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Major Project Ideas

Stand-Alone Game Environment Interiors: #1 A hideout belonging to a government spy who leads a double life. -Design style based around the 60s or 70s. -The spy lives two lives so the home would incorporate a civilian design that has a hidden underling with hidden spy equipment in mind. -The hideout would incorporate modern day mechanisms of hidden compartments and rotating surfaces into a retro home.

#2 A resting home built by a mage located on top of a mountain range. -The architecture and style of the home would be inspired by medieval Scandinavian design based on the mages background. -The home will be sectioned off into different areas for sleep equipment storage/showcase, potions crafting, a library room filled with maps, ancient art and magic scrolls, and a basement for practicing magic.

#3 A crashed pirate ship still used as a makeshift home by a sole surviving pirate. -Design of ship based on 17th century multi-sail ship. Could base design after Caribbean pirate ships or possibly oriental ships of the Asian Pacific. -The rooms partitioned by repurposed barrels and ripped sails.

Exteriors: #4 A parkour inspired exterior environment taking place on a street or alley. -Set in a context of taking place during a World Parkour Championship (WPC) that is set throughout different city stages of various countries. -Stages are regular environments set up with special agility obstacles to create a timed course. -Obstacles could include scaffolding, railings, crates, roof access, and various blockades. -Difficulty variation in obstacles, each with their own time reward. -A start to finish parkour circuit for time attacks.

#5 A turret defence set in a small bandit village made of shacks surrounding a tiny airfield and control tower. -Game mechanism based on a horde mode style game and a mixture of tower defence with waves of enemies attacking the village. -Rival bandits in airplanes are trying to land on the tiny airstrip; if they succeed you lose resources. -The player must man various turrets repurposed from downed airplanes spread around the village to shoot down the rivals. Certain turrets have different capabilities for numerous scenarios. -The village also includes unique shortcuts (i.e. ropes, trampolines or pulleys) to move from turret to turret to save time and in turn the resources.