engine Optimization. increase in the daily budget is also certain.103 PPC Advertising Brings Out Many Benefits Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an effective method to drive more traffic in a website in no time. . Hence. PPC advertisement does not require anyone to pay for the advert. PPC advertising essentially offers a good solution to people who are aiming to add more keywords on their websites to attain good ranking in the search engines. Failure to use the appropriate keywords could mean decrease in the daily budget. The solution it offers also results to good return of investment as it provides conversion tracking. simply. PPC advertising does not take some more time to achieve good standing in the natural listings. Every keyword that will be selected needs to be vital according to search engines. This is because PPC follows a continuing process of adding up new content as well as link building on a website.

This combined with FindWhat in 2004 and functions as a partition of the said company. these are also some other websites that presents their own listings. this was officially bought by Yahoo. Overture took the second place in the 4th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards as the best paid placement service.104 Revealing the Best PPC Search Engine The pay per click (PPC) search engine sells paid listings in general on a pay per click basis. now. Some of these engines are presented below.com is an honorable mention in the 4th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards for best paid placement service. Originally. FindWhat. Examples of PPC search engines are the following: • Google Adwords: This program situates place listings inside the search results of Google. but the company changed its name to Overture in 2001. the demand for pay per click services is rapidly growing. Although. Google Adwords ranks first for the best paid placement service in the 4th Annual Search Engine Awards. • Overture: This is the oldest main search engine for paid placement. those who give out the highest payment are usually listed on higher ranks. In relation to this. • FindWhat. Overture was introduced as “Go To” in the year 1997. there are also apparent proliferations of PPC search engines today. which the search engine delivers them. Advertisers pay for each click.com: This is a vital paid placement service because the company provides great distribution on numbers of chief Meta search engines. It dispenses its listings to a great variety of search engines. . And in 2003.com: This is considered as a principal paid placement with extensive distribution in Europe and United Kingdom. so. • Espotting. Example of this is the “Who Power Whom?” At the present.

This is another assurance on the client’s part for a successful gain and utmost advantage of his website’s rankings. this is a company that proves its standings on high keywords. He must ensure to get what he will be paying for. B2B. what makes an SEO company competitive then? Simple. So. prospecting clients should deem for an SEO company with reliable expertise on search engine optimization. As well. industrial. real estate. Once a client landed in the hands of a trustable SEO company. financial. he can expect to obtain the finest search engine spot on main searches properties. an ideal company is the one to provide their client with fulfilling results through habitual campaign reporting and is committed in accomplishing the uppermost Return of Investment (ROI) for their clients. this is a company that guarantees to bring their client’s website with high traffic keywords so to reach high ranking as well. he can expect to drive his targeted visitors as well. especially on the following industries: retail. to do that. a client must never settle on the so-so one. More importantly. . Increase of sales will eventually follow. a prospecting client can surely find the kind of company that performs research into the standards of search engine and algorithms. travel. he must search for a competent search engine optimization company. Finding for such company is not really tough this time because there are already a lot of SEO companies to choose from on the Internet. When exploring the vast choices of SEO companies online. In addition.105 Get the Best Offer from a Competent Search Engine Optimization Company When looking for a search engine optimization company. Of course. as well as law and communications.

technical knowhow. Some of the techniques revealed by SEO specialist concerning to the SEO techniques will be discussed on the following contexts. SEO specialist works by focusing on proven strategies to vitally increase the organic search results of one’s website. Second technique is to place the keyword phrase in the first 25 texts or words and the last 25 text or words on the web page. SEO specialist says that proximity on the beginning and the last are very much essential to place a web page on high rank. SEO specialist recommends placing the keyword phrase . he is the best person to approach to by people who are interested to improve the Search Engine Results Placements (SERPs) of their web pages in a quick and easy way. Optimizing for a single keyword can result to minimal chances for a web page to come out on a higher rank because one keyword can be highly competitive. persistence. First technique is to optimize for a keyword phrase and not for a single keyword alone.106 Search Engine Optimization Specialist: His Role and His Recommendations Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist is the one responsible to place web pages on high ranks. As what can be expected. Using a keyword phrase on the other hand can result to greater chances for a web page to reach a higher rank on the entire leading search engines. and experience. So. Lastly. These techniques can serve as guides for people to increase the optimization of their web page. In essence. SEO specialist is the right person to reveal the power and secret of SEO as well. but they require expertise. The concepts of these strategies may appear simple.

107 all throughout the page. . However. this technique is applied differently by each of SEO specialist.

Wordpress does not include the keywords including the elements of description Meta tag for their blog. First is to manually edit the template file.php in the theme folder. the elements of Meta tags function in providing the information of certain document. one needs to be familiar enough with HTML coding. This is normally the header. Through this. there are only two ways to follow. Second is to use of the Meta Plugins. Essentially. Usually. Then. Also. In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). AutoMeta. The first thing to do here is to locate for the header. Single SEO Pack. and additional Wordpress Meta Plugin. this is used to supply the information needed for search engines such as describing a document. people who are not equipped with the required knowledge wonder as to how they can include those Meta tags in their blogs to optimize search engine result through the use of Meta tag elements.108 Ways to Optimize Search Engine in Wordpress Anyone who has the necessary knowledge can optimize search engine in Wordpress using META tags along with Meta tags plugins.php. if the present theme will be followed. Fundamentally. . when doing the second step—using of Meta tag plugins—it has to be assured that the four of its components must be completed. With this case. Take note that there are four Meta plugins to employ: additional of Meta tags. keywords and description Meta elements play a vital role to improve the rank of web pages in the search engine. changing the codes will not be too difficult. To effectively edit the template file.

