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Spanish inheritance: Documentation required.

Spanish Inheritance experts of law firm, Arcos & Lamers Asociados, have the pleasure to mention 8 documents that should e o tained in order to e a le to !rant and si!n the Spanish acceptance of Inheritance "itle Deed. #. $ri!inal Death %ertificate with Apostille of &a!ue %onvention. '. $ri!inal Spanish (ill. If not availa le, ori!inal (ill in his countr) with Apostille of the &a!ue %onvention, or alternativel) certification si!ned ) *otar), court or the applica le +u lic authorit) with Apostille. ,. +assport of all the heirs. -. *I. num ers certifications /Spanish fiscal identification num er0 for all the heirs. 1. +assport and *I. num er of the Deceased 2. %op) of +urchase Sale "itle Deed !ranted for the acquisition of the propert). 3. %op) of last paid rates receipt /I4I0. 8. Statement of Spanish an5 account showin! alance at the time of the decease. 6or additional information on Spanish inheritance procedures and the correspondin! Inheritance tax in Spain )ou ma) see our micro http:77inheritanceinspain.eu7

Do not hesitate to contact the law)ers, accountants and tax advisers of our firm Arcos & Lamers Asociados for an) inquir) )ou ma) have with re!ardin! the inheritance procedure in Spain, Spanish Inheritance tax and7or an) other Spanish le!al and tax issues. 9ar ella, Septem er, ':#,.