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By Josh Cooper

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Reindeer Pate

Durian Fruit

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Birds Nest Soup Kopi Luwak Casu Marzu

Fried Tarantulas


Puffin Heart

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Cooked Puffer Fish Balut

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1. Reindeer Pate
Reindeer Pate is a Norwegian food. Some of the ingredients include reindeer meat, pig liver, onion, and anchovy fillets. GROSS!

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2. Durian Fruit
Durian Fruit is a Southeast Asian fruit. It is crazy because of its horrid stench. Its distinctively large and has a thorny shell. The western part of the world has eaten it for about 600 years. Although it has a horrible stench, it is still edible.

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3. Birds Nest Soup

This famous Chinese delicacy is an actual birds nest. You put the nest in water and it dissolves into a gelatinous substance. It is used mostly in sweet or salty soups.

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4. Kopi Luwak
This is an Indonesian coffee made from the feces of Asian Palm Civet (an animal like a lemur). The civets eat a certain kind of coffee berry and it excretes it out as coffee poop. The coffee is very expensive. So I guess you could say that its a pretty crappy coffee.

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5. Casu Marzu
Casu Marzu is a cheese from Italy. It isnt any ordinary cheese. This cheese has live maggots in it. People say that they like it because of the texture of the maggots inside of the cheese.

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6. Fried Tarantulas
This food is pretty much explained in the name but Fried Tarantulas is still crazy and gross. Cambodian people eat it and they fry everything, eyes, legs, and head. It is very cheap but the Cambodian people say its delicious.

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7. Surstromming
Surstromming is a Swedish food that has a horrible stench. This food is fermented herring. It is caught in the spring, then put in a barrel for 2 months. It is then taken out and put in a tin. Finally after it is tinned, it is set out for several more months to rot some more.

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8. Puffin Heart
Raw Puffin Heart is an Icelandic food. The puffins are caught in the Westman Islands and are rarely eaten so they dont become extinct. Puffins are supposed to taste like a little bit fishier version of chicken or duck.

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9. Cooked Puffer Fish

Although Puffer Fish is a deadly fish people still eat it in Japan. Only expert chefs are allowed to cook it so it is cooked properly. This food is one of Japans most favored delicacies.

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10. Balut
Balut is one of the craziest foods Ive ever heard of. It is fertilized chicken eggs that are boiled right before they hatch. Balut is mostly popular in the Philippines. In fact, Balut is as popular as hotdogs in the Philippines.

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