To elaborate. guides for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing comes to the rescue.109 Fundamental Guides to PPC Marketing Many advertisers are aiming to double their money online. these vitally discuss the ways to set up a Google Adwords campaign. which is very essential to PCC marketing. Reason why this is important is because Google Adwords is responsible in tracking the entire pay per click campaigns. advertisers must know that an account for Google Adwords is very essential in pursuing the utilization of PPC marketing. some of the fundamental guides for PPC marketing are discussed below: First thing to know about PPC marketing is where to find an offer. MSN and Yahoo can also be utilized. without the necessary knowledge as to which guides to follow. Unlike any eBooks. Good thing. the guides offered for effective PPC marketing brings out satisfying result in the end. Unfortunately. like for instance. Advertisers need to know that the most important factor to consider in generating money with PPC marketing is the use of high quality offer. these advertisers will often fall into a trap wherein they will shell out more of their investment for nothing. Apart from Google. These guides are easy to follow. advertisers are suggested to use NeverBlueAds when searching for a tremendous amount of high paying offers to be utilized in promoting via PPC. Secondly. . which can result to successful earning of sales. PPC marketing does not only promise effective promotions but execute them as well. In view of this. which promise riches only to result into a waste of investment and waste of time. Example of this is the proliferation of eBooks.

they are recommended to use Yahoo and Google Adwords. For those individuals who are aiming to draw numbers of potential visitors. there is bidding that occurs for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. These tools are proven to be effective in delivering more visitors into specific web page. Of course. At the present. the amount determines the ranking. they do create results to an extensive array of Meta search engines. Padia for example.110 Exploring More of PPL Search Engines Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine has become an important part of search engine optimization. as well as LYCOS. The Google Adwords text advertisements may possibly be displayed on the web page as well. This is previously known as Overture and GoTo. Basically. This provides people the contact to the search engine result pages found inside Google. Another tool is the Google Adwords program. the less important PPC services are also offering some help. Yahoo is regarded as the top PPC search engine in US. but still. First. PPC search engine are all founded on the auction standard. which sends paid results to numbers of the leading search sites such as MSN. almost all of them have not yet arrive in any leading portals. Espotting is also recognized. . then. Certainly. these search engines are literally very much expensive for those who want to explore for some more identified queries. In Europe on the other hand. There are actually lots of existing PPC search engines all throughout the Internet as well as resources that can help people acquire the best of these means for marketing. And every single click comes in a very practical price indeed. AOL. Unfortunately.

key phrases optimization. Home page’s W3c Validation. production of pages for themed link. manual link requests to associated websites. competition analysis information. To aid this problem. study of website traffic. image optimizations. Undoubtedly. description tags. This is very applicable nowadays because there are already lots of companies that provide SEO services. major search engines are included such as Google. one must carefully choose the company wherein he will acquire the SEO services he needs. Essentially. Yahoo. These services are perceived by many as the main key to develop a website so it can eventually show up into the first page of Search Engine Results Page (SERP).111 Finding the Right Provider for Search Engine Optimization Services Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services vitally helps in optimizing one’s ascent and raising one’s website’s ranking. making of Title tags founded on preliminary keyword research. Alt tags. and many more. the search engine can effectively direct the website in the right key phrases. . H1-H2 Tags. SEO services providers that take the responsibility to place the right words at the right locations are ideal too. SEO service providers must be able to present suggestions on the necessary changes on the text as well as graphics to help the optimization of the website. Through this. one must have the standards on what to look for a company that offers SEO services. More importantly. But of course. the following criteria can be followed when looking for the best providers of SEO services: keywords research.txt folder. AOL. preliminary SEO report. and Search Engine compliance to about 350 search engines. it can really be a tough job for people to choose for the right one. correct usage of Robots. to achieve a fulfilling result.

112 These are all essential since search engine manage 90 percent of the online searches every day. .

However. Basically. Internet services become highly competent as well. Now. Every website owner must understand that the placement of a website search engine optimization serves as the central format wherein the entire marketing plans rely on. it is sure to be effective enough to perform its real purpose. then. Thus. Now. Also. What actually matters is the friendliness of a website to the search engine. which include several steps beginning from web designing. the content of the website is . it does not really matter if a website appears simple enough. These days. making the Internet services in online industries more popular than ever. by following the effective methods for correct placement of website can turn it more popular. for those who want to attain such website. Such website is also capable to promote the marketing goals of the owner as well attracts huge profits definitely. Once a website is friendly to the search engine and to its visitors. the placement of a website is very much important these days since most of the traffic of a certain website next to a particular website is created by the high listings in the top search engines.113 Placement of a Website Search Engine Optimization The information technology made a giant leap. It is through this why certain websites successfully achieve high spots in the search engines. As technology evolves. which is to communicate the business objectives of the owner. people must consider that a placement of a website entails processes too. they must be able to practice the effective techniques on the placement of a website search engine optimization. search engine optimization is a procedure to make a website noticeable to the search engines.

114 equally important and must be supplied with accessible keywords. .

But if the company feels that the landing page design is still lacking in some important aspects. etc. Even if the former landing page design is somehow effective in targeting the minimum aim of the company. That is why it is very important to make the landing page design very attractive for the company’s specific purpose. One of these is relevance to what the visitor is searching. sign up for a service. And that is to make the visitor do what the company wants him to do—whether to buy the product. Focus is another consideration in changing the landing page design. . then this is the best time to change landing page design. the next move should follow. Visitors chose a certain link because they feel that it can give them more information about a certain product or services. Another consideration for landing page design is the content. Changing the landing page design could help the company improve sales or marketing. The content should satisfy that by giving concise and straight to the point information. from time to time.115 Change Landing Page Design Considerations After being able to lead the visitor to the company’s website. There are many ways on how to change the landing page design but it is important to consider some factors. consider to change landing page design. it should still be changed for betterment. if not. It should sell one specific product or service and not dwell on a lot of choices. he will surely navigate away from the page. For this reason that companies should. Increasing sales is a must and better marketing strategy should be the primary aim.

