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Word formation Prefix

aanteantiarchbicircumcocol-, com-,concontra-,counter dediadisdyseecoequiexextraextrahyper-il, -im, -in, -ir -in interintrakilomacromalmicromismonomultineononoutoverpostpreproprefix pseudo-

without before against, opposing more extreme two, twice round with with against, opposing opposite action across opposite action or state abnormal electronic relating to the environment equal previously very outside having too much not movement to or towards the inside of something between, connected within thousand large in size or scope badly small in size or scope wrongly one many based on something older but in a new form not more, to a greater extent too much after before In favour of meaning false

amoral, apolitical, atypical antecedente, antedate anti-bacterial, anti-pollution arch-capitalist, arch-rebel bilingual, bi-monthly circumnavigate co-author collaborate, combine, connect contraception, counter-measure, contrarevolutionary decentralize, declassify diagonal, diameter disagree, disprove, disbelief dyslexia, dysfunctional e-book eco-tourism equidistant ex-president, ex-student extra-bright extra-curricular hyperactive, hypersensitive illogical, impossible, indistinct, irrational input, inset, intake, import interrelated, interact intramuscular kilogram macro-economics, macro-scale malfunction, malpractice micro-economics, micro-scale mistranslate, misunderstanding mono-centric, monoculture multicultural, multi-level neo-classical non-competitive outnumber overload, overcrowded post-examination pre-industrial pro-liberal, pro-feminist examples pseudo-science


almost, not quite again backwards partly under, lesser above, bigger across extreme not insufficient useful, sucessful

quasi-legal rediscover, rename retrospective semi-precious subheading, subsection superpower, supersonic transcribe, transcontinental ultrasound, ultra-sensitive uncertain, unusual, unplug underemployed, undernourished well-designed, well-written, wellestablished

-able -ant -based -cy -ee -free -hood -ic -ics -ify -ism -ist -ize, -ise -less -like -ness -ology -ological -proof -ship

can be having an effect forming major part of state or quality person affected by something without state, condition, period connected with study of give something a quality belief, behaviour person with specific beliefs or behaviour bring about a state or condition without resembling quality or state study of protected against, safe from state or experience of having a specific position

identifiable, predictable accelerant computer-based accuracy, literacy interviewee, trainee pain-free adulthood, motherhood electric, photographic genetics, logistics clarify, purify, solidify modernism, heroism anarchist, optimist modernize/modernize, colonize/colonise childless, meaningless bird-like, hook-like effectiveness, openness biology, biological waterproof, dustproof professorship, leadership

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