Tugas Surveillance Epidemiologi Maya Novariza


1. Memperkirakan besarnya suatu masalah kesehatan Legionellosis Reported cases per 100,000 population, by year, United States, 1983-1998

Sumber : http://www.cdc.gov/osels/ph_surveillance/nndss/annsum/1998/98graphs/9827. htm 2. Menentukan distribusi geografis suatu penyakit Incidence of reported measles cases in Bouches-du-Rhône district, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, France, January – November 2010

3.cdc. infant. Number of reported cases. 1988--2008 Sumber : http://www. foodborne.gov . Menggambarkan perjalanan alami dari suatu penyakit Botulism. by year --. 1988--2008 Sumber : http://www. Number of reported cases.United States.gov 4. Mengetahui epidemik/adanya wabah suatu penyakit Botulism.United States.cdc. by year --.

gov/features/dsbreastcancertrends/ 6. Menilai keberhasilan program . Membuat hipotesis.5. merencanakan penelitian Sumber : http://www.cdc.

nml-lnm. Memantau perubahan agen infeksius Trends of Ciprofloxacin Susceptibilities of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Resistant Isolates Received by NML from 2005 to 2009 Sumber : Sumber: http://dev.html 8.7. Mengetahui perubahan dalam praktek kesehatan Maine Women 18+ Who Have Had a Pap Test Within the Past 3 Years (2004-2008) Sumber : http://cancerplanme.ca/eb-be/NG-report-rapport2009-eng.pbworks.gc.com/w/page/31763778/Early%20Detection .

cdc. by Race/Ethnicity and Age Group. 2006 Sumber : http://www.gov/hiv/topics/msm/ . Memfasilitasi perencanaan Estimated Number of New HIV Infections among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM).9.

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