.116 Aside from the mentioned. clear action call. and navigation links are other considerations to change the landing page design. images. graphics.

unique service. the company needs a certain page that will summarize all the website’s contents. with these many landing pages. However. Other inclusions in a default landing page are the contact information of the company. This page should also be able to link the prospect customer to related services or products offered by the company. the general testimonials about the company. And so. and the list of best products and services. Usually. A certain company may have different landing pages. Default landing page is simply the page chosen by the company to be accessed by potential customers when generally referring to all their products and services. . in its general sense. a default landing page has the information about the company and all its offered services and products. All these will lead the prospect customer or client to a unique webpage content. what a company can offer the prospect customers. the company should and usually have their default landing page. These pages may also have links to certain products and services. Usually.117 Purpose of Having a Default Landing Page Lead capture page or commonly known as landing page is a webpage that may appear whenever a potential client or customer clicks on specific link on search engine result or advertisement. the default landing page of the company is also its homepage. That is the main purpose of the default landing page—to define. This may have a unique product. and unique information. But why does the company need a default landing page? A certain website is composed of not just a single webpage but a lot of web pages. especially if it is offering different products or services.

benefits. Meanwhile.” The “look and feel” pertains to the entire appearance and appeal of the certain website. Although some say that this is secondary to content. The offer is also very important in increasing the landing page conversion rate since this is the main reason why the potential customer will purchase or a certain product or not. lead is the first paragraph of the landing page’s content. images. many prospect customers are still enticed by how a website looks and makes them feel. But how can a company increase their landing page conversion rate and make it work for their own benefits? The answer is on the different and necessary components to increase the landing page conversion rates. Meanwhile. In fact. list of benefits should also be on the landing page so that the potential customer can easily read what he can have when the company’s products and services are purchased. and the “look and feel. There are many components that have to be considered in order to increase the rates of landing page conversion like the headline. Therefore.118 Important Components to Increase the Landing Page Conversion Rates Landing page conversion is considered in the Internet marketing as one of the fastest as well as easiest methods to increase online sales without the need to spend more money for better traffic. offer. almost half of online companies lost their potential sales because they did not have the kind of “look and feel” that customers want. lead. Also. . it is the first part that the potential customer may read. putting on images to describe a product also helps on better landing page conversion rates because people like to see images and read captions.

119 Lastly. the headline is the very first line that the visitors will read and will entice them to read on. .

There may be many methods that a company can choose from to optimize a website but all of these are only classified depending on their basis. Meanwhile. on the other hand. . it continues to do the experiment until the landing page is adjusted to satisfy the visitor’s demand. The open-ended also has variations of landing pages for the visitor. It is also simple because. this method is more complex and more difficult to do compare to the A/B Testing. total experience training. But at the end. This is a process in Internet marketing that aims to provide a better perception of a certain website. it requires no complicated analysis of statistics.120 Three Landing Page Optimization Methods Based on Experimentation To improve the people’s or visitor’s perception of a certain website. Multivariate. landing page optimization was created. experimentation-based optimization can be categorized into two. this method will choose the most appropriate landing page for the visitor. However. Generally. However. the consumer may be exposed to many different pages while his behavior is under observation. the closed-ended and the open-ended. and multivariate LPO. One of these is the landing page optimization based on experimentation. there are three methods that can be used to optimize landing pages based on experimentation. With the closed-ended. A/B testing is useful because of its inexpensiveness due to the already existing tools and resources that can be used for it. unlike other methods. These are the A/B testing. may provide a more reliable result because of its being scientifically-based.

the total experience may provide land pages that may reflect the visitor’s website experience.121 Meanwhile. this process is the longest and it requires support from a certain platform. . However. These varying choices for landing page optimization will certainly provide good options for companies wanting to have better sales or marketing through the process.

These are the pages or page that appears when a potential visitor clicks on a certain search result of advertisement link. The landing page URL is simply the link that will lead the potential visitor to the landing page. This is critical to make the visitor stay in a certain webpage and navigate to other pages of that website. resource name.122 The Simplicity and Essence of Landing Page URL Landing pages are critical to online marketing. and the “example. It is composed of the protocol identifier. Landing page usually displays contents that are considered as the logical extension of the link. This same format is also used for landing page URLs. There are optimization methods involving the use of advertising tools that may include the landing page URL so that the potential visitor can easily go to the page easily through that.com” is the domain name. the “http” is the protocol identifier. the landing page URL may appear depending on how the landing page is optimized. and domain name. URL or uniform resource locator is defined as the global address of various resources found on the World Wide Web. In order to have a better online marketing.com/. In the URL http://www. “www” is the resource name. These are commonly optimized so they can feature specific keywords or key phrases indexed by the search engine. Furthermore. one of the most important considerations is the landing page URL.example. Some people call this simply as the webpage. Other optimization may use search . which should make him more interested to the website and its offerings. The landing page URL should lead the visitor to the attractive webpage.

123 engine in displaying the landing page URL with relevant search results. .

This means that the landing page should have a clear statement on what the company wants the prospect customer to do. before thinking to increase sales through creating a landing page. This will make the communication clearer between the company and the prospect customer. the company should first consider their offerings. Headings should be appropriately crafted for its purpose like it should be big enough or has more attractive font type or color. This will make the prospect client more interested to read on about the offered products or services. The text’s color must also come in style especially text that should be emphasized by the company. their target audience.124 Effective Ways on Creating a Landing Page For online businesses. downloading the free eBook. White spaces should never be forgotten or the page might look so crowded. creating a landing page is as essential as aiming to increase or generate sales. or purchasing a service? Landing pages should also have short. Is it buying the product. But how can companies create their landing pages? Several methods are actually available for this process but not all of these are considered as effective ways. brief. but concise statements. A frequently asked question page should also have a link on the landing page. Adding videos or images might also help in creating effective landing pages. and the driving force for the prospect customers to give in. So. . signing up for a newsletter. creating a landing page should also have the so-called call to action. Other than these. Layout and design are also important when creating a landing page. There should also be a portion where they can post further questions.

