Oh NUNOLOGIT “THE GUIDE” series is needed more than ever in this day and time. This our new guidance system as sent down to our very own Ascended Master: DR. NEB HERU-NUN the SOLAR DEITY (SUN GOD) of this day and time. This is a guidance system that will take you on an “INNER JOURNEY” towards “SELF PERFECTION”. This is also “THE !Y OF THE NUNOLOGIST”. Use this “Guidance System” we call “THE GUIDE” to guide others into our way of life and way of doing things as NUNOLOGIST all according to the !s"t"#e Eterna$ La%s !& A$'"(ht) Nat*re. This system is not to “FORCE” anything on NON" NUNOLOGIST, it was simply sent down in order to keep us NUNOLOGIST #$cused and c$m#$%ta&'e with our “ !Y OF LIFE”. Each Culture has a way of doing things on the P'anet Ea%th and so do we. Our way called “ THE GUIDE” is in tune, in rhythm, and in sync with !'mighty Ete%na' Natu%e and Natu%e La(s. This is a very ractical !uidance "ystem that must #e applied to “YOUR E)ERY D!Y LIFE”. OH NUNOLOGIST, “USE IT”$ “THE GUIDE” was sent down from ON HIGH %Si%ius, Si*tu, Si&tu& 'ust for you. The +h"$dren !& the ,ar- A%a)

Ones, (inked to you through DN! %GENETIC& Res$nance #y way of your +'$$d. These are your !ncest$%s #e “H!PPY” and “PROUD” they are calling you #ack home to your own way of doing things$ )s you read your new way of (ife “THE GUIDE” allow your “,IND” and “HE!RT” to #e $*en, c'ea%, and #%ee$ *eep your “HE!RT” lite so you will #e a#le to take in this most Sac%ed and Li#e T%ans#$%ming +nformation$ +E PROUD OF HO YOU !RE- ! NUNOLOGIST. -*est"!n: .hat d!es the .!rd G*"de Mean/ !ns(e%/ )ccording to the ,erriam -e#ster.s Online /ictionary the word 0Guide1 means0 a / one that leads or directs another1s way 0 / a person who e2hi#its and e2plains points of interestc / something that provides a person with guiding informationd / "+!3 O"T 4e / a person who directs another1s conduct or course of life. T! G*"de "s t! $ead1 as $!n( as the $ead"n( "s "n the r"(ht d"rect"!n2 –DR.NEB HERU-NUN


4. THE NEURON in your +R!IN are cells that act #y way of ,ascu'ine and Feminine Ene%gy. 5. 6our NEURONS NUNOLOGIST send and receive ELECTRO"CHE,IC!L "ignals to and from you +R!IN and NE)EROUS SYSTE,. 7. There are NEURONS throughout your whole entire G2O2D +ODY. 8. 344 +i''i$n NEURONS plus make up your +R!IN alone$ 9. :emem#er NUNOLOGIST that ,!SCULINE means “t$ send $ut, acti5e, as in to acti5ate or acti$n.” ;. )nd FE,ININE means “inc$ming, %ecei5e, as in to #e %ece*ti5e or %ece*ti$n, t$ channe' in, or $*en the channe', gate(ay or inne% *$%ta'. <. NUNOLIGIST this is the N!TURE $# N!TURE and how N!TURE works$ =. OH NUNOLOGIST we must &egin t$ %ea'i6e, study, and &ec$me a(a%e of the INNER OR7INGS of our +R!IN and entire +ODY. >. NUNOLOGIST “THE NEURON” is made up of a CELL +ODY, also known as “THE SO,!”, with +R!NCHING SIGN!L RECEI)ERS known as


“DENDRITES” and a *%$8ecti$n called an “!9ON” which conduct the “NER)E SIGN!L ”. 4?. )t the opposite end of the 0!9ON” there is something known as the “!9ON TER,IN!LS” which


is the “G!P or SP!CE” #etween the !9ON TER,IN!L and the Recei5ing Ce''. 44. NUNOLOGIST you might #e wondering how “THE NEURON &*nct"!ns and !3erates/” 45. 6OU: NEURON has a +ODY a LONG T!IL and many +R!NCHES. 47. Each NER)E CELLS is connected with thousands of other NER)E CELLS #y these #ranches, which almost touch each other, called “DENDRITES”. @rom the end of each #ranch of DENDRITES, CHE,IC!LS are sent out and picked up #y the nearest +R!NCH of another NEURON. 48. -hen a “CHE,IC!L ,ESS!GE” is received #y a “NEURON”, it is carried through its #ranches #y “ELECTRICITY”.

