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Call Centre Counselling Creates Behaviour Change in Youth in South Africa

GIZ Multi-sector HIV Prevention Programme (MHIVP) in cooperation with loveLife Country: South Africa

Free counselling service through a call-back line in 11 national languages at national scale Particularly for young people that otherwise dont have access Covering mainly HIV-prevention, sexual and reproductive health and youth empowerment Supporting a network of youth organisations through referrals Continuous quality improvement Monitoring of usage and evaluation through impact study (2013)

Reach: 500,000 callers p.a. from all South African provinces High usage among youth from high risk groups and informal settlements Proven Impact: 87% start reflecting on their situation 79% develop completely new ideas for problem solving 72% of callers resolve their problems 60% sought support from family, friends or through institutions

Political Relevance
Call Centre Approach Is innovative, cost-effective, transferable and proven impact Well suited to empower young people Reaches high risk populations even in remote areas Is gender relevant and raises GDC profile

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