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Tao Shiatsu

Tao Shiatsu


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Faithful study and practice (becoming a student) begins once
someone really understands with their heart (and not just their
head) that this training follows the law of nature—the Way.It
may be surprising to hear that it is usually the first time people
attempt meridian recognition that they clearly find the location.
This happens because at the beginning stage, people most fully
realize that they do not know anything, so this makes it easier to
simply follow the method. Little space exists for the ego to try to
rely on self-ability, and most people locate the right place straight
away. Then the thinking begins, “How is this happening? Where
is the meridian? Is it really here?” and immediately the meridian
location is no longer clear.
Following the five aspects is the way to recognize the merid-
ians. Self-ability or reliance on knowledge, such as written in
the classics by past masters, cannot recognize the meridians for
you. In fact the opposite is true; time and energy will be wasted.
The masters of the past saw the meridians through receiving this
same heart.

Take the time at the beginning of meridian recognition
practice to consciously clear each aspect. This process may re-
quire a few seconds for each aspect. However, just like learning
to ride a bicycle, in time it becomes a more natural and sub-
conscious process. All five aspects go deeper into the subcon-
scious as meridian recognition continues to be practised, and
they begin to circulate while giving shiatsu. In my experience
this circulation is three times per second. The subconscious is
deeply engaged and working, even while outwardly it seems as
if just a glance at the meridian takes place. Frequent practice,
with each stage always being clear, is the basic requirement for
training to recognize meridians.
The five aspects are the basis of heart training for all Ki
Methods of Tao Shiatsu. Faithfully following these five aspects
allows anybody to receive the capacity to locate the meridians
precisely. Remember that the meridian chart is just the starting
point—the basic knowledge for step one. Even a slightly differ-
ent body position, from what is shown on the chart, will change
the surface location where the meridian can be accessed. All five


aspects must be followed for the exact location and depth to be


1.Follow the five aspects of meridian recognition.
2.Touch with the middle finger.
3.Confirm the location with inen and empathetic imagina-
tion, moving the middle finger back and forth. If it is clear,
the meridian responds and the receiver clearly feels the giver
touching the Super Vessel.
Note: even if the exact physical access location is correct,
the Super Vessel will only respond to sesshin heart.
•Next try the same process on the thick Super Vessel of the
upper arm.
•If the meridian location is clear, continue to practise with
the other locations shown.



Medium Super Vessel of the neck
and face

Medium Super Vessel of the
shoulder and torso.

Medium Super Vessel of the hip.

Thick sub Super Vessel of the

Thick sub Super Vessel of the
upper leg.

Thick sub Super Vessel of the
lower leg.

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