49. This is the #undamenta's of how YOUR +R!IN works through ELECTRIC!L ,ESS!GES and I,PLUSES. 4;. ,ILLIONS UPON ,ILLIONS of ,ESS!GES are #eing sent through your +R!IN at each second. 4<. This is how the +R!IN does it work, to c$mmunicate to the rest of the #ody, through CHE,IC!L LIGHT ,ESS!GES %ELECTRICITY&. 4=. Aesides NEURONS there are other cells in your +R!IN called “GLI!L CELLS.” 4>. These CELLS act like CE,ENT, and hold NEURONS in place. 5?. They also help “#eed” THE NEURON$ is the “FUNCTION” of THE 54. This NEURON.

55. NUNOLOIGIST there are also tiny NEURONS throughout your +ODY doing the work of !LI,IGHTY ETERN!L N!TURE$ 57. There are ,OTOR O: ,OTO"NEURONS that ca%%y signa's from your “CENTR!L NER)OUS SYSTE,” %CNS& to your “,USCLES” and “ENDOCRINE GL!NDS”.

58. Then you have SENSORY NEURONS that carry “,ESS!GES” from your +ODIES “SENSE RECEPTORS” %y$u% eyes, ea%s etc.& to your “CENTR!L NER)OUS SYSTE,” %CNS&. 59. )nd lastly you have “INTERNEURONS” that form all the NEUR!L IRING within your “CENTR!L NER)OUS SYSTE,” %CNS&. 5;. The INTERNEURONS have two “!9ONS” instead of an “!9ON” and a “DENDRITE”. 5<. One of the “!9ON” communicates with the “SPIN!L CORD”, and one with either the “S7IN” or “,USCLES”. 5=. )ll this is taking “NEURON!L SIGN!LING” place through

5>. NUNOLOGIST the #est way to O)ERST!ND “NUERON!L SIGN!LING” is to look into our NER)OUS SYSTE,2 7?. Un#eknown to most the purpose of our “NER)OUS SYSTE,” is to TR!NSFER INFOR,!TION from the PERIPHER!L NER)OUS SYSTE, %PNS& to the CENTR!L NER)OUS SYSTE, %CNS&, process the INFOR,!TION in the CENTR!L NER)OUS SYSTE, %CNS&, and send #ack INFOR,!TION


to the %PNS&.




74. This transfer of information from the E9TERN!L %OUTER& EN)IRON,ENT, through NEURONS, and #ack again to the E9TERN!L %OUTER& EN)IRON,ENT is known as NEURON!L SIGN!LING. 75. BE:E is the NUNOLOGY of the PROCCESS of “HO ” NUERON!L SIGN!LING OR7S0 77. Aefore a NERUON receives a signal it is in a resting state. 78. NEURONS receive signals in T O FOR,S0 a. Chemica' changes0 This is done via NEUROTRANSMITTERS %SYN!PTIC TR!NS,ISSION& or CHE,IC!L ELE,ENTS in the EN)IRON,ENT %e.g., OLF!CTORY RECEPTOR NEURONS& #. PHYSIC!L CH!NGES. E2amples include t$uch %ece*t$%s in the S:in or Ph$t$%ece*t$%s in the Retina ;IN THE EYE<


79. These SIGN!LS causes YOUR “IONS” to fluctuate in YOUR NEURON=S PL!S,! ,E,+R!NE which creates an “ELECTRIC!L CURRENT FLO IN YOUR +R!IN NEURONS”. 7;. This “ELECTRIC!L CURRENT” flow travels down the !9ON %perhaps long distance through !CTION POTENI!L &. 7<. -hen the current reaches the “TER,IN!L +UTTONS1, NEUROTR!NS,ITTERS are released to other NEURONS or the EN)IRO,ENT. 7=. 3ow you can see how there is inte''igence running throughout your entire +ODY$ 7>. Inte''igence in the form of CODED ,ESS!GES or LIGHT ,ESS!GES from the LIGHT ,ESSENGER or NEUROTR!NS,ITTER. 8?. Each THOUGHT you are e2periencing are firing off ELE+TRI+AL +HEMI+ALS !& LIGHT.A4ES and the LIGHT ,ESSENGER which is the NERUROTR!NS,ITTER is responsi#le NUNOLOGIST for sending these ,ESS!GES to your CONSCIOUS and


