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To prepare and file almost all the e-Forms online under the Companies Act, 1956 with the Registrar of Companies on ehalf of !arious client Companies and getting all the forms filed appro!ed from the RoC. . To independentl" handle the incorporation of a new Compan".

c. To ma#e online inspection on the $CA portal on ehalf of !arious client companies and to prepare the search report on the asis of the records found therefrom. d. To appl" for pro!isional %irector &dentification 'um er (%&') and getting the same appro!ed from the %&' Cell, $inistr" of Corporate Affairs including preparing %&' * and filing %&' + of the %irectors of !arious client Companies on the $CA portal. e. To o tain the %igital ,ignatures from the !arious authorities on ehalf of the !arious client Companies. f. To assist the seniors in respect of the matters relating to the amalgamation merger, appro!al of the Central .o!ernment, appro!al of the /on0 le Compan" 1aw 2oard etc. g. To independentl" handle the assignment related to the shifting of the registered office within the local limits of the state and from one state to another. h. To independentl" handle the capital in3unction !i4. increase in the authori4ed share capital, allotment of shares to oth resident and non-resident.

o.o!ernment under section *59 of the Companies Act. m. #.eneral $eeting further period of three months.9 and +1. To assist the seniors acting as the .eneral $eeting of !arious Companies. 1956 for condonation of dela" in filing the charge with the R5C within the stipulated period. +99 and :. 1956 regarding the increase in the num er of directors e"ond the statutor" limit of 1*. To assist the seniors in the documentation of filing the application efore the Compan" 1aw 2oard under section 1:1 of the Companies Act.o!ernment appro!al for appointment of as $anaging %irector u>s +16 of the Companies Act.eneral $eeting and Annual .i.chedule <&&& of the Companies Act. 76tra-ordinar" . documents and forms to e su mitted to the Central . 1956.* of the Companies Act. *69. read with . To assist the seniors in o taining the appro!al of Central . To assist the seniors in o taining the appro!al of Central . To assist the seniors on the matters of 5ppression and $is-management under section +98. p. To independentl" handle the documentation for ma#ing an application to the R5C see#ing e6tension in holding the Annual .o!ernment as ma" e re=uired for see#ing Central . +. To prepare minutes of 2oard $eeting.o!ernment under section 199. 3. l. n.crutini4er appointed Compan" 1aw 2oard. 1956 regarding the managerial remuneration. " the /on0 le " a . To assist the seniors in respect of the matters in relation to preparation of application. 1956.

. ???? .For Nesar & Associates Company Secretaries (???????.) (Trainee) (????????. 'o.) (?????) @roprietor C.@.

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