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Ellis Family — Court Statement

Ellis Family — Court Statement

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Published by The Gazette
This is the statement read by the Ellis Family on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2014.
This is the statement read by the Ellis Family on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2014.

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Published by: The Gazette on Feb 04, 2014
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Ellis Family

Court Statement

The brutal murder of Raymond has left a void in our family, my parents lost a son and we a brother. It feels like a tornado has hit our home and everything is in disarray. We have a loving home and family which has not been the same since Raymond was killed. A part of us is missing, we are changed forever. Those parts of our hearts are numb and will never be healed. We will never understand the statement of mistaken identity because no one gave them the right to identify anyone and decide to take their life. How dare they, how date they. We live in Canada where we are suppose to be free to walk and go anywhere without restrictions but we have young criminals walking on the street deciding amongst themselves who lives and who dies and it is not fair and it’s not right. Young people should be able to attend a club or party and have a good time without fearing for their lives. Oct. 23rd, 2005 not only did they kill Raymond, they killed us as well. They killed the hopes and dreams of what Raymond’s life could have been his wife, his children and his future successes. As a family we are still grieving, the hurt and the pain are still there, will it ever end? I don’t think so. When his birthday comes around we feel guilty about having a good day because he is not here. Christmas is doubly hard because it was his favourite time of year and now we do not celebrate like we use to, we feel that we can’t enjoy life because we have no right to without him. We miss his kindness, caring, hugs, big laugh and his huge infectious smile and that personality that is him. They don’t know who they removed from this earth, Raymond was loved and he loved in return. I want to leave you with a final though, Raymond and dad were speaking at the kitchen table and Raymond said “Dad things are changing that one day there could be a black prime minister” and Dad said “Son I thought that it would have been you” Raymond was right changes have come but he is not alive to see them. The last thing Raymond said to his friend was “why were they so angry, why did they hurt me” Actions have consequences and I hope there is one today. Thank-You. *Note: This is a transcription from the original document.

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