.125 Other helpful ways on effectively creating a landing page are providing of bonus items or discounts and adding testimonials from former clients.

A slowdownloading page usually makes the prospect client bored and navigates away from the page before it is finally loaded. Good thing there are free guides on how to design a great landing page. Is it purchasing a product. The prospect customers should have his expected result when he clicked the link—it should have the right product. It is a very meticulous process that might affect the success or failure of a certain online company. That is why creating great landing page is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing. Meanwhile. truthful. This should be unique.126 Guides on Designing Great Landing Page Creating landing page is not a so-so process. This simple single sentence should summarize what the company offers. One of the effective ways to create a landing page is to match the keywords to the company’s products and services. With this. which in turn may help attract the prospect customers to give in. It helps the company to finally turn a prospect client into one of their customers. But the use of these graphics should be limited since using of excessively big images or videos might make the loading of landing page very slowly. and will surely convince the prospect customer to take the call for action. or downloading a free eBook? Another great advice for a great landing page is to create an attractive and enticing headline. A call for action is also an important aspect in creating a great landing page. It should be considered that the landing page comes from related search engine results. . enrolling to a regular newsletter. the prospect customer will have a clear idea on what the company really wants to have. use of visual images or videos is also helpful in providing better page layout.

Some guideline on designing landing pages say that integrating the whole sales cycle of the company and simplifying the page will help a lot for better sales. the Internet is a great source to begin reading. Designing a certain landing page is not only to make the page look good and attractive. That is why it is important that the landing page should be created with careful planning. there are available landing page guidelines to follow. That is why there are many companies offering landing page optimization. For companies in need of better landing page guidelines. But for companies planning to create their own landing page. Other guidelines say that relating the visitors to the products and services through the landing page also helps for better sales. If not. This will make the landing page better and more productive since it may cover wider audience. Good thing there are design guidelines for landing page. There will be no return of any money they put on landing page if this was created ineffectively. creating landing pages is a very important concept that should be planned carefully. especially on designing. reading . the company will certainly spend on useless investments. This involves the objective to entice visitors to purchase products and services or to make them interested for future purchase. However. Many guidelines say calling for a clear action is a great way to make the landing page more effective.127 Landing Page Guidelines on Designing In Internet marketing. Some guidelines say that providing an ad extension should also be done to have better landing page while other guidelines suggest offering options for a variety of audiences.

. hiring professional help from companies is always a better choice than reading landing page guidelines. Anyway.128 guidelines is not enough since experience also matters.

data collection. Full collection of data is taking of data collectively while fractional is randomly. it can greatly enhance the conversion rate of the website. For data analysis. relies on the amount of data that a certain business needs to work with. and test configuration. Restricted has only a limited number of modifications but the free form can have as many variables as the company wants.129 Various Considerations before Starting the Landing Page Testing Selling a product or not may highly depend on how well the landing page works. even a very simple change can make a real big difference. it can always improve the landing pages. When testing for land pages. test size. data collection may be done in full or fractional. And a key factor or solution for better optimization is landing page testing. it can generate even a small conversion that can be translated into huge numbers. the test configuration can be achieved through the restricted or free form method. . Lastly. Meanwhile. on the other hand. Fourth. The test size. But before the testing starts. the company should consider whether to use a parametric data or nonparametric data to study the test results. companies are starting to do their own landing page testing. there should still be some considerations. there should be four considerations. Landing page testing is very important for five different reasons. That is why aside from optimizing search engines. websites also have to optimize landing pages. And fifth. Second. With these benefits. Third. testing does not require a lot of data. First. These are the data analysis.

130 After determining all these considerations. parametric multivariate testing. the company can now move forward to choosing the type of landing page testing. This can be the A/B split testing. . or non-parametric testing.

predictive. the experimentation continues until the landing page that best suits the visitor’s behavior is already adjusted. however. there are three general types of optimizing landing page based on targeting.131 General Ways to Optimize Landing Page Although the number of visits is important to the success of a certain website. To optimize landing page can be done depending on its basis. If it is based on experimentation. Through this that the website can convince visitors to stay longer in a certain webpage so they may continue exploring the site. then there are two general types of that. there is only one aim to optimize landing page. When the conclusion arrives. There are simple and there are complex optimization processes. Methods of optimizing landing page may come in varieties. This makes landing page very critical to the success of a certain website. the landing page that best suits his behavior will be displayed. Meanwhile. And that is to make the visitor’s impression of a certain website better. companies are making ways on how to optimize landing pages. The closed-ended exposes the potential visitor to various landing pages while his behavior is under observation. Associative is based on the visitor’s criteria of searches. Predictive is based on correlation to . These are the associative. and consumer-directed. the state of landing page is also very necessary. the closed-ended and open-ended. the open ended also provides various landing pages. For this reason. Landing pages convinces visitors to stay and look around the website. On the other hand. not just load the page and navigate away. Although that is the case. It can be based on targeting or experimentation.

132 the unknown data about the visitor. And consumer-directed is based on how relevant the public information is to the visitor. .

you have to check on the Landing Page from time to time. any concern regarding dissatisfaction and issues of the services being provided will be addressed and will be dealt with great attention. and operated by the Cloud Networks Limited offices which are also subject to the English Law. Termination of such privilege will be done once any break from the terms and condition is made. The non-exclusive license to use the Loading Page will be granted by the Cloud to its customer given that that customer has successfully complied with the terms and conditions set by the Cloud.133 Be Aware of the Cloud and its Comprehensive Landing Page The Cloud is incessantly bringing the market innovative products and services. managed. On the Landing Page of the Cloud Networks Limited. the Landing Page and the services that The Cloud provides is now governed with more comprehensive terms and conditions particularly with the use of wireless LAN services. Through the Cloud Landing Page. applicable law. This is also a good opportunity for the company to collect suggestions or whether their customers are still happy and satisfied with the kind of service they provide. that is regularly updated. The jurisdiction and the acceptance of the terms and conditions found on the Landing Page and the Service of the Cloud is in fact controlled. So to get the latest events of the wireless LAN service provider. . regulations and the competent authority that they have are posted. Hence.

