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M. Moaaz

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Process of Inventory Maintenance of Pen manufacturer

Sir Faisal Iq al

MBA (3.5 years) 2nd Semester E ening session

Master Ball!oints Manu"acturers #urc$ase %n entory:

! variety of materials are use" for ma#in$ t%e com&onents of a all&oint &en' inclu"in$ metals' &lastics' an" ot%er c%emicals. (%e in# can e s&ecially ma"e y t%e &en manufacturer. (o e useful in a all&oint &en' t%e in# must e sli$%tly t%ic#' slo) "ryin$ in t%e reservoir' an" free of &articles. (%ese c%aracteristics ensure t%at t%e in# continues to flo) to t%e &a&er )it%out clo$$in$ t%e all. *%en t%e in# is on t%e &a&er' ra&i" "ryin$ occurs via &enetration an" some eva&oration. In an in# formulation' various &i$ments an" "yes are use" to &rovi"e t%e color. +t%er materials' suc% as lu ricants' surfactants' t%ic#eners' an" &reservatives' are also incor&orate". (%ese in$re"ients are ty&ically "is&erse" in materials suc% as oleic aci"' castor oil' or a sulfonami"e &lasticizer.

#urc$ase #rocess
(%e inventory is &urc%ase" mainly y t%e ro#ers. (%ey are )ell &ai" to fin" t%e finest &ro"ucts to $ive e,cellent out&ut. Sometimes online "eals are also ma"e nationally or internationally to $et t%e finest of t%e inventory. (%is all is "one to #ee& t%e country e"ucation )ort%.

%n entory Storage and &uantity Record

%n entory Storage !s Master in"ustries is a manufacturin$ concern all t%e inventory rou$%t in is store" in *are%ouses. -all&oints are t%en counte" an" ins&ecte". (%en t%ey )ill e inventorie" an" store" in rac#s until nee"e" to su&&ly in mar#et.

&uantity Record (%e quantity recor" of Master all&oint manufacturers is maintaine" y follo)in$ activities. /ate of &urc%ase 0uantity &urc%ase" Pro"uct color (y&e of &en 0uantity sol" !ll t%is $ives t%em a recor" of t%eir "aily sales an" activities.

Met$od 'sed ((%()* +%()* ,eig$ted A erage)

(%e met%o" use" for inventory sale out mainly is 1IF+ met%o". It is ecause "eman" of mar#et creates a "iversification in manufacturin$ an" t%us innovations are rou$%t alon$si"e. (%e &ens in "eman" are rou$%t in mar#et first' so t%e last one ein$ &ro"uce" )oul" e sol" out first. -ut still t%e met%o" varies accor"in$ly to mar#et.

-oding System
Master -all&oint manufacturers "on2t use any #in" of aut%entic 3o"in$ System for its &ro"ucts. (%ey %ave a &rice t%at is fi,e" as t%ey offer. -ut recently -ar co"e system is ein$ intro"uce" in some of its s&ecial all &oints.