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a) Write the past simple and past participle for these verbs: 2resent 3erb4 %atch Do 5o 6a&e 7ee(

7now 8ose Make Meet Miss 2 ay 9(end *ake 2ast 3erb4 2ast 2artici( e 3erb4

b) Choose the correct tense and verb for each missing word:
1) 2) 3) 4) #) )) ,) -) 0) 1.) I _______ a shower this morning. My car broke down, so I had to ______ it to a mechanic. I _________ Duygu in February. I ike to ________ in touch with my !riends !rom "ng and. $esterday we _______ %agatays !ather a !a&our' we he (ed him with his garden. I a ways ________ mistakes when I s(eak *urkish+ I ha&e ________ abroad se&era times in my i!e. I __________ 4. minutes doing e/ercise e&ery day. I a ways ___________ my 1ewe ery. I _________ ots o! !acts about wor d war one when I was at schoo .

11) 12) 13)

I:m sure I won:t ________ a co d in *urkey. I o&e _______ ; to ______ (oker. I ________ my dogs.