And to successfully create a deal with the Cloud services.134 Also. . the terms and conditions should be highlighted and understood by both parties to eventually come up with an agreement. through the Landing Page. any application to avail the services provided by the Cloud can be done by signing up on the Landing Page.

Your PPC account comes with tools that give you customized reports to monitor results of your PPC service. However. This is because when you create your landing page design for instance. enhancing and complete development of website to increase the sales growth of your business. This will happen if you have real time extranet access the pay per click account. Extranet in designing and creating landing page can help you measure results achieved by other teams. and the suppliers that can have at least 50 users for each. You would be surprised by the huge number but organizations here could mean the customers. for more interesting ability of extranet. So if you employ a site that is extranet-operated then there wouldn’t be any problem in managing the search engine results of the campaigns you make for your marketing programs and projects found on your landing pages. business to business models have 450 or more extranet organizations that utilize a single site. This concept of extranet in business organization can be linked to the definition of extranet landing page.135 The Extranet Landing Page and Pay Per Click Strategy Typically. business partners. you have to execute a simple process that involves the use of an advanced extranet project. Getting a direct communication with the web designers and the other teams that are involved in the project can be done through the use of extranet. . There are online services that provide PPC search engine marketing results that can track all the information and details needed in your PPC search engine marketing program online. it is being employed improving.

extranet can in fact increase the efficiency and quality of customer service you can provide on your landing pages. .136 Therefore.

1. Come up with what part of your website would you want to test. Choose your tuning method from among the usual methods that comprise A-B Split Testing. to increase the landing page conversion rate of your website you must comprehend the following guidelines and you will be placed on the position you are aiming to acquire. graphical elements that will serve as backup for your present design. Innovation should never stop since this will lead you to an increased conversion rate as well. and SiteTuners Tuning Engine. you have to have a clear-cut view of the conversion action of your website and the end-results which is the dollar value. So. To be more specific. 4. Do not stop innovating your landing page. 2. 3. So. To be able to comprehend the economic undertaking of your landing page you have to quantify the profit of the conversion value. 5. Be aware of your target audience and get the visitors that can possibly build a good relationship with your busi- . Your landing page parts have critical positions when it comes to conversion actions. You can employ the conversion improvement profit calculator as a tool. understand. Taguchi Method/Multivariate Testing. you have to decompose your pages and single out the component that you want to include for testing. Create new designs or other copywriting materials. and realize you business objectives.137 Landing Page Conversion Rate: Raise Your Conversions Higher Gaining the higher conversion rate you want is possible as long as you follow a disciplined action plan that is based on scientific approach. Comprehend.

6. Once you were able to gather the data you have to do verification so that you can predict higher conversion rate in the future. Finally you should be able to collect the data and do an analysis of it. .138 ness. Every data that is gathered should be based on conversion actions. You can hire employ very good web analytic packages to support your action plan. You can install some tracking software to know what part of your landing pages gets more attention or click from your visitors.

The keywords are used to describe the product or service that your advertisement is offering. Pay Per Click or PPC is also called as Pay Per Ranking. The PPC strategy works best if your advertisement made it on the top list of websites most visited and if your site gets an increased traffic. the higher your advertisement ranks on the list. So if you are to resort to PPC marketing strategy you have to be wary of the campaigns that might steer you away of you objectives. PPC is a smart idea because through PPC you can get the target traffic you desire and you only pay for the actual clicks that have been made to your site. Pay Per Position. the better results. So it also means that you pay for the traffic generated by the clicking without hidden costs at all. Apart from that. PPC has the capacity to include your site on the list of the sites that get the highest search engine results through the use of keywords. So. However. How does it work? You only pay the service if the searcher or the user clicks on your list and then successfully made a connection to your site. . PPC will also give you the highest exposure for your site without actually spending too much in any of your marketing campaign.139 PPC: The Pay Per Click Guidelines To get more oriented with the Pay Per Click advertising strategy you have to know its definition first and its role in the advertising industry. Why would advertisers resort to the PPC strategy? PPC is already proven when it comes to promoting any of your business on the web. a good price and good results can be very risky as well. Cost Per Click and Pay Per Placement.

When correct optimization is executed. The required minimum 200 words per page The content tells a lot of things to the users. However. Technically speaking. If the page contains less than 200 words. To make this possible. you can use word tracker software and other available tools so you will determine which keywords are the most searched and are always used by the users. here are the things you have to consider to make SEO the most powerful tool you can utilize: 1. then the website will undoubtedly get lower search engine ranking. visible and you will eventually increase your sales and your lead generation. search engine tools and optimization may find it hard to provide results with a page that contains less than 200 words. Highlight and Fulfill Keyword Research This can be done by identifying the keyword phrases that your website will target. So. The content and the required .140 Search Engine Optimization: Let People Find You as You Increase Sales and Lead Attaining the highest ranking position through search engine optimization or SEO can be the laurel of every marketer. you will make your website searchable. Also. 2. the fact that search engine optimization can be the greatest companion of online marketers and other corporate websites it should still be properly monitored so that it can continue to serve its purpose. the keyword research can increase the usability of your website because you can speak to your visitors by using the same language. apart from the keyword density it contains.

the descriptive link text. 3. The maximum 100kb HTML size The HTML size should be at least 100kb because a web page that contains more than the said measurement would mean penalizing the results of the search engine. Hence. as much possible everything should be user-friendly in terms of download time. . Other details that may be helpful in SEO are: the CSS used for layout. the relevance of the headings and subheadings that are used. meaningful and comprehensive page title.141 number of words may also be helpful in the usability of the web page. the teaser or the opening paragraph. and other minor technical details.

