MESSAGE #2991 from the Blessed Mother May 18, 2007 My daughter, I am here.

I come to remind my children to be faithful to daily Mass, Confession, Holy Communion, prayer and fasting. Be faithful, dear children, so you stay on the road that will lead you to Heaven. The world will try to pull you in the wrong direction, so please stay faithful and live these messages. Stay close as a family and pray, pray together each new day. Be a loving family and work together in unity. Imitate My Son and live, live His ways of holiness. Please live a life of holiness so you stay strong, strong for Jesus. It is time now to be an example of holiness to those around you. It is time to support one another and to be true servants for Our Lord. Now, please join hands and pray and do all that you can to save souls. Be true children of God and be loving, humble and prayerful. Amen.

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