SU+CONSCIOUS ! !RENESS throughout the +ODY$



84. THE NEURON as PO ERFUL as it may #e FEEDS off “D!R7 ENERGY” and “D!R7 ,!TTER” THE BLA+5 LIGHT !& ETERNAL E6ISTEN+E. 85. "ee NUNOLOGIST every THOUGHT that you are e2periencing is #uilding and or strengthening NEUR!L P!TH! !YS which are determining your #utu%e throughout the course of the day and throughout one.s lifetime. 87. This is known as NEUROPL!STICITY$ 88. NUNOLOGIST “NEUROPL!STICITY” is your +R!IN=S a#ility to reorganiCe itself #y forming new “NEUR!L” connections throughout $ne=s 'i#etime, that is to say NUNOLOGIST that any one thing or things you are doing at any given moment t%ains y$u% +R!IN to grow #etter at doing it. 89. This works for “POSITI)E” H!+ITS or !CTIONS as well as “NEG!TI)E” H!+ITS or !CTIONS. 8;. NUNOLOGIST this is why it is so important to m$nit$% and $&se%5e your O N THOUGHTS$

8<. 6our +R!IN is a gift from !L,IGHTY ETERN!L N!TURE we must learn HO TO PROPERLY USE IT. 8=. *nowing the Science of your +R!IN=S NEURONS is a ma'or step in taking #ack your PO ER and MASTERING YOUR O.N DESTINY as NUNOLOGIST$ 8>. THOUGHTS +ECO,E THINGS and now we know the SCIENCE #ehind why they do. 9?. "o in knowing the SCIENCE of “NEUROPL!STICTY” and the SCIENCE OF THE PHR!SE “THOUGHTS BE+OME THINGS” you now have the PO ER as NUNOLOGIST to %e"sha*e, and %e"m$'d your lives. 94. -henever you want to take on any new HIGHER >ua'ity of THOUGHT or H!+IT all you have to do is TR!IN YOUR +R!IN #y doing it over and over. 95. NUNOLOGIST the PO ER OF )ISION also ties into NERUOPL!STICITY #y way of the “,IRROR NEURON”. 97. -hat is a “,IRROR NEURON” you may askD 98. ) “,IRROR NEURON” is a “NEURON” that fires #oth when a HU,!N +EING acts and

when a HU,!N +EING o#serves the same action performed #y another. 99. NUNOLOGST the “,IRROR NEURON” also known as “THE E,P!THY NEURON” connects us to other PEOPLE allowing us to feel what others feel and e2perience. 9;. ,IRROR NEURONS or E,P!THY NEURONS respond to our I,GIN!TION or Image $# $u%se'5es, THE SELF I,!GE and #ecause this happens we can e2perience E,OTION!L FEED+!C7 that is coming from $the%s as if it was coming from $u%se'5es. 9<. -e literally “T!P INTO” how they are “FEELING” on a “SU+CONSCIOUS” to “CONSCIOUS” LE)EL $# ! !RENESS. 9=. NUNOLOGIST you must realiCe that these “,IRROR NEURONS” or “E,P!THY NEURONS” as they are also known, do not know the difference #etween ourselves and others. 9>. This is the reason so ,!NY in this day and time try so hard to fit in and need E9CEPT!NCE from OTHERS.


;?. They are searching for )!L!DI!TION from OUTSIDE FORCES, EO LE ARE SEAR+HING ,OR AN IDENTIY2 ;4. NUNOLOGIST this is why the S+IEN+E O, NUNOLOGY is so important in this day and time$ ;5. 6ou are learning how to +UILD, STRENGTHEN and take #ack control of that INNER 7INGDO,, so YOU will not #ecome slaves to OUTSIDE FORCES$ ;7. YOU C!N T!7E +!C7 CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE NO !S ! ,!STER OF DESTINY. ;8. OH NUNOLOGIST all of this is to say that the “,IRROR NEURON” is a 3?4° DEGREE %e#'ecti$n of the $%'d ITHIN and ORLD ITHOUT. ;9. !s !&$5e S$ +e'$(, YOU as THE NUNOLOIGIST #eing the COS,IC C!USE of your own RE!LITY. ;;. +t.s a “,IRROR” ORLD listen to the word “,IRROR @NEURON”, ,IRROR as in REFLECTION, REFLECT O: REFR!CT as in LIGHT !)ES REFR!CTING off a SURF!CE







