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SITE SUMMARY for: Kurn Hattin Homes Use for all sites (other than conferences and reading).

. Post to your portfolio within 7 days of completing work at the site. For Community sites, team leaders should submit the updated Site Book and Team Leader Report to their advisor at the same time.

Intern name: Claudia Gumina Rotation: Community Rotation dates from: 1/7 to: 2/4

Date: February 4th, 2014 Preceptor: Cindy Knipe Total hours: 40

1. Describe the projects and activities you completed during this experience. For this site, we did two different presentations. One on the side effects of consuming too much added sugar and one on the influence of food advertisement. Both presentations were created for 7th/8th graders. We had interactive activities in which we brought real examples of the things we were talking about for them to have concrete ideas and discuss what we had just taught them. During both of our presentation we made sure to provide the students with a healthy sample related to the topic we had just discusses. 2. What new knowledge was gained or new skills practiced? I learned about working with teenagers, which is something that I had never done before. I realized that even though they are a bit older, and entering a more mature period of their lives, they still enjoy crafts and interactive activities. I got to practice my classroom management skills, and got the students to pay attention to the material. 3. Identify the roll of the nutrition professional at this site and discuss your interactions with the professionals and audience members at the site. There was not a nutrition professional at this site, but if there were, their role would be to educate and counsel students on healthy eating habits and help them make smart decisions with the help of the dining hall supervisor. The teacher at the class was very helpful and participated along with the students. The students were all very receptive to what we had to say and were looking forward to our presentations. There were not disrespectful at all, but a little loud as expected. I actually enjoyed that they were a little rowdy because in this case, it meant that they were excited for the topic. 4. Were there regulations or rules at this site that were related to the Scope of Practice for Nutrition and Dietetics, or the Code of Ethics? Related to the code of ethics was the fact that everyone at the school had to be very sensitive to the different backgrounds from which these children were coming from. Being aware of the cultures of our different clients is a big part of community nutrition and basing our assessments and activities on this is crucial. As we were developing our presentation, we were not sure about the things the students had been exposed to and we had to design our material based on topics that would interest this particular audience. 5. What did you learn about the audience / population group? What did you learn about yourself? I learned that teenagers are not as apathetic or rebellious as literature makes them out to be. I was very surprised to watch them cooperate and be really interactive during our presentation. About

myself, I learned that I love working with such a diverse population because they add so much to our material and often bring up things that we didn't even think of. I also did not know how much I enjoy teaching and getting to know all the different students. 6. Describe how you were effective with this topic or with this group. What would you do differently in the future? We were effective with this presentation because we used examples of things that the students were familiar with and had many fun activities so that the entire presentation would not be all about us talking. In the future, I would have set up he activities before hand so that we did not lose so much time handing out materials. Also, because we had some time issues, I would make sure to have a back up plan for a rushed presentation. 7. Summarize the ways that you applied wellness concepts and messages in this rotation. Discuss whether there were any opportunities to promote sustainable food choices or address sustainability from a food systems perspective. We applied wellness concepts through our presentation messages because we made sure to emphasize healthy eating habits and its benefits while discussing the side effects of consuming highly processed foods. Because the school is in a relatively rural area, we made sure to talk about local farmers and their products. We tried to teach the kids about the benefits of eating local and consuming less processed food.