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Full Video Production Services Rate Sheet
Stage #1: Planning $80/hr ½ day: $270 Full Day: $540 What does Stage #1 include? - Video Message: the message of the video must be decided, as every video needs to have a clear and concise purpose. - Intended Audience: After you have decided on a message, it is important to decide whom your message is for. This will help in preparation for scriptwriting, music, etc. - Scriptwriting: No matter what the length of your project is, a script must be written. I can write it, or if you have your own, that’s ok too. Either way, I’ll work with you to perfect it before moving on to the next step. - Storyboarding: a “Visual script.” Once you have the concept of your video, a storyboard is created. This helps during the shoot so nothing is missed. Stage# 2: Video Production $100/hr ½ day: $350 full day: $700 What does Stage #2 include? - All the aspects of video production – set-up, Lighting, camera angles, Audio Recording – are done by me.

- Does your video need interviews? I will set-up everything and either you or me can ask the questions, which we will have come up with in Stage #1. Stage #3: Post-Production $70/hr ½ day: $250 full day: $500 What does Stage #3 include? - Editing: This is the core of post-production. This process includes selecting the best clips needed for the project or omitting any footage that doesn’t help the message. - Music selection: Music sets the tone for your video. The perfect song/s should help the video move fluidly without overpowering it. I have a good ear for selecting the right music that is meaningful to your message and delights your audience. - Titles and Graphics: Proper titles can greatly enhance the meaning and comprehension of your video. From lower thirds to intricate logo intros, custom graphics can heighten your video’s influence. If you have any questions or want to schedule a time to meet with me, please email me at robjgooding@gmail.com or give me a ring at 952-688-8560. Thanks for visiting. I hope to hear from you.

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