;<. )lso taking from O'd F%ench “'"re!"r” meaning “OBSER4ATION”, '"rad!"r %33th centu%y&, from '"rer E'$$: atE, “O&se%5e, atch, C$ntem*'ate” from '"rar" Et$ ($nde% at, admi%eE ;=. )3/ NEURO ,E)3+3! “STRENGTH O: )IGOR”. NER)E,

;>. The INNER OR7INGS of D!R7NESS, ,ani#esting the "OFC)((E/ LIGHT. <?. THE DU!T or "OFC)((E/ DU!LITY coming from the ONE SOURCE, !LI,IGHTY ETERN!L N!TURE$ <4. YOU create YOUR RE!LITY from that which is REFLECTED on the +L!C7 IN7 SP!CE of YOUR ,IND. <5. The other 3?4° DEGREE turn of the Physica' to 3?4° DEGREE turn or REFLECTION of the SPIRITU!L giving you the AB4° DEGREES. <7. On into 3?4° DEGREES of CRE!TI)E THOUGHT to 3?4° DEGREE of CRE!TI)E ENERGY another AB4° DEGREE, thus rendering






<8. THE ,!STER OF TI,E, DESTINY, )3/ CH!NGE, THE GRE!T ULTI,!TE RE!LITY . <9. The /iscovery %Uncovering& of the “,IRROR NEURON” NUNOLOGIST is a SCIENTIFIC confirmation of what our “N!P!T!N EGYPTI!N !NCESTORS” knew and taught us all along 0 hen y$u study N!TURE y$u STUDY YOURSELF.1 <;. +n this day and time it is safe to say that we all have heard the statement “YOU !RE H!T YOU E!T ”, #ut many may not know the Science #ehind why this is so$ <<. NUNOLOGIST the "cience #ehind “YOU !RE H!T YOU E!T ” #egins with 6OU: “ENTERIC NER)OUS SYSTE,”. <=. YOUR ENTERIC NER)OUS SYSTE, sends and rece"#es im*u'ses, %ec$%ds eE*e%iences and %es*$nds t$ y$u% em$ti$ns. <>. The “ENTERIC NER)OUS SYSTE,” ne%5e ce''s are #athed and influenced NUNOLOGIST #y the same NEURONTR!NS,ITTERS as the ones in your


+R!IN, thus you have “THE +R!IN GUT CONNENTION” =?. YOUR +R!IN can upset your GUT and YOUR “GUT” can upset YOUR “+R!IN”$ =4. NUNOLOGIST everything CO33ECTE/G THE ALL IN ALL2 is

=5. 6OU: “ENTERIC NE)EROUS SYSTE,” is located in the sheaths $# tissue lining the ESOPH!GUS, STO,!CH, S,!LL INTESTINE, and COLON. =7. 6OU: “ENTERIC NER)OUS SYSTE,” NUNOLOGIST is a NET OR7 of NEURONS, NEUROTR!NS,ITTERS, and PROTIENS that 6a* messages #etween NERUONS, support CELLS like those found in the +R!IN PROPER or CERE+UR, and is a comple2 CIRCUITRY that ena#les it to act inde*endent'y, 'ea%n, %emem&e% and, as the saying goes, “ RODU+E GUT ,EELINGS”. =8. NUNOLOGIST this “+R!IN GUT CONNECTION” deals with a SCIENCE now known as “NEURO"G!STRO"ENTER"OLOGY” %NEROGASTROENTEROLOGY&. =9. There are 344 ,ILLION NEURONS found in your “GUT”.

=;. There are more NEURONS found in your “GUT” then YOUR entire SPIN!L CORD$ =<. ,a'or NEUROTR!NS,ITTERS like SEROTONIN, DOP!,INE, GLUT!,TE, NOREPHINEPHRINE and NITRIC O9IDE are all in “THE GUT”$ ==. )lso YOU can find t($ d$6en S,!LL +R!IN PROTIENS called “NERUOPEPTIDES” in YOUR GUT along with ma8$% CELLS to your I,,UNE SYSTE,. =>. EN7EPH!LINS which is a mem&e% of the ENDORPHINE F!,ILY are also found in the GUT. >?. "o NUNOLOGIST as you can see what you E!T, take into your +ODY does have an effect on your +R!IN, overall ,enta' State and C$nsci$us !(a%eness. >4. HIGH )I+R!ITON!L FOODS not only effect your +ODY and overall HE!LTH #ut also too your +R!IN and ,IND. >5. "peaking a#out HIGH )I+R!TION!L FOODS NUNOLOGIST, “DH!” %DOCOS!HE9!ENOIC !ICD& is a *E6 Omega"A #atty !cid responsi#le for +R!IN DE)ELOP,ENT and +ONE STRUCTURE$

