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Education and Earnings Presentation Worksheet

Education and Earnings Presentation Worksheet

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Published by David Collier

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Published by: David Collier on Oct 01, 2009
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Take the WOO Name: Date: Why do I have to go to school?

Presentation • Directions: You just finished calculating your expenses and earnings for a certain education level. You will present this information to the class at the end of the week. Answer these questions to prepare for the presentation: Section: Number:

1. Where would you live? What part of town, what kind of house?

2. Would you be the boss at your job or would someone else be your boss?

3. How often would you go on vacation? Would you be able to go on vacation? Where would you go on vacation?

4. Would you have very much money saved for retirement or a rainy day?

5. What kind of car would you own?

6. Would you be able to find a new job if you needed to?

When you are done, flip the paper over to sketch a draft of a poster you will present to the class. You will make a larger, final version of this poster tomorrow. Your poster should include this information: • Annual, Monthly, Weekly, and Hourly Wage • Your monthly money left over after expenses • Your lifetime earnings • Pictures of what you imagine your life would be like • What kinds of jobs would this level of education let you have?

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