PPC should be executed the correct way so that you can attain your desired goal which is to make them interested in the services and products that you offer on your website. Once your reader get attracted to your site and you successfully managed to make them click through other part and other links found on your site. This also means that keywords that your web page contains help your audience or the users to get directed in your website. and services. products. However. Therefore. the user will explore more on your website and then you will also get the opportunity to get them do what you want them to do. Once you have given your user a plethora of choices to choose from then there is no way that he will leave your website immediately. Search engine optimization in marketing gives the reader what they want. How does it affect your conversion rate? When you create an advertising web page that contains the search engine keywords you should be able to let the user click on your advertisement. materials. you can improve you conversion rate right now if you provide more links and resources on your website.142 Improve Your Conversion Rate Now! Keywords perform a great role in increasing the conversion rate of your web page. this is not a free service since you will have to pay for every click the user makes. . Another popular marketing strategy to improve your conversion rate is through the pay per click strategy. a good search engine optimization or search engine marketing company does not just bombard the users and visitors with keywords but provide them with quality content. they will stay and will find out what is more that you can offer to them. Finally. This in turn will also give you higher conversion rate. Then.

143 Landing Page Conversion Handbook: Increased Impact Pays Well There are already a lot of mean in increasing conversion rates of landing pages. The Landing Page Handbook has created augmented the sales growth because through the handbook the web designers. services for optimization and other related offerings. and complete processing of landing pages. More so. The objectives of such companies are in fact very much highlighted with the successful delivery of landing pages which could yield lucrative business and profitable results. designing. The inclusion in the latest updates in landing pages that is already proven in increasing the conversion value . the handbook for landing pages will aid everybody in acquiring the most recent updates in the development of landing pages and the best practices that can be employed to enhance the writing. online marketers. The Landing Page Handbook. Through excellent landing page design and superb copywriting materials the landing page conversion rate would create a great impact that will result in higher revenues. 2008 has been recognized as the bible for increasing the conversion rates and revenues. and copywriters have gained professional assistance by studying and familiarizing themselves in various scientific approaches in creating tremendous and excellent landing pages. The handbook for landing pages has also spawned and initiated the increasing growth of new companies that offer landing page consultancies. testing services.

and other multimedia elements. podcasts.144 rates of are the influences that come from blogs. top landing page blunders that should be avoided. . videos. the most relevant lift available in conversions. and the steps in increasing the performances that come from the generation lead pages. Also included in the handbooks are topics that deal with: latest landing page designs.

The landing page which is also termed as the microsite is designed to attain marketing outcome.145 Defining Your Marketing Landing Page When it comes to defining your marketing landing page you have to start by focusing on the web design of your home page. This is done by asking the visitor to fill out an online form to get customer profile. This is why there is also a need to come up with various landing pages which can yield more returns and leads. After the customer is being referred to the landing page the company will then maximize the opportunity to attract more customers by giving them a series of pages that will yield sales and lead enhancement. Visitors are directed to marketing campaigns being offered by the company. The landing page that will be used should depend on the campaign objectives and the time- . The Rationale and Objectives behind Marketing Landing Page • To generate lead and then eventually sales • Creation of profile system which can be used in further marketing communications • Discussion of the company’s value wherein the customers can throw their inquiries and get settlements afterwards • Dissemination of company and brand values and the organizational campaigns The Two Kinds of Marketing Landing Pages The availability of various kinds of marketing landing pages is not a problem but the selection of which kind of landing page to use should be considered. However. this is not always the case especially if your company is already having a great number of online marketing campaigns.

146 frame of the project’s existence (long term or short term campaign for instance). The Bespoke Landing Page which is not in fact part of the main site structure or overall site style but it still offers a unique and special overall look and feel for the site. Here are the two types: 1. 2. . The Integrated Landing Page for site architecture and style which is designed to be consistent with customized page templates and navigation function capacity of the site.

Keywords are highly significant in PPC management because it enables your audience to come up with a more expedite process of researching. . the Pay Per Click Service can be taken advantage of. demonstration of skills and assessment from wide-ranging examinations to get more response from the target market. The industry of PPC advertising management is becoming clear-cut especially as it approaches more and more competitors in the market. to assure that proper management of PPC advertising is maintained.147 The PPC Advertising Management To maximize your means in advertising management. Also. The constantly evolving strategies of the PPC advertising management can be also attributed to the increasing response that companies acquire from such strategy. In fact other companies have to hire an entire team that will dedicate their time in just managing the PPC advertising projects and campaigns to get the desired results. The end results of the PPC advertising strategy is an increased in the traffic and higher rank in the search engine results. the PPC advertising management is a search engine technique in marketing that necessitates the service provider to pay somebody to click on your website advertisement. This is because the effectiveness of PPC advertising management has been proven for years. For the record. What are the proven strategies of the PPC advertising management? Successful managing PPC projects and campaigns are based on knowledge and expertise of the copywriters.

. to make PPC strategy closer to every issue of competition.148 Finally. and bidmanagement. In fact there are even available management software that has the capabilities of managing conversions. you can also employ the powerful tools available in the market that lets you leverage automation of your PPC management. traffic.

it has evolved and it has positioned itself in the Google’s search engine results. Even before Google came along. So. the search engine optimization or SEO tool has been considered as highly valuable in increasing the web traffic of the website.149 Before Search Engine Optimization or SEO There Was Meta Tag In marketing industry. However. Meta tags or the meta description tag can be seen in the head area of the HTML code of your website which is also found in the result page of the crawler search engines. This is why until now the use of . Because of the predictable quality of meta tags the search engine marketers have the power to control the listing of website that will be shown in the search engine results. If you have an increased traffic of web page this means that you can yield higher sales growth. the success rate of search engine optimization can be attributed to the effectiveness of the use of meta tags. The meta tags are used as in generating search engine listing which is also linked to the title tag. meta tags continue to exist and give significance in developing web content. The effectiveness of the keyword search through search engine optimization can be as equally important as the presence of meta tags on your web page. The meta tag can be strategically positioned on your website along with the high number of keywords and the density of the keyword to achieve one objective: top spot in the search engine result. with the advent of Google.