>7. T($"Thi%ds of the dry weight of YOUR +R!IN is #at, while One >ua%te% of this #at is “DH!”. >8. NUNOLOGIST from a st%uctu%a' point of view “DH!” is an important #uilding #lock for the mem&%anes that surround “+R!IN CELLS”. >9. These mem&%anes include the areas where one +R!IN CELL connects to another, known as the “SYN!PSES.” >;. -hat we are saying NUNOLOGIST is that “DH!” is involved in the transmission of “OUTFOR,!TION” %CRE!TI)E THOUGHT& into “INFOR,!TION” %PERSON!L 7NO LEDGE& and then from one “ NEURON” to the ne2t$ ><. DH! is #undamenta' #$% e##icient +R!IN #uncti$n$ >=. NUNOLOGIST SUPER FOODS HIGH in “DH!” are S!RDINES, S!L,ON, !LNUTS, SUPER +LUE GREEN !LG!E , and FL!9" SEEDS 'ust to name a few. >>. Oh NUNOLOGIST always remem#er that the FOODS you E!T, the ate% you DRIN7, the things you !TCH or P!Y !TTENTION too, and the EN)IRON,ENT you live all have a



Thi i h!" i# "a en# $!"n an$ %e&!%$e$ an$ #hi i h!" i# ha'' (e een )!% a'' #! *a%+e' a#, F!% a ne" g%!-. !) MINDS ha+e n!" S ROUT ,ORTH !n #he LANET EARTH /n!"n a “THE






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3O- )I)+()A(E$

THE GUIDE SERIES TBE !U+/E TBE ,EE* TBE I+:TOU" "UACO3"C+OU" "UA,E3T)( -O,E3 ):E @+:"T TBE I+"+O3 COU:)!E C:E)TO: @O:CE" )" +:)T+O3" TBE !O)( "U3 "O(): "U3 /:E), -O:(/ T:)3"@O:,)T+O3 ,+3/ J ,)TTE: 3)TU:E " +:+T" A(OO/ ")C:+@+CE" TBE 3E:UOF,E()3+3 TBE B):U CB+(/:E3 TBE 3EU:O3 Guide F ?4 ?5 ?7 ?8 ?9 ?; ?< ?= ?> 4? 44 45 47 48 49 4; 4< 4= 4>


THE GUIDE SERIES TBE /+ET TBE +OU" TBE "T): !)TE TBE O:T)( TBE ,+3/." E6E ,OT+O3 TO E,OT+O3 TBE -+(( B+//E3 "U3 TBE O:/E:(6 TBE C6C(E" O@ T+,E 3)TU:E TO 3U:TU:E ,OTBE: O@ )(( C:E)T+O3 /):*3E"" )3/ EK+"TE3CE TBE 3U3O(O!+"T @E,+3+3E @O:CE" ,E3T)( ,)!+C TBE A)F:EF/LE/F:E MU)3TU, ,ECB)3+C" +3TE: CO33ECT+O3" ,O: B+C :E"O3)3CE Guide F 5? 54 55 57 58 59 5; 5< 5= 5> 7? 74 75 77 78 79 7; 7< 7= 7>


)ncient %Ta,a"Rean& Egyptian -ord and rinciple for 4st, rime, Hidden P$tentia' and In#inite P$ssi&i'ities. The Original Creative @orces of the Universe %3ature&, the +'ac: Light of Inte''ect ;Menta$ Ener()<, the +'ac: ate%s or Ce'estia' ate%s known as the Ethe%ic Rea'm, formless Ethe%s, UnFmanifested energies, 3ameless. The Ete%na' N$(. 7A A&r"can e!3$e !-% M"nds a%e 'in/e$ #! ALL Eterna$ an$ A$'"(ht) Nat*re, "ha# "e &an &!n&ei+e in !-% M"nds "i'' (e, ee i# an$ ! ha'' i# (e een8. 9 Ne0 Her*