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Name: Date: Welde Sylvain 1/30/14 1. A Sentinel operator must read the Owner/Operator anual!

%rue / &alse "omplete the "omputer trainin#! and wat"h the Sa$ety video prior to operatin# a Sentinel. '. Anyone with proper trainin# "an operate a Sentinel. %rue / &alse 3. No trainin# is re(uired to operate a Sentinel sa$ely. %rue / &alse 4. A Sentinel "an sa$ely "lim) over a 4* "ur). %rue / &alse +. When #oin# up in"lines! it is important to lean $orward $or %rue / &alse sta)ility and "ontrol. ,. -t is not ne"essary to .eep )oth hands on the handle)ars %rue / &alse and/or )oth $eet on the padded $loormat when operatin# the Sentinel. /. -t is alri#ht to disassem)le the Sentinel whenever there is a %rue / &alse pro)lem. 0. A Sentinel "annot )e stolen. %rue / &alse 1. -t is alri#ht to ride as a passen#er or allow another person to %rue / &alse ride with you when operatin# a Sentinel. 10. -t is alri#ht to operate a Sentinel in in"lement weather %rue / &alse 11. %he Sentinel operator is re(uired to wear a helmet! sa$ety %rue / &alse vest! and #o##les at all times while operatin# the Sentinel. 1'. %he Sentinel should )e stored only in a se"ured "ontrolled %rue / &alse lo"ation. 13. -t is o. to operate the sentinel when you are mentally drained. %rue / &alse 14. -t is important $or the operator to )e "are$ul and "onsiderate %rue / &alse while passin# others travelin# on $oot. 1+. Always )e#in motion in $irst #ear. %rue / &alse 1,. 2ou "an leave the master .ey 3ON* when not in use. %rue / &alse 1/. %he Sentinel will not )e#in to roll in motion until the sa$ety .ey %rue / &alse is inserted. 10. -t is important $or the operator to )e "are$ul and "onsiderate %rue / &alse while passin# others travelin# on $oot. 11. 2ou must utili4e the $lashin# li#hts when renderin# assistan"e. %rue / &alse '0. -t is important to "ondu"t a detailed inspe"tion and do"ument %rue / &alse any dis"repan"ies! as well as noti$yin# your supervisor.