150 meta tags in Google still exists because of the success rate it provided to Google search engine. .

this is still not enough guarantee that the website shall be listed in the top.151 Information About Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services A person who has a website has certainly heard about search engine optimization. it is a serious business because the Internet has become so commercialized. However. Paid search engine listings There are many paid and affordable search engine listings online. In the year 2000. he might just be wasting money. Other website owners might opt for the free listings but the competition here is much worse. This is the main reason why so many companies are offering affordable search engine optimization services. Popular engines offer paid listings which require the website owners to bid for position on a pay-per-click basis. The website owner must make sure that the affordable search engine optimization service has good strategies. The paid search engine listings has a number of challenges for website owners especially those who are in a limited budget. But there is still hope if the website really don’t have the budget. might be weird and laughable. Free listings can be opti- . However. It has become a place where services and products are viewed and bought by various people online. Presently. It is because it will be competing with other websites in terms of traffic received. this is not always so. Otherwise. the idea of paying or hiring a company to place his website among the top ranks on a search engine.

152 mized and some companies offer affordable search engine optimization services on this. .

Bespoke PPC company is sometimes more concerned with catching up the latest paid search facilities that big PPC providers have and not on offering an effective set of techniques. A business must base its decision on hiring a PPC company using as basis professionalism.153 How to Choose a PPC Company? Companies wanting to hire a PPC company for their website must choose wisely. Sometimes. A good PPC company will always provide the contact details of their past clients who were impressed by their services. a smaller consultancy firm has fewer staffs but are more experienced. A small PPC company is sometimes preferable because it is competent and effective and not expensive at all. Selling products and services means an effective advertisement. A business is therefore assured that the PPC company is not making any mistakes at its expense. having an effective advertisement means hiring a PPC company that is both effective in creating and managing campaigns and at the same time saving money for the business. Choose a PPC company that has client references. Some tips in choosing a PPC company 1. . 3. It must know whether the staff working in the company is really professionals or just new recruits. It is better to choose a PPC company that are not tied to using ones set of products. Meanwhile. 2. experience and client satisfaction. A PPC company that uses bespoke PPC campaign management systems maybe a disadvantage rather than an advantage. A PPC company that has been in business longer means that he has more experience. A business should also check the staff qualifications of the PPC company. 4.

154 Choosing The Best Search Engine Optimization Companies A website owner who is looking for the best search engine optimization companies should be aware of a few factors to look for. What are these factors? A website owner who wants to get an SEO company that is reliable. After that. Second. Fourth. therefore it is just natural to choose the best among the many companies offering the same services. First. a good SEO company must also submit the website to directories and monitor its acceptance. Creating traffic for a website is serious business and entails cost. a good SEO company will provide assistance in helping a website owner to get into fee-based inclusions. This means that a website owner gets an initial report after a month and more. It would also explain the benefits and the differences between them. SEO companies ideally should provide ideas on how to achieve better rankings. it offers regular monitoring services. There are also other qualities that a website owner can look for in SEO companies such as the number of years the SEO . he will get monthly reports. ethical and effective must know what qualities to look for. the best search engine optimization company makes recommendations regarding the content of the website in terms of improving it for search engines. Third.

155 company has been operating. Does it have a marketing experience? Does it have satisfied customers and have they been singing praises to this company? Are there testimonials and references? These are just among the many questions and qualities that a website owner can look for in a search engine optimization company. .

He must make plans that ensure that the website shall be appearing both on the search engine optimization of the free area and also the pay-per-click advertising which is the paid area of the search engines.156 Ways and Means to Improve Search Engine Optimization Marketing Search engine optimization marketing is a complex task as its name suggests. get the services of a search engine optimization company. Third. he must also establish a search engine optimization marketing plan. This means more opportunities for small businesses to gain customers all over the world with just his website. But this is not an easy feat. which means a more effective strategy. This company shall be able to initiate changes to the website to get higher rankings by building a website according to . He can always search for SEO advisors or consultants on how he can have better and real results. the website owner can improve his search engine optimization marketing by establishing his strategies and goals. It represents different and many chances for advertisement and marketing. What to establish? First. can be formulated. Before consulting the SEO experts though. The market demand is constantly changing in terms of trends and technologies. Second. A goal would mean asking himself “What is the purpose of the website?” Is it to sell things or to educate an audience? Establishing the purpose would give a focus to it. it is best that the website owner establish some things. A website owner do not need a long explanation on how to create traffic for his website.

.157 standards. having a great content and getting credible websites to link to his website.

What can SEO software do? There is much SEO software available on the Internet. It is also an assistant to the website operator because it can replace various repetitive tasks with a tool that is more faster with equal quality. the costs of maintaining a website is decreased which manifest in the reduction of personnel needed. Second. A website owner also saves a lot of time with SEO software. There are those that use an automation process which repairs the common errors in the website design. it reports the rankings of web pages in the search engines. He doesn’t have to regularly check and adjust the website in terms of a changed rule or trend. It submits and reports the successful submission of the optimized pages. Some SEO software is also web-based tool. which automatically updates and patches. Due to this. Eventually.158 Search Engine Optimization Software Search engine optimization (SEO) software basically works as a guide in optimizing web pages and schedules. This means saving hours and hours of time. spent doing other relevant things pertaining to business. This allows the adjustment of algorithm changes in the search engine world very quickly and is reflected automatically in the client base. SEO software entails the automation of SEO operations. which can be. What are its benefits? A website owner who has SEO software can now concentrate on the other business problems since there is lesser work. . In terms of costs. profitability is also increased.

