With great perseverance, he W m e d i t a t e s , seeking freedom and happiness.

Dhamma Dhammapada 2 : 23

It is good to train the wandering mind. A mind under control brings great happiness. Dhammapada 3 : 35

Of little importance is the perfume of sandalwood or incense, but the fragrance of virtue rises to the Heavens. Dhammapada 4 :56 Though one may conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, yet he indeed is the noblest victor who conquers himself. Dhammapada 8:103

The fool thinks that his evil deed is sweet as honey till it bears its fruit, when he suffers pain. Dhammapada 5 :69

He who does no harm to beings who longs for happiness, will find it for himself. Dhammapada 10 :132

The man of little learning grows old like a bull. He grows only in bulk, but, his wisdom does not grow. Dhammapada 11:152

Do not follow ignoble ways; do not live in heedlessness; do not embrace wrong views; do not add to the rounds of rebirth. Dhammapada 13:167


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