159 SEO software is a useful aid for website owners because it saves time. . money and effort.

he can opt for other less popular and less cheap keywords. the website owner can use the above tips to be more cost-effective. Some tips for website owners Website owners should be aware that running an effective PPC campaign means the following: 1. Naturally.Second. These keywords would nonetheless give him the volume of traffic if he has a group of keywords. However. For example. 2. He must always keep track that the rankings are not dropping. that’s why many website owners are now getting their first PPC campaign because it is affordable and effective. Website owners unconsciously put out more money just to make one sale. Many website owners commit many mistakes which makes it more expensive in the long run. . which is not cost-effective. Then. PPC campaign is not always effective when it is not wellplanned and well thought of. a website owner might invest on a PPC campaign using leading PPC providers. He must be able to calculate whether the cost of the PPC campaign is less than the profits gained. The main disadvantage of so many keywords. these are more expensive. however. is that is it not easy to manage. Traditional advertisements are expensive. a website owner has a Switzerland vacation house. Other than this reason. a website owner can choose a less expensive keyword rather than the keyword that is included in the top listing. The most expensive would be the keyword “Switzerland vacation house” but this is expensive. For example.160 Tips on Having an Effective PPC Campaign A website owner needs an effective advertisement tool to sell his products and services.

Since the Internet is an interactive medium. They play an important role because there is a possibility that revenues will increase. PPC service helps the companies to take advantage of interactivity by selecting the proper words that the target customer may type in the search engine. PPC campaign creation and set up. When a user types in the keywords related to the website. advertising. mobile searching. and others. there is a chance to sell their products or services. blogs and other websites. There are . It can be as keyword research. PPC services cover various issues. What these PPC services companies do is basically bid on the keywords. The principle behind PPC is that advertisers will pay when a user has clicked on their website. Individuals can read about PPC services if they want to advertise their websites.161 About PPC Services Businesses who want to sell their services or products online can benefit from PPC services. Why use PPC Services? PPC services enter the picture when the business wants to get a service that can work to target the customer base. then the ads are displayed and shall appear as sponsored links to regular search engine results. multilingual searching. There are many companies that provide PPC services to businesses and individuals. If a user clicks on the website. What are PPC Services? PPC services or pay per click services is a type of advertisement that is used on numerous search engines.

Getting PPC services can be a great benefit for business and individuals.162 small companies that offer PPC services to get better results in PPC advertising. . The cost of having one is less than the traditional way of advertising.

4. It is better to keep away from SEO firms that promise this. He must also be realistic enough to know that there is no guarantee that he can get a number one ranking in major search engines. The idea is to get the help of an effective SEO firm. This would ensure that the website becomes search engine friendly from the bottom and up. It is better to know the right questions and be familiar with some terms. about the services it offers and other information that might be helpful. 3. There are SEO firms that can damage the website and cost more money. 2. A website owner must steer away from SEO firms that send spam emails. However. . Asking questions and knowing about the SEO firm is better as early as possible. A website owner must not hesitate to ask questions about the previous work of the SEO firm.163 Selecting a Reliable Search Engine Optimization Firm Getting the services of a search engine optimization or SEO firm is a good decision if a website owner wants to increase his chances of being read and scanned by his target audience or clients. Tips and tricks 1. A website owner must know something about SEO before hiring an SEO firm. This could be during a website redesign or during plans to launch a new website. There are many SEO firms that are known to be unethical and might have aggressive marketing strategies that could hurt the website rather than help. 5. even saying that they have special connections with search engine companies. not all SEO firms are reliable and ethical. It is better to hire an SEO firm as early as possible.

An SEO service shall pick the target keywords which increases the odds of the website being seen by the target audience. How can SEO service help? An SEO service makes sure that the website will appear among the top results. the first five pages of the search engine and no more. Third. Second.164 All About Search Engine Optimization Service Search engine optimization has become popular among website owners because it is an effective strategy to market their products and services. An SEO service will ensure that the website will be read. Search engine optimization is not an easy job. He must see if the SEO service has many satisfied customers who are just willing to provide testimonials and recommendations. an SEO company would provide services such as reporting and . It shall also position the keywords in a way that they shall appear in crucial places on the website pages. ethical and effective SEO service. How to choose an SEO service? A website owner should always look for a reliable. he can also look for its experience or how many years it has been in business. It also places importance on the HTML title tag. The concept behind search engine optimization is to increase traffic for websites which in turn results to more users reading the website. thus website owners might consider hiring an SEO service to make it easier. More readers knowing about the website could mean more sales. It is a fact that people only read in the search engine.

165 monitoring services and whatever extra work it can do for the website owner. .

166 Understanding Web Search Engine Optimization Web search engine optimization refers to the process of editing and organizing the content of a website to achieve a higher organic search listings. It can be in the form of an image search. which is ongoing and evolving. Web search engine optimization could target different types of searches. It can then be viewed as an art. it is a marketing strategy wherein a website will be placed among the top listings in search engines. In layman’s term. He can also create gateway pages. It is an effective utilization of the search engines to create traffic. He must ensure that he finetunes the Title tag to increase traffic. Other . This would result to the increase of the volume of traffic from search engines. which contains the specific set of keywords. This means that the title should contain the important keywords. Making a website search engine friendly is not just simply building a website and then submitting it to the search engines. This increases his chances of being read by users and eventually might result to his products or services being bought. What’s the concept behind this? The idea behind SEO is that it thinks of what people will search for. The website owner has to make important and critical steps before submitting his website. SEO basically is about editing the content and HTML coding of the website to increase its relevance and also to remove barriers to indexing activities. a local search or industry-specific vertical search engines.

Having some ideas on how this works will certainly give a website owner an edge over the others. This refers to frames. Getting noticed is what web search engine optimization is all about.167 steps are ensuring that site technology will not confuse search engines. CGI scripts